13 Hotels to Stay in Dublin in 2024 Recommended by Locals

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Looking for the best cheap-chic hotels to stay in Dublin? In this local guide, we will recommend the 13 best hotels in Dublin city center: tried and approved by locals!

Finding cheap hotels in Dublin city center is not an easy task, and it requires a significant effort. The city is in the throes of a real economic boom, and sleeping in Dublin on a budget has become a business.

Furthermore, the price increase was not matched by a substantial change in hotels, so today, it is easy to find costly hotels in Dublin that are not worth the price.

Dublin is a lively and vital city, full of things to do, very expensive for many but definitely to visit at least once.

In this guide, we point out some affordable hotels in Dublin that we know that we have had to try or to try. All the guides and articles about Ireland and Dublin that you can find on these pages are not the result of online research but are the result of direct knowledge since we have lived in Ireland for decades working to help tourists who want to organize a trip to Ireland.

On this site, you will never find information copied from other websites, inaccurate or obsolete. We live in Dublin, and we travel around Ireland for work, so we know what we are talking about, and we can give you the best local tips to visit Dublin and Ireland.

So if you need to organize your trip to Ireland, and you are looking for logistical support directly from Ireland, get in touch with us. Contact us via email to tell us about your trip to Ireland and ask us everything you need.

Going back to the question of affordable hotels in Dublin, before moving on to the list, here are some advice on things to consider when choosing the type of accommodation in Dublin.

What is the best area to stay in Dublin?

Dublin is divided into Neighborhoods at a micro-level and, at a macro-level, into two broad areas, North and South, divided by the Liffey River, which ideally separates the city into two regions. These are two areas that are decidedly different from each other.

Cheap hotels in Dublin are not easily found in the Southern nor in the Northern region, so you really have to study a lot before booking.

For this reason, we will list some places to stay in Dublin located in different parts of the city.

We haven’t chosen cheap hotels per se, we’ve chosen hotels that, if booked in advance, can become extremely affordable and convenient. The goal is to give you a list of excellent hotels in Dublin city center that you can book at an affordable price without sacrificing quality and location. To be more precise: no hostels and such on this list.

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What type of accommodation should I choose in Dublin?

Ireland is famous for the culture of b&bs and guesthouses: private individuals who make rooms available in their homes, which are then rented to tourists who receive “bed and breakfast” as a treatment. In Dublin, there is no shortage of b&bss or guesthouses, so if you want to choose this type, you can do it without problems.

Honestly, however, when it comes to Dublin, we tend to recommend hotels.

Usually, b&bs and guesthouses are located slightly outside the city center, in peripheral areas, and very often to reach them, you need your vehicle, or you have to rely on buses or to taxis. Less convenient than a hotel, at least for us.

How far in advance to book a hotel in Dublin?

A few years back, we could split the seasons into high and low. Today in Dublin, it is always high season, there is always tourism and hotels are almost always full.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you book your hotel in Dublin as soon as possible, even months before your holiday, to avoid finding yourself with little choice available.

What is the average price for hotels in Dublin?

On average, a mid-range hotel costs around 200 euros for a single night in a double room: we are talking about hotels that are relatively central, clean and that allow you to get around the city on foot.

Hostels and b&bs have a lower price, but in the first case, they are structures for the youngest and often, except for rare cases, with reasonably common standards. In the second case, they are almost always accommodation outside the city.

Apartments, if you travel in a group, can be convenient.

Prices rise even more in the hottest periods of the year: Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Saint Patrick’s Day, the whole summer, and Halloween.

13 Recommended Hotels Where to Stay in Dublin

In light of the above, it is clear that finding cheap hotels in Dublin is almost impossible. Here is a selection for you of cheap hotels in Dublin that we recommend; we’ve chosen hotels that, if booked in advance, can become extremely affordable and convenient.

The goal is to give you a list of excellent hotels in Dublin city center that you can book at an affordable price without sacrificing quality and location.

Hostels, b&bs and apartments are NOT included in this list.

1. The Dean

The Dean has quickly become one of Dublin’s most famous hotels. It is located in a very convenient location, a few steps from Grafton Street, but also quiet. The rooms are modern, soundproofed, and very stylish. The peculiarity of The Dean is the terrace that allows you to see all of Dublin from above while having breakfast, but also for lunch, dinner, or just to have a drink. The rooms are divided into different categories, starting from the smallest ones, the Mod Pods, to the large and spacious ones.

2. The Hendrick

The Hendrick is located in the vibrant area of Smithfield, the northern part of the city, well connected by public transport but also reachable on foot by following the river. The hotel is new with modern furnishings, both larger and smaller rooms and frequented by a relatively young clientele. Among the most appreciated features, do-it-yourself check-in, so you don’t waste time on arrival.

3. The Mayson

The Mayson is a new hotel in the Docklands area, with rooms of different types, all equipped with the necessary and very trendy. On the ground floor, there is a cafeteria, on the terrace, a splendid bar/restaurant overlooking the city. There is also a pub next to The Mayson. Given the location, the bar and the pub are very popular with the locals (including us!), So we strongly recommend considering The Mayson if you want to avoid mass tourism.

4. The Alex

Very close to the city center, in a comfortable and quiet position, The Alex is the ideal solution for those who want to be in the center but do not want the disservices of the center. The rooms are spacious enough for the Dublin average, and breakfast is included. There is also a café, a bar to have a drink and a restaurant. One of Dublin’s most local pubs is located in front of the hotel, the Gingerman, which we highly recommend.

5. Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane

Located in the Grand Canal area, opposite the Facebook offices, the Clayton is part of the chain of the same name and offers basic accommodation but equipped with all comforts. Breakfast is not always included in the room rate, and the best prices are torn by booking much earlier or at the last minute. Fitness center with swimming pool and gym included.

6. Holiday Inn Express Dublin City Centre

Located at the end of O’Connell Street, the Holiday Inn Express is a comfortable, recently renovated, clean facility that allows you to visit Dublin for less than other accommodations. Tourists particularly love it at St. Patrick’s, due to its proximity to the starting point of the parade.

7. Maldron Hotel Parnell Square

Located at the end of O’Connell Street, the Maldron Parnell is part of a chain and offers spacious and comfortable rooms, clean and with all the amenities. Breakfast included only for the highest rates.

8. The Gibson Hotel

The Gibson Hotel is a relatively brand rand new hotel in an all developing area, offering spacious rooms with city views and the whole building is magnificent to look at. It is located slightly far from the city center, which can, however, be reached by the LUAS (surface train).

9. Maldron Hotel Pearse Street

The Maldron Pearse is close to the city center and the Grand Canal Area. It offers simple but clean and quite comfortable rooms. Some are a little darker. Breakfast is not always included, but an internal bar allows you to order snacks and desserts.

10. Hilton Garden Inn Dublin Custom House

Hilton Garden Inn offers spacious rooms, a bar/restaurant where you can stop to eat or have a drink, an excellent location, and rates that, if you book in advance, are incredible for Dublin. Breakfast is not always included, but coffee and croissant are available at the bar.

11. Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock Hotel Dublin is a brand new hotel that is located in central Dame Street. It is very close to all major attractions, including the Guinness Storehouse. The rooms are well organized, clean, and range from small and essential to the largest with large windows overlooking the city. All bedrooms are soundproofed. The bar is worth trying, maybe not on a Saturday night when it gets crowded.

12. Trinity Townhouse Hotel

The Trinity Townhouse Hotel is located inside an old Georgian house. It retains all its features: the classic and elegant furnishings, the airy rooms, and the choice of different decorations based on the type of place you book. The rooms range from budget to luxury, so there is something for everyone. It is conveniently located behind Trinity College, perfect for those seeking tranquility and proximity to the center.

13. Bonus: The Marker

The Marker is rarely a cheap choice, and usually even booking in advance, you won’t be able to get a reasonable price. But believe us: this hotel is worth a try, if only for one night. The location in the middle of the Grand Canal, a terrace that alone is worth the whole stay, spacious and welcoming rooms, and the possibility to eat in the area make The Marker one of the best choices. If you want to treat yourself to an unforgettable stay, we recommend it.

How to find affordable hotels in Dublin

Here you are ready to book your best hotel in Dublin and plan your stay in Ireland!

The hotels we have recommended are all tested, and in principle, if you book them in advance or using the links we provided, they also become affordable.

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