Your Local Guide to St. Patrick’s Day 2024 in Dublin

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Are you planning to experience St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin? With thousands of visitors from all over the world descending upon the city, it can be a daunting task to plan your trip, from finding the best accommodation to navigating the crowds and organizing activities.

This article aims to provide helpful tips and recommendations to make the most of your visit to Dublin during the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. From the best places to stay, transportation options, the parade route, and must-see attractions and tours, we’ve got you covered so you can have a fun and memorable St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin.

We have been living in Dublin for a long time and have assisted many visitors in planning their trips to the city during this time. Browse through this guide, collect information, and if you need more help, get in touch via email to tell us about your trip to Ireland and ask us about everything you need.

When is St. Patrick’s Day Celebrated?

The celebration of St. Patrick’s Day is traditionally observed on March 17th each year, which marks the date of the Saint’s death in 461. Typically, this occasion is marked by a grand festival organized in honor of the day., the St. Patrick’s Festival.

When Is St. Patrick's Day Celebrated?

What to do in Dublin on St. Patrick’s Day?

The iconic National St. Patrick’s Day Parade returns to the streets of Dublin on March 17th with more pageants, marching bands, and participants than ever before.

Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Festival 2024 revolves around the theme of ‘ONE,’ extending a warm invitation to people from all corners of the world to visit the city, connect with others, participate in activities and revel together as one united community.

The St. Patrick’s Festival has commissioned a significant new opening ceremony involving a collaboration with the Macnas, Junk Kouture, Discovery Gospel Choir, and several community groups in the Community Arts pageant. Furthermore, the Festival collaborates with some of Ireland’s top creative pageant companies, such as Dublin Pride, Spraoi, Artastic, and Inishowen Carnival.

In addition, a new addition for 2024 is Suntas!, a creative project that demands attention! Suntas! involves using monumental creative installations on renowned buildings across Dublin, adding magnetic layers of storytelling and animating the city in the lead-up to the Festival.

Following its successful debut last year, the St. Patrick’s Festival Quarter will make a comeback in 2024 at the National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks, hosting a delightful day-to-night urban Festival for everyone from March 16th to 18th!

Tent Mór and Tent Beag, a 3,000-capacity outdoor Main Stage, performance areas, relaxation zones, a mini-amusement park with a Ferris wheel, and the Irish Food and Craft Village will all be hosted on the grounds of one of Ireland’s most spectacular and historically significant heritage sites situated in the heart of Dublin. All daytime events will be free of charge, as well as the full day and night program on St. Patrick’s Day, supported by Dublin Airport. Pre-purchased tickets will be required for the evening events on the 16th and 18th of March, which will be valid for the entire program. The Festival Quarter will be open to all ages throughout the day but reserved for adults only from 6 pm to 10:30 pm. Just a short stroll from the city center, easily accessible by Luas and bus, and situated adjacent to Heuston Station, the Festival Quarter will be a lively center for locals and tourists alike from March 16th to 18th.

Collaborating with cultural partners around the city, the St. Patrick’s Festival will present a curated program of events, including live events and club nights supported by the festival throughout Dublin over the festival period. One such event is the Me Auld Flower, a new Irish food and drink festival that will take place from March 16th to 19th in the historic fruit and vegetable market building situated in the heart of Dublin 7. The Me Auld Flower Festival will showcase the best of Ireland’s modern food and drink scene in the old marketplace building. It will be a melting pot of producers, restaurants, chefs, distillers, brewers, and makers, all under one roof. Visitors can learn about Irish food and drink culture through demos, classes, tastings, and workshops and participate in live music acts and DJs. The festival will also offer Ballad Walking Tours of Dublin led by balladeer and entertainer Seán Fitzgerald. For more information and events, visit the official website.

How to travel to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day?

Dublin is readily accessible from many parts of the US and Europe. If traveling from the US, Aer Lingus, Delta, and American Airlines offer direct flights.

Similarly, Aer Lingus and Ryanair are among the most reliable airlines for those traveling from Europe, and advance bookings can also yield reasonable prices.

How do I get from Dublin Airport to the city Centre?

Dublin airport is not far away from the city center, and you can reach your accommodation and the center of the City in one of the following ways:

  • Taxi: you’ll pay about 20 euros for 30 minutes, but this will also be strictly connected to the traffic and your time of arrival;
  • Bus: you can ride on the 16, 41, and 102 buses, and they will bring you to the city centre in 45 minutes -1 hour;
  • Airlink 747 and 757: this is one of the quickest ways to arrive at the city center (and back to the airport). 6 euros one way, 10 euros return;
  • Aircoach: the fastest way possible, not considering the taxi, to reach the center of Dublin. 7 euros one way, 12 euros return (wi-fi onboard included).

Where to stay in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day?

Securing a place to stay in Dublin can be a hassle, especially during St. Patrick’s Day, as the city tends to be expensive. To avoid falling into tourist traps and find the best possible solutions, it’s advisable to book well in advance. Furthermore, choosing a non-central location can be a more budget-friendly option while fully immersing visitors in the festivities.

We recommend avoiding the Temple Bar area (unless one is young and simply seeking to party) and instead opting for different neighborhoods such as Grand Canal Dock and Ballsbridge, which are easily accessible via taxi or public transportation. However, remember that Dublin is quite walkable, and strolling around the city can be a pleasure.

Begin your search for the best hotel and accommodation deals in Dublin for your trip by browsing through the listings on

St. Patrick's Day

We have a whole article where we recommend the 13 best hotels in Dublin from a local standpoint. There is an abundance of options for accommodations in Dublin that cater to various budgets and individual requirements. These some we recommend

  • Hilton Garden Inn Dublin Custom House: very close to the city but not too close;
  • Maldron Hotel Pearse Street: in a non-touristic place, it’s a certainty, and on the corner, you’ll also find one of the best pubs in Dublin;
  • Aloft: very close to the Guinness Storehouse, a contemporary and young hotel for smart and casual people;
  • The Dean: a contemporary, stylish, and functional hotel in the city center. It includes a restaurant on the rooftop.

Getting around Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day

Despite the perception held by many tourists, particularly those from Europe, that everything is shut down on St. Patrick’s Day, in reality, the city is buzzing with activity, and all public transportation operates as usual, if not even more frequently.

For those who prefer not to walk, the best means of getting around Dublin is by using the LUAS, which runs along the North and South parts of the city (green and red lines), or by taking the bus, although it may be hampered by traffic. The DART provides access to the coast, but if your visit is confined to Dublin, there’s no need to take it.

Dublin Luas Map

If you plan on using public transportation extensively, it is highly recommended to purchase a LEAP Visitor Card directly at the airport. This card only needs to be charged once, and can be scanned each time you use the bus, LUAS, or DART, with the credit expiring after each trip.

To use a taxi, download FreeNow onto your phone, enabling you to locate a certified taxi driver in any part of the city at any hour. By following the on-screen instructions, you can quickly and easily find a driver using the app. Although the FreeNow app is a useful tool, it should be noted that the service tends to be quite expensive.

It is not recommended to use a car due to the hectic traffic and difficulty in finding parking spots.

What to see in Dublin?

For those visiting Dublin during St. Patrick’s Day, there are certain places that should not be missed. By clicking on the name of each location, you will be redirected to Google Maps, which will show you the exact location of each place.

  1. Guinness Storehouse: The most popular attraction in Ireland and Europe is undoubtedly the Guinness Storehouse, and during St. Patrick’s Day, it is heavily crowded. Therefore, it is advisable to book tickets in advance to avoid spending too much time waiting in the queue. Read our guide on how to visit the Guinness Storehouse and start planning;
  2. Trinity College: one of the oldest colleges in Europe with its Old Library and the Book of Kells;
  3. Christchurch Cathedral: the cathedral in the heart of the medieval city. A must-see;
  4. Saint Patrick Cathedral: the official church of Dublin, filled to the bone during the St. Patrick’s period but unmissable, especially for its garden;
  5. General Post Office: the place from which the Irish revolution for independence began, a cult place;
  6. Molly Malone: the most famous statue in Dublin; touch her breasts for good luck;
  7. Dublin Castle: a green dot in the center of Dublin with its Chester Beatty Library, a must-see, often not even reached by tourists;
  8. Docklands: The non-touristy Dublin, the one that I love and that tourists forget to greet or that they visit to take a image lazy photo in front of Facebook or Google;
  9. Grafton Street: a walk in the most popular area of Dublin heading to St. Stephen’s Green;
  10. O’Connell Bridge and Henry Street: the widest and shorter bridge in Europe will bring you to the shopping district;
  11. Temple Bar: although it is a tourist area, a walk is required. Do not forget to head to Ha’penny Bridge!

If you have a few extra days, we highly recommend:

  1. Phoenix Park, the largest park in Europe;
  2. Kilmainham Gaol, the old former prison in Dublin.

Don’t miss out on visiting nearby places from Dublin, such as:

  1. HowthRead our guide;
  2. Bray & Greystones;
  3. GlendaloughRead our guide

What are the best pubs to visit in Dublin during St. Patrick’s Day?

Dublin is known for its pubs, with at least 365 spread throughout the city – so many that it would take a year to visit them all. However, there are even more than 365 pubs in Dublin, and the less well-known ones are often the best. If you’re in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day, you must visit at least one pub. Here are a few pubs we always recommend, even though they can be quite touristy. Click on the name of each pub to view its location:

  • O’Donoghue’s: popular with both tourists and locals, it is divided into two areas and it’s constantly full but the atmosphere is really amazing;
  • The Celt: same as above but the environment is more spartan and you can also eat;
  • Kehoe’s: tiny to the point that the pint, often, has to drink in the street;
  • The Cobblestone: outside the center but shown on any travel guide. The music is always a plus and the beer is cheaper than in the centre;

It’s important to note that the price of a pint of Guinness or beer in a central pub in Dublin can be quite expensive, so you should not be surprised by the cost. However, the experience of enjoying a drink in an authentic Irish pub is well worth the price for many people.

What is the typical route for the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin?

The route of the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin can vary from year to year, but typically it starts from the top of Parnell Square, proceeds down O’Connell Street, and then crosses the city via Dame Street. Spectators can watch the parade for free by standing near the road, or for a better view, they can purchase a ticket for a seat.

The St. Patrick’s Festival Parade usually begins at noon on the 17th of March.

How to dress in March to visit Dublin?

What’s the weather look like in March in Dublin?

The weather in Dublin can be pretty unpredictable, as evidenced by past occurrences of snow on March 17th. We recommend the classic “dress in layers” approach, which includes wearing a waterproof jacket with a hood, a sweatshirt with a zip, and a shirt with short sleeves underneath. It’s essential to be prepared for any weather. Additionally, waterproof boots or sneakers are highly recommended. A shawl, even made of cotton, and a hat are also useful items to bring along. While it may be tempting to bring an umbrella, it’s not recommended as it can be an obstacle to both the parade spectators and yourself.

Add some green to your outfit and enjoy the festive St. Patrick’s Day parade!

What are some of the top tours to take in and around Dublin?

If you’re planning to spend a few days in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, you might want to explore more of Ireland or consider booking some tours in Dublin. We highly recommend the following tours, which can be conveniently booked online at discounted rates:

Is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland worth it?

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin is an incredible experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. With the parade, the pubs, the live music, and the friendly atmosphere, it’s a unique and unforgettable celebration of Irish culture and heritage. Whether you’re coming from far away or are lucky enough to be in Ireland during this time, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Be prepared for the unpredictable weather, plan your transportation, and don’t forget to wear green!

St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin is a great event, and we hope this article has given you the desire to book and visit Dublin.

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