7 Places For Brunch In Lisbon Not Just For Expats Or Tourists

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While brunch might not be a traditional Portuguese meal, Lisbon has embraced this dining trend with open arms, offering various brunch options to suit diverse tastes. The concept of brunch in Lisbon varies, with some establishments serving American-style brunches, while others focus on Portuguese and European culinary traditions for their morning and midday menus.

Brunch has become popular in Lisbon, particularly among American expatriates, digital nomads, and tourists seeking a taste of home. However, residents often gravitate towards dishes celebrating Portuguese culinary traditions, highlighting local ingredients. This preference also extends to coffee, where non-European visitors might lean towards specialty coffees, and Europeans — notably the Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Italians — prefer traditional café offerings.

In our constant quest for the spots where to eat in Lisbon, we’ve curated a selection that appeals to both international visitors and locals alike. We focus on places where the authenticity of the experience is matched by reasonable pricing. We know that brunch is not a Portuguese thing, so we focus mainly on places where you can also hear people speaking Portuguese and that are free from the price markups often associated with expatriate-focused venues.

This list isn’t sprawling or overwhelming; it’s a collection of the places in Lisbon we like and visit. Each recommendation comes from personal experiences, ensuring we genuinely appreciate and endorse every spot mentioned.

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Curva brunch Lisbon

Located in the Graça district, Curva is one of our favorite places for brunch. It’s a restaurant but also a cultural space and a shop selling artisanal Portuguese items. This establishment has quickly become our go-to spot for brunch, not just for its culinary delights but for the atmosphere that encapsulates the heart of Lisbon. What truly sets Curva apart is the generous portion sizes, offering incredible value for every dish served. While it’s challenging to pinpoint a single standout item on the menu, anything featuring bread is guaranteed to be a delectable choice, embodying the essence of Portuguese cuisine with a modern twist.

Curva is located at R. Damasceno Monteiro 108D

Choupana Caffe

Choupana Caffe

I was very skeptical about Choupana Caffe because of its location (posh Saldanha) and I thought it was just another place for expats and tourists. I’ve never been so wrong: this bakery prides itself on serving the community first, crafting baked goods that resonate with authenticity and quality. The croissants and organic yogurt stand out, embodying the café’s dedication to excellence. Choupana Café is a testament to the fact that genuine culinary experiences can be found in the most unexpected places, offering a warm welcome to both locals and visitors alike.

Choupana Caffe is located at Av. da República 25A, 1050-186

Fauna & Flora

Fauna & Flora brunch Lisbon

If you are looking for a place with an international vibe, this is it. Its name perfectly reflects the interior ambiance — a serene space adorned with lush plants and rustic decorations, creating a cozy retreat in the heart of Lisbon. The menu is a testament to the establishment’s commitment to reinventing dining in Lisbon, featuring a variety of bowls, pancakes, and homemade cakes made with locally sourced ingredients. While traditional Portuguese dishes may be absent, the innovative offerings ensure a memorable dining experience, all set at reasonable prices.

Fauna & Flora is located at Rua da Esperança 33, 1200-655

Garden Balthazar Caffe

Garden Balthazar Caffe

In the Saldanha neighborhood, known for its American expatriate community, Garden Balthazar Caffe is a big haven for brunch enthusiasts. Balthazar’s popularity often means securing a table requires forethought, especially during weekends. However, an early morning visit is a delightful workaround, ensuring a serene start to the day. The menu’s diversity caters to various dietary needs, highlighted by the staff’s attentive service, making it a welcoming spot for all.

Garden Balthazar Caffe is located at R. Viriato 11A, 1050-233 

Maria Limão

Maria Limão in Lisbon

Maria Limão is located in Graça and it’s specialized in crepes that satisfy both savory cravings and sweet desires. This creperie is a hub of activity throughout the week, attracting a blend of international visitors and local patrons. Beyond its signature dishes, the freshly squeezed juices and aromatic coffee are noteworthy highlights. For those seeking a more relaxed atmosphere, weekday brunches offer an opportunity to fully embrace the vibrant yet cozy ambiance that Maria Limão is known for.

Garden Balthazar Caffe is located at Rua da Graça 127, 1170-168

Pipe Coffee

Pipe brunch Lisbon

Away from the well-trodden paths of Lisbon’s tourist spots, Pipe Coffee is a charming brunch destination in the Areeiro-Roma district. This cozy establishment is beloved by locals and foreigners for its intimate atmosphere and exceptional menu. The pancakes, in particular, are a standout, drawing praise for their authenticity and flavor. Pipe Coffee is a place you would never expect and offers a taste of the city’s culinary diversity in a welcoming, unassuming setting.

Garden Balthazar Caffe is located at Av. João XXI 8, 1000-301

 Hygge Kaffe

Hygge Lisbon

We visited Hygge Kaffe, drawn by its stellar reviews, and it lived up to our expectations. The menu is varied and everything we tried was delicious. You’ll find classic brunch favorites like acai bowls, pancakes, sandwiches, and irresistible sweet treats, with the cinnamon buns being a standout. The only downside is its popularity, especially on weekends, which can make the café a bit noisy for conversation.

Hygge Kaffe is located at R. Tomás Ribeiro 95B, 1050-227

2D Lisboa

I have to confess: our visit to 2D was sparked by a desire for something unique in the area, and the photos we saw online truly piqued our interest, compelling us to check it out. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. The setting is breathtaking, and the cuisine is exceptional, offering a variety of protein-rich dishes that cleverly incorporate local produce—their eggs, in particular, are outstanding. While I’m usually hesitant to label a place a “hidden gem,” 2D genuinely deserves such a title, standing out as a tranquil haven amidst Lisbon’s more chaotic, well-known spots.

2D Lisboa is located at Av. Conde Valbom 18D R/C

Other brunch places in Lisbon

Lisbon boasts many brunch venues, particularly in its more upscale neighborhoods like Príncipe Real, Chiado, Estrela-Lapa, and Saldanha. Among these, several cafés offer brunch options, with The Mill as a notable example. This Australian-Portuguese café is renowned for its specialty coffee and a menu featuring all-day breakfasts and brunch, making it a loved spot for brunch enthusiasts in Lisbon.

If you prefer traditional experiences, consider enjoying salgados (savory snacks) at a local café instead of a typical brunch. It’s a great way to experience Lisbon’s culture and traditional foods, especially since Portuguese salgados are incredibly tasty.

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Is Brunch in Lisbon A Must-Do Experience?

While brunch might not be a longstanding tradition in Lisbon, the city has warmly embraced this meal, influenced mainly by American expatriates and international tourists. Though not originally part of the local culinary fabric, brunch has now woven itself into the atmosphere that defines Lisbon’s charm.

Not every brunch spot in Lisbon hits the mark—some suffer from inflated prices, and others miss capturing the essence of Portuguese culinary culture. The selections we’ve curated represent what brunch in Lisbon can be, and all the places are certainly worth exploring.

If traditional food is what you’re after, a Portuguese eatery or a local bakery will hit the spot and fulfill your cravings, just as it does for us.

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