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13 Amazing Italian Beaches to Visit in 2022

What are the best Italian beaches to relax, enjoy the heat and the beautiful sea and, of course, which are located in places where food is a fundamental component? We have compiled a list with some of the best Italian beaches to visit in 2022.

Choosing the unmissable beaches in Italy is not easy: there are so many that you are spoiled for choice. This list is therefore necessarily partial, but it can be an excellent starting point for planning a holiday by the sea in Italy. We have not considered the “smaller islands” and lakes, but we have added the list of Blue Flags 2022 to complete the list of beaches that are worth visiting in Italy.

13 Best Italian Beaches to Visit in 2022

For each location, we also added what are the best dishes to taste and where to book your hotel. A list with some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy to start planning your future trips.

1. Due Sorelle Beach, Sirolo – Marche

The Due Sorelle beach is located in the Conero Riviera, Marche region, and we’ve already included this area in our article on the best beach destinations in Italy. This place features crystal clear sea and a fine gravel beach and small white pebbles; it can only be reached by sea and owes its name to the two rocks that are located in the middle of the sea.

What to eat in this region: mosciolo, paccasassi, Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi.

2. Buon Dormire Bay, Palinuro – Campania

Cilento is one of the most beautiful areas in Italy: clean sea, very few tourists and little crowding, an excellent climate, and food that alone is worth the trip. In the area, we have chosen the Baia del Buon Dormire which is located in Palinuro. It can only be reached by boat from Palinuro, it is not equipped but it is kissed by the sun all day, therefore it is the ideal destination for those who are not discouraged even when it is too hot.

What to eat in this region: cicci ammaretatati, alici di Menaica, cozze e broccoli con i paccheri, pizza chiena.

3. Cala Spalmatore Beach, La Maddalena – Sardinia

The whole of Sardinia should be mentioned entirely for its beautiful beaches but we have decided to include the Cala Spalmatore beach, on La Maddalena Island, for its cream-colored beach, the shallow waters, and the colors that tend to pink making the area even more fascinating. The only way to reach La Maddalena is to take the ferry from Palau and move from there.

What to eat in this region: malloreddus, porcetto, mirto, pecorino sardo, culurgioni.

4. Cala Goloritze, Orosei – Sardinia

Goloritze was declared a Natural Monument in 1995 and the reason is visible to the eyes as soon as you approach it: a small beach with very clear sand lapped by a spectacular and transparent sea. It is nestled between rocks, rocky walls, pinnacles, and a natural arch and for this reason, it is truly one of the most spectacular beaches in Italy. It can be reached on foot by going down a particularly difficult path or by boat.

What to eat in this region: malloreddus, porcetto, mirto, pecorino sardo, culurgioni.

5. Cala del Bue Marino, San Vito Lo Capo – Sicily

The beauty of Sicily is indisputable (as well as its food!) And San Vito Lo Capo appears periodically in the world rankings of the most beautiful areas ever. In our list could not miss the Cala del Bue Marino which is located right in San Vito Lo Capo: an uncontaminated cove with light pebbles and a sea with colors ranging from dark blue to turquoise, to get lost in the smell of the sea lulled from the wind. In summer it could be crowded but it’s still worth stopping for a day (or more) of the intense sea and waiting for the sunset.

What to eat in this region: cous cous, pane cunzato, pasta con le sarde.

6. Marasusa, Tropea – Calabria

Marasusa is one of the most beautiful beaches in Calabria: its crystal clear sea, the fine white pebble beach, and the cliffs that frame it make it a paradise in all respects. Behind the beach is the Benedictine sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’Isola which dominates from above. In the high season, Marasusa can be crowded but its beauty and accessibility make it one of the unmissable beaches in Calabria and Italy.

What to eat in this region: red Tropea onion, tartufo di Pizzo (gelato), ‘nduja.

7. Baia delle Zagare, Mattinata – Apulia

The Gargano area, in Apulia, is simply unique and its coasts that alternate cliffs and sand giving their backs to the Mediterranean maquis make it one of the must-see destinations if you stay at the sea in Italy. The Baia delle Zagare in Mattinata is one of the unmissable beaches and it is no coincidence that the New York Times called it “One of the places to visit at least once in a lifetime” and which according to National Geographic is “One of the 10 most beautiful in the world”. The resort on the Bay, which bears the same name, could be the icing on the holiday cake.

What to eat in this region: caciocavallo podolico (cheese, black anchovies from Vieste.

8. Punta della Suina, Gallipoli – Apulia

Once again, we’re in the Apulia Region, precisely the Salento, where there are many beaches with crystal clear water. We chose Punta della Suina for its enchanting position, hidden by a pine forest but easily reachable: its peculiarity is to be a stretch of sand that is constantly interrupted because of the rocks that come out of the sea. The sea here, as in most of the beaches in Salento, is truly Caribbean and it is no coincidence that this area has been renamed “The Apulian Maldives”.

What to eat in this region: rustic bread, horse meat, ciceri and tria, sea urchins.

9. Spiaggia dei 300 Gradini, Gaeta – Lazio

The beautiful Arenauta Beach, in the Southern part of the Lazio region, near Gaeta and still quite close to Rome, not only guarantees a spectacular sea and unique swim but it is famous above all for its location. In fact, it can be reached by going down (and going up) 300 steps: this makes it one of the least crowded beaches in the Circeo area, even in the highest season. The beach is completely protected by rocks and trees and is located within a gulf, so it enjoys an incredible climate and favorable currents; the southern part, after the so-called Scissure, is reserved for gays and nudists.

What to eat in this region: black olives from Gaeta, tiella.

10. Erchie Bay, Amalfi – Campania

As if the Amalfi Coast was not already beautiful in its own right, to make it even more beautiful is the Bay of Erchie which is located between Salerno and Amalfi and can be reached only by boat. For this reason, even in the high season, it remains a unique and fairly peaceful place, with spotless sea and many opportunities to discover the other coves in the area such as the beautiful Cauco beach.

What to eat in this region: a glass of limoncello, delizia al lemone cake, Sorrento-style gnocchi.

Other spectacular beaches not to be missed in Italy

La Pelosa, Stintino – Sardegna: a relatively small beach, with very fine white sand, surrounded by Mediterranean scrub and a transparent turquoise sea. The first thing that catches the eye, or rather the sense of smell, is the pungent scent of juniper, a characteristic of the area. Small mole: for its beauty La Pelosa is very crowded in high season. Find your hotel in Stintino.

Lido di Pietragrande, Montauro – Calabria: a very small beach dominated by the Pietragrande rock, used for dizzying launches into the sea. Lido di Pietragrande is public and private part and its sea, especially in the late afternoon, is truly incredible.

Cala del Gesso, Argentario – Toscana: Cala del Gesso is a paradise for those who love the pristine sea and nature. It is not easy to reach and therefore it is enjoyable even in the height of summer. The panoramic view from above is absolutely fantastic. Find your hotel in the Argentario area.

Spiaggia di Fegina, Monterosso – Liguria: one of the few beaches in the Cinque Terre, famous for its position, for its clean water and for the services it offers. It is not one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, but it is certainly fascinating and its location makes it unique. Find your hotel in Monterosso.

Blue Flags in Italy 2022: the places with the best sea

Which part of Italy has the best beaches? The Blue Flags give some indications on the matter: these awards are assigned to specific regions and areas within them that reward the quality of bathing water, sustainable tourism, waste management, and the enhancement of natural areas. It is not said that we should be in agreement with the Blue Flags, but certainly, the list can help organize your holidays.

These are the Italian regions that have achieved the most Blue Flags in the% year:

  • Liguria – 32 places
  • Toscana – 20 places
  • Campania – 19 places
  • Marche – 15 places
  • Sardegna – 14 places
  • Calabria – 14 places
  • Puglia – 15 places
  • Abruzzo – 10 places
  • Lazio – 9 places
  • Veneto – 9 places
  • Sicilia. – 8 places
  • Emilia – Romagna – 7 places
  • Basilicata – 5 places
  • Piemonte – 4 places
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia – 2 places
  • Molise – 1 places
  • Lombardia – 1 places

Blue Flags 2022 Piedmont Region

  • Cannero Riviera – Lido
  • Cannobio – Spiaggia Lido
  • Arona
  • Gozzano

Blue Flags 2022 Lombardy Region

  • Gardone Riviera – Spiaggia Lido, Spiaggia Casinò

Blue Flags 2022 Trentino Alto Adige

  • Bedollo – Località Piazze
  • Baselga di Pinè – Spiaggia Lido, Alberon, Bar Spiaggia
  • Pergine Valsugana – San Cristoforo
  • Levico Terme – Spiagge di Levico
  • Caldonazzo – Lido/Spiaggetta
  • Calceranica al Lago – Alle Barche/Al Pescatore/Riviera
  • Tenna – Spiaggia di Tenna
  • Lavarone – Lido Bertoldi/Lido Marzari
  • Sella Giudicarie – Spiaggia Roncone
  • Bondone – Porto Camarelle

Blue Flags 2022 Liguria

  • Diano Marina
  • Sestri Levante
  • Camogli – Spiaggia Camogli Centro/Levante, San Fruttuoso
  • Moneglia – Levante, Centrale, La Secca
  • Santa Margherita Ligure – Punta Pedale, Zona Milite Ignoto, Scogliera Pagana, Paraggi
  • Lavagna – Lungomare
  • Chiavari – Zona Gli Scogli
  • Imperia – Spianata Borgo Peri, Borgo Prino e Foce, Borgo Marina
  • Taggia – Arma di Taggia
  • Santo Stefano al Mare – Baia Azzurra, Il Vascello
  • Riva Ligure – Ex Bungalow
  • Sanremo – Rio Foce, Tre Ponti, Imperatrice, Corso Marconi, Bussana
  • San Lorenzo al Mare – U Nostromu/Prima Punta, Baia delle Vele
  • Bordighera – Zona Ovest di Capo Sant’Ampelio, Zona Est di Capo Sant’Ampelio
  • Levanto – La Pietra, Casinò, Ghiararo
  • Lerici – Lido, San Giorgio, Eco del Mare, Fiascherino, Baia Blu, Colombo
  • Ameglia – Fiumaretta
  • Bonassola – Lato Est e Lato Ovest
  • Framura – Spiaggia La Vallà-Apicchi, Fornaci (Spiaggia confine Deiva Marina)
  • Ceriale – Litorale
  • Noli – Capo Noli/Zona Vittoria/Zona Anita/Chiariventi
  • Spotorno – Lido
  • Finale Ligure – Spiaggia di Malpasso/Baia dei Saraceni, Finalmarina, Finalpia, Spiaggia del Porto, Varigotti, Castelletto San Donato
  • Bergeggi – Il Faro, Villaggio del Sole
  • Borghetto Santo Spirito – Litorale
  • Pietra Ligure – Ponente
  • Albissola Marina – Lido
  • Celle Ligure – Levante, Ponente
  • Varazze – Arrestra, Ponente Teiro, Levante Teiro, Piani D’Invrea
  • Savona – Fornaci
  • Albisola Superiore – Lido
  • Loano – Spiaggia di Loano

Blue Flags 2022 Tuscany

  • Carrara – Marina di Carrara Centro
  • Massa – Ronchi Levante, Campeggi/Ricortola/Marina Ponente/Dx Brugiano, Sx Brugiano/Marina Centro/Dx Frigido/ Sx Frigido, Ronchi Ponente
  • Levanto – Spiaggia Est ”La Pietra”, Ghiararo
  • Forte dei Marmi – Litorale centro/Capannina
  • Pietrasanta – Tonfano, Focette
  • Camaiore – Lido Arlecchino
  • Viareggio – Marina di Torre del Lago Puccini/Marina di Levante/Marina di Ponente
  • Pisa – Calambrone/Tirrenia , Marina di Pisa
  • Livorno – Cala del Miramale , Rogiolo, Del sale/Roma, Tre Ponti, Rex, Cala Quercianella
  • Rosignano Marittimo – Castiglioncello, Vada
  • Cecina – Le Gorette, Marina di Cecina
  • Bibbona – Marina di Bibbona centro/sud
  • Castagneto Carducci – Marina di Castagneto Carducci
  • San Vincenzo – Rimigliano, Spiaggia Centro, Principessa, Spiaggia della Conchiglia
  • Piombino – Parco Naturale della Sterpaia
  • Follonica – Litorale Nord
  • Castiglione della Pescaia – Spiaggia Piandalma/ Casetta Civinini/Piastrone/Punta Ala (Nord e Sud), Rocchette/Rocca Mare/Casa Mora/Riva del Sole/Capezzolo/Ponente, Levante/Tombolo
  • Grosseto – Marina di Grosseto/Le Marze/Fiumara, Principina a Mare
  • Monte Argentario – Porto Santo Stefano: Il Pozzarello, La Soda, Calapiccola, la Caletta, il Moletto, Feniglia, Porto Ercole: le Viste
  • Montignoso

Blue Flags 2022 Friuli Venezia Giulia

  • Grado – Spiaggia Principale , Costa Azzurra, Pineta
  • Lignano Sabbiadoro – Lido

Blue Flags 2022 Veneto

  • San Michele Al Tagliamento – Bibione
  • Caorle – Brussa, Duna Verde, Levante, Ponente, Porto Santa Margherita
  • Eraclea – Eraclea Mare
  • Jesolo – Lido
  • Cavallino Treporti – Lido
  • Venezia – Lido di Venezia
  • Chioggia – Sottomarina
  • Venezia Certosa Marina – Venezia
  • Porto Tolle

Blue Flags 2022 Emilia Romagna

  • Comacchio – Lido di Volano/Nazioni/Lido degli Scacchi/Pomposa/Garibaldi, Lido Spina, Lido degli Estensi
  • Ravenna – Casal Borsetti , Lido di Dante/Lido di Classe, Lido di Savio, Marina di Ravenna/Punta Marina Terme/Lido Adriano, Marina Romea/Porto Corsini
  • Cervia – Milano Marittima/Pinarella
  • Cesenatico – Zadina, Levante (Valverde, Villamarina), Ponente
  • Bellaria Igea Marina – Igea Marina
  • Misano Adriatico – Punto Dieci/Porto Verde, Rio Alberello
  • Cattolica

Blue Flags 2022 Marche

  • Pesaro – Ponente/Levante/Sottomonte
  • Fano – Nord, Sassonia Nord, Torrette
  • Mondolfo – Marotta
  • Senigallia – Spiaggia di Levante , Spiaggia di Ponente
  • Ancona – Portonovo
  • Sirolo – Sassi Neri/San Michele/ Urbani
  • Numana – Numana Bassa/Marcelli Nord, Numana Alta
  • Potenza Picena – Porto Potenza Picena
  • Civitanova Marche – Lungomare Sud, Lungomare Nord
  • Fermo – Lido di Fermo Casabianca, Marina Palmense
  • Pedaso – Lungomare dei Cantautori
  • Cupra Marittima – Lido
  • Grottammare – Spiaggia Nord, Spiaggia Sud
  • San Benedetto del Tronto – Riviera delle Palme
  • Gabbige – Pesaro Urbino

Blue Flags 2022 Abruzzo

  • Tortoreto – Spiaggia del Sole
  • Giulianova – Lungomare Spalato, Lungomare Zara
  • Roseto degli Abruzzi – Lungomare Sud /Lungomare Nord / Lungomare Centrale
  • Pineto – Lungomare dei Pini/ Pineta Catucci, S.Maria a Valle Nord, S.Maria a Valle Sud, Torre Cerrano, Corfù, Villa Fumosa
  • Silvi – Lungomare Centrale
  • Fossacesia – Fossacesia Marina
  • Vasto – Punta Penna, Vignola
  • San Salvo – San Salvo Marina
  • Lago di Scanno
  • Villalago

Blue Flags 2022 Molise

  • Campomarino – Lido

Blue Flags 2022 Lazio

  • Lago di Trevignano
  • Anzio
  • Latina – Latina Mare
  • Sabaudia – Lungomare
  • San Felice Circeo – Litorale
  • Terracina – Levante, Ponente
  • Sperlonga – Ponente , Lagolungo, Bazzano, Levante
  • Gaeta – Arenauta – Ariana – Sant’Agostino, Serapo
  • Ventotene – Cala Nave

Blue Flags 2022 Campania

  • Massa Lubrense – Baia delle Sirene, Marina del Cantone, Marina di Puolo, Recommone
  • Piano di Sorrento
  • Sorrento
  • Anacapri – Faro/Punta Carena , Gradola/Grotta Azzurra
  • Positano – Spiaggia Arienzo, Spiaggia, Fornillo, Spiaggia Grande
  • Capaccio – Varolato /La Laura/Casina d’Amato, Licinella, Torre di Paestum/Foce Acqua dei Ranci
  • Agropoli – Torre San Marco , Trentova, Spiaggia Libera Porto, Lungomare San Marco
  • Castellabate – Lago Tresino , Marina Piccola, Pozzillo/San Marco, Punta Inferno , Baia Ogliastra
  • Montecorice – San Nicola , Baia Arena, Spiaggia Agnone, Spiaggia Capitello
  • San Mauro Cilento – Mezzatorre
  • Pollica – Acciaroli, Pioppi
  • Casal Velino – Lungomare/Isola, Dominella/Torre
  • Ascea – Piana di Velia, Torre del Telegrafo, Marina di Ascea
  • Pisciotta – Sud (Ficaiola, Torraca, Gabella), Nord(Pietracciaio, Fosso della Marina, Marina Acquabianca)
  • Centola – Marinella, Palinuro (Le Saline, Le Dune), Porto
  • Vibonati – Torre Villammare , Santa Maria Le Piane, Oliveto
  • Sapri – Cammarelle, Lungomare di Sapri, San Giorgio
  • Ispani
  • Vico Equense

Blue Flags 2022 Basilicata

  • Maratea – Acquafredda, Castrocucco, Macarro
  • Policoro (Nord e Sud)
  • Bernalda
  • Nova Siri
  • Pisticci

Blue Flags 2022 Apulia

  • Margherita di Savoia – Centro Urbano, Cannafesca
  • Polignano a Mare – Cala San Vito , Cala Paura, San Giovanni, Cala Fetente, Ripagnola/Coco Village
  • Fasano – Egnazia Case Bianche, Savelletri, Torre Canne
  • Ostuni – Creta Rossa, Lido Fontanelle, Pilone, Lido Morelli
  • Carovigno – Punta Penna Grossa/Torre Guaceto
  • Castellaneta – Riva dei Tessali/Pineta Giovinazzi/Castellaneta Marina/Bosco della Marinai
  • Ginosa – Marina di Ginosa
  • Otranto – Alimini/Baia dei Turchi/Santo Stefano, Castellana/Porto Craulo, Madonna dell’Altomare/Idro, Porto Badisco
  • Castro – La Sorgente, Zinzulusa
  • Salve – Marina di Pescoluse/Posto Vecchio/Torre Pali
  • Porto Turistico Rodi Garganico
  • Peschici
  • Zapponeta
  • Melendugno
  • Isole Tremiti

Blue Flags 2022 Calabria

  • Praia a mare – Camping Internazionale/Punta Fiuzzi
  • Roseto Capo Spulico – Lungomare
  • Trebisacce – Lungomare Sud (Riviera dei Saraceni, Viale Magna Grecia, Riviera delle Palme)
  • Tortora
  • Cirò Marina – Cervana/Madonna di mare, Punta Alice
  • Melissa – Litorale Torre Melissa
  • Soverato – Lido
  • Sellia Marina
  • Roccella Jonica – Lido
  • San Nicola Arcella
  • Villapiana
  • Rocca Imperiale
  • Tropea
  • Siderno

Blue Flags 2022 Sicily

  • Santa Teresa di Riva – Lungomare
  • Tusa – Spiaggia Lampare, Spiaggia Marina
  • Lipari – Stromboli: Ficogrande, Lipari: Acquacalda , Lipari: Canneto, Vulcano: Acque Termali, Vulcano: Gelso
  • Ispica – Santa Maria del Focallo, Ciriga I° tratto, Ciriga II° tratto , Ciriga III° tratto
  • Ragusa – Pozzallo
  • Messina – Marina del Nettuno
  • Menfi – Porto Palo Cipollazzo , Lido Fiori Bertolino
  • Alì Terme

Blue Flags 2022 Sardinia

  • Badesi – Li Junchi, Li Mindi /Lu Stangioni, Pirrotto Li Frati/Baia delle Mimose
  • Santa Teresa Gallura – Rena Ponente(Loc. Capo Testa), Rena Bianca, Zia Culumba (Loc. CapoTesta, Rena di Levante)
  • La Maddalena – Bassatrinità, Monti d’Arena, Teggie, Spalmatore, Portolungo, Caprera Due Mari, Caprera Relitto
  • Palau – Palau Vecchio , Fronte Stagno Saline, L’Isolotto, L’Isuledda(Porto Pollo), La Sciumara, Foce Fiume Liscia
  • Castelsardo – Madonnina/Stella Maris, Sacro Cuore/Ampurias
  • Sorso – Marina di Sorso (IV / V Pettine), Spiaggia della Marina
  • Sassari – Porto Ferro , Porto Palmas
  • Trinità d’Agultu
  • Vignola
  • Sant’Antioco
  • Oristano – Torregrande
  • Tortolì – Lido di Cea, Lido di Orrì (I e II Spiaggia), Muxì (Il Golfetto) , Orrì Foxilioni, Ponente (nota “La Capannina”) , Porto Fraili
  • Quartu Sant’Elena – Mare Pintau, Poetto
  • Teulada – PortoTramatzu, Sabbie Bianche, Tuerredda

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