Travel Insurance 2024: Compare Heymondo, Safetywing, World Nomads

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Travel insurance is a policy that provides financial coverage and assistance in case of unforeseen events during a trip, such as illnesses, injuries, cancellations, or lost luggage. This type of insurance can be crucial when traveling because it protects against potentially exorbitant expenses and emergencies, especially outside your country.

Years ago, we took out travel insurance, and although we have never used it for medical reasons but only for logistic issues, just having it gives us peace of mind for trips outside of Europe. Therefore, I will compare some of the best travel insurance options for frequent and infrequent travelers in this article. My approach is not based solely on online reviews or product descriptions. I have tested these insurances in various situations, allowing me to share firsthand experiences on how they work, their costs, coverage, and overall offerings.

Although many travel insurance options are available online, I have identified 3 that stand out for the exceptional value they offer travelers, based on my experience: World Nomads, Heymondo, and Safetywing. These companies not only provide solid and reliable coverage, but they are also particularly attentive and responsive to the needs of travelers in critical moments. Each one meets specific needs and is ideal for specific types of travelers and trips.

The Importance of Having Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not merely a formality but a crucial component of travel planning. While it’s true that mishaps rarely happen, the reality is they can occur at any time and are often anything but pleasant or easy to resolve.

Injuries in remote locations, sudden illnesses in countries where medical care is expensive, and even less complex situations like canceled flights can lead to significant financial losses. These are all scenarios where having travel insurance can make a substantial difference.

For instance, our flight from Dublin to London was delayed years ago, causing us to miss our connection to Orlando. Our travel insurance covered the accommodation cost for the night in London and the expenses incurred due to this issue, including the lost first night in Orlando (the airline arranged for us on the first available flight).

Having the right policy ensures protection against these unforeseen events, providing medical assistance, coverage of expenses, and support services when needed. Knowing that you are protected against potential financial losses or complications allows you to enjoy your trip to the fullest, reducing stress.

Even though travel insurance is a relatively costly initial expense, the value and protection it offers in return are invaluable. The cost becomes more manageable when choosing long-term policies or opting for automatic renewals, making it a yearly budget item for travel and other expenses.

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The Best Travel Insurance Options Currently Available

Identifying the best travel insurance requires a careful analysis of the available options. Finding insurance options that stand out for their excellence can distinguish between a peaceful trip and a challenging experience.

The selection of the best travel insurance options on this list results from a detailed and thoughtful analysis. Policies have been examined considering the breadth of coverage and services offered, the costs to ensure a balance between quality and price, and the additional formulas that can customize the insurance according to the traveler’s specific needs.


Heymondo is the best travel insurance for those seeking complete coverage and wants to add extra coverage to personalize the experience. Moreover, it can be purchased during departure or while traveling.

Originally a branch of the Spanish company Smart Insurance Correduria de Seguros S.L., based in Barcelona, Heymondo has quickly established itself in the insurance landscape thanks to its innovative vision.

Founded in 2016, this startup has revolutionized the concept of travel insurance through technology integration, making its policies efficient and extremely user-friendly.

Thanks to these premises, Heymondo has earned a solid reputation in the industry. Customers appreciate:

  • Impeccable customer service, accessible and always ready to intervene;
  • Advantageous rates with an excellent quality-price ratio;
  • Extended coverages and generous limits;
  • The collaboration with ERGO, a prestigious German insurance company known for its global assistance network.

Another strong point of Heymondo is its intuitive app, available on Android and iOS. Through this platform, users can easily contact customer service, manage any unforeseen events, send documents and photos, and always have the details of their policy at hand.

Available are these policies, all of which can be subscribed online:

All policies, for both single trips and others, include coverage for risks related to Covid-19, including expenses for an extended stay in case of mandatory quarantine.

Key features across Heymondo’s offerings include substantial coverage for medical expenses (up to $10 million USD for emergency medical and dental expenses overseas), civil liability (up to $200,000 USD), and additional benefits like baggage loss or damage, trip cancellation and interruption, and travel disruption coverages. For example, trip cancellation coverage offers reimbursement up to $7,000 USD for pre-paid, non-refundable expenses under certain conditions, and travel disruption coverage can go up to $1,500 USD for delays and missed connections​.

Moreover, Heymondo stands out for its adaptability to modern travelers’ needs, offering optional coverage for electronic equipment, adventure sports, and even cruise-related needs, ensuring that a wide range of travel activities and possessions are protected. They also emphasize the absence of deductibles for their insurance plans, providing full coverage without additional out-of-pocket expenses once a claim is made

Heymondo enhances the customer experience with a 24/7 medical chat feature, online assistance calls, efficient claims management, and easy account and policy consultation. The availability of round-the-clock support ensures that travelers can receive help whenever they need it, no matter where they are in the world. Additionally, the Heymondo app further simplifies the process of managing insurance policies and filing claims, making it a convenient option for tech-savvy travelers.

Heymondo is also one of the few insurances that can be taken out while traveling, but it should be remembered that it has a delayed validity of 5 days from the date of purchase.

World Nomads

World Nomads is perfect for people looking for a full coverage when traveling long-term and taking part in high-risk activities.

World Nomads offers comprehensive travel insurance designed by travelers for travelers, focusing on the essentials needed for a safe and secure journey. Their coverage is tailored to support a wide range of travel experiences, from adventure activities to unexpected medical emergencies, ensuring travelers can confidently explore their boundaries.

Key Coverage Areas:

  • Adventure Activities: Specialized insurance for a wide range of adventure activities.
  • COVID-19 Travel Insurance: Protection during the pandemic, covering medical and trip interruption related to COVID-19.
  • Travel Accidents: Coverage for accidents that occur while traveling.
  • Trip Cancellation: Reimbursement for pre-paid, nonrefundable expenses if your trip is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Baggage & Gear: Protection for delayed, damaged, lost, or stolen baggage and personal items.
  • Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation: Covers transport costs for medical emergencies or repatriation.
  • Natural Disasters: Support if you’re injured or unable to travel due to a natural disaster.
  • Assault: Assistance and coverage if you’re attacked during your travels.
  • Acts of Terrorism: Help and coverage in the event of a terror attack.
  • Domestic Travel: Benefits for traveling within the United States.
  • Death Overseas: Support for repatriation and other expenses related to a death abroad.
  • Overseas Dental: Coverage for emergency dental treatment.
  • Trip Delay: Compensation for scheduling snags and delays.
  • Pregnancy: Coverage for medical emergencies related to pregnancy.
  • Delayed Baggage: Protection when your bags don’t arrive on time.
  • Emergency Medical: Coverage for unexpected illness or injury.
  • Digital Nomads: Support for digital nomads without health insurance abroad.
  • Trip Interruption: Coverage if your trip is interrupted by illness, injury, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Coverage Limits and Benefits:

  • Trip Protection: Up to $10,000 on the Explorer Plan and $2,500 on the Standard Plan for trip cancellation and interruption.
  • Emergency Medical Insurance: $100,000 coverage for Explorer and Standard Plans for medical or dental costs.
  • Emergency Evacuation: Up to $500,000 on the Explorer Plan and $300,000 on the Standard Plan for emergency evacuation expenses.
  • Protect Your Gear: Up to $3,000 on the Explorer Plan and $1,000 on the Standard Plan for loss, theft, or damage of baggage and personal items.

World Nomads covers over 200 activities: snow, water, air, land, sports, and experience. The Standard Plan includes many activities, with the Explorer Plan covering additional high-risk adventures.

World Nomads provides flexible and comprehensive travel insurance for Americans, covering various travel-related issues, from medical emergencies to trip cancellations and adventure activities. With two main plans, the Standard and Explorer, travelers can choose the level of coverage that best suits the nature of their trip and their personal needs. This insurance is designed to offer peace of mind to travelers, allowing them to focus on exploring and enjoying their journey.


Safetywing migliore assicurazione di viaggio
SafetyWing It is the best travel insurance for those who travel frequently and want to insure only the major issues.

SafetyWing offers a range of health and insurance products tailored for remote workers and digital nomads worldwide, aiming to replace traditional national welfare systems with a global safety net. Their products, including Nomad Insurance and Remote Health, are designed to provide comprehensive coverage for individuals and teams who live and work across borders.

Nomad Insurance is SafetyWing’s flagship product, offering travel medical insurance for individuals from all over the world while they are outside their home country. It stands out for its flexibility and affordability, catering specifically to the needs of digital nomads.

  • Pricing: Starting at $45.08 per 4 weeks for individuals aged 10-39, including travel within the US. Prices vary for other age groups and coverage options.
  • Flexibility: You can sign up for Nomad Insurance before departing or at any point during your travels. The policy operates like a subscription, allowing you to subscribe to continuous coverage across multiple countries.
  • Home Country Visits: For every 90 days spent abroad, the policy covers brief visits back home for up to 30 days (15 days for US residents), ensuring you remain covered during short returns.
  • Children Included: Up to two children under 10 per policy (one per adult) can be included free of charge, making it a family-friendly option.
  • Medical Coverage: Includes accidents or sickness requiring medical assistance outside your home country.
  • Travel Coverage: Offers protection for travel delays, lost checked luggage, emergency response, natural disasters, and personal liability.

SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance is underwritten by SafetyWing Insurance I.I., a Puerto Rico domiciled international insurer, with administration for U.S. residents handled by WorldTrips and underwritten by HCC Lloyd’s Syndicate 4141.

Nomad Health by SafetyWing is a comprehensive health insurance solution designed for remote companies and their global teams. It provides a single plan to cover employees and contractors worldwide, regardless of their location.

  • Global Coverage: Offers a truly global health insurance solution that covers team members in any country.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard: Enables easy management of team members, allowing for adding or removing members as needed.
  • Flexible and Comprehensive: Tailored to meet the unique needs of remote teams, offering a range of medical benefits and coverage options.

SafetyWing aims to eliminate geographical borders as barriers to equal opportunities and freedom by building a global social safety net. Their products are conceived and developed by a fully remote team of nomads, for nomads, reflecting a deep understanding of the lifestyle and challenges faced by their target audience.

SafetyWing is pioneering insurance and health solutions for the digital age, offering products that cater to the unique needs of remote workers and digital nomads. With flexible, affordable, and comprehensive coverage options, SafetyWing is helping to create a world where people can live and work across borders without worrying about the safety net traditionally provided by national welfare systems.

The $250 deductible is the least appealing aspect of SafetyWing, which is otherwise an excellent and versatile insurance for those with basic needs. Remember, SafetyWing charges in dollars, so the Nomad Insurance costs $45.08 for four weeks of travel, which is $1.50 per day. It’s one of the most affordable travel insurance options available.

Compare Heymondo, Safetywing, and World Nomads 2024

This table highlights the distinct features and offerings of each insurance provider, catering to different needs and preferences of travelers, from those seeking comprehensive adventure coverage with World Nomads to digital nomads preferring the flexibility and global safety net of SafetyWing and individuals valuing innovative, user-friendly insurance solutions with Heymondo.

Feature/InsuranceHeymondoWorld NomadsSafetyWing
Coverage and LimitsUp to $10 million for medical expenses, $200,000 civil liability, additional benefitsUp to $10,000 for trip protection, $100,000 for emergency medical, $500,000 for emergency evacuationMedical coverage up to $250,000 for accidents or sickness, travel coverage for delays, lost luggage, etc.
Covid-19 CoverageIncludedIncludedIncluded
FlexibilityAnnual, long stay, and temporary travel insurance optionsStandard and Explorer plans covering a wide range of activitiesAnnual, long-stay, and temporary travel insurance options
Additional BenefitsNo deductibles, optional coverage for electronics, adventure sports, cruisesCovers over 200 activities, including high-risk adventuresIncludes coverage for children under 10 free of charge, personal liability, emergency response, natural disasters
DeductiblesNoneVaries by plan$250 deductible

The best travel insurance: Heymondo

Overall, I think Heymondo is the best travel insurance out there.

The policies offered stand out for their extremely competitive prices and, at the same time, for excellent customer service, broad coverage, and limits appropriate for various destinations, which include the direct payment of hospital and surgical expenses.

Here’s why I believe Heymondo is the best choice when it comes to travel insurance:

  • Excellent Customer Service: Heymondo offers high-quality customer service, and it’s no coincidence that it’s the travel insurance with the highest level of customer satisfaction, scoring 4.7 on Trustpilot.
  • Competitive Prices: Heymondo’s insurance policies offer top-notch service at reasonable prices.
  • Reliability: The policies are underwritten by ERGO, one of the world’s most important travel insurance companies, with an incredible global assistance network and a high reputation.
  • Direct Payment and Medical Assistance: Guarantee of direct payment for hospital and surgical expenses, with medical and operational assistance in Italian available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offered by ERGO’s vast assistance network.
  • Broad Coverage: Heymondo offers extensive insurance coverage and adequate limits for medical expenses, particularly for the direct payment of hospital and surgical expenses in all countries.
  • Highly Useful Application: The app facilitates contact with customer service and makes it easy to manage unforeseen events.
  • Customization: Customizing coverage and policy limits during the purchase process.
  • Post-Departure Purchase: The only Italian travel insurance that allows policy purchase after departure, with validity starting 5 days after purchase.
  • Covid-19 Protection: Health and trip cancellation policies include protection from COVID-19 with coverage for medical expenses, medical and operational assistance in Italian 24 hours a day, health repatriation, cancellation, and trip extension in case of contracting Covid.
  • Value for Money: Considering the competitive prices and the level of service, coverage, and limits offered, the value for money of Heymondo’s travel insurance policies is excellent.
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Types of Travel Insurance

Planning a trip can be exciting, but knowing about the different forms of protection is crucial.

Travel insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution but a set of specific policies designed to cover different aspects of your trip. Here’s an overview of the main types of travel insurance:

Travel Medical Insurance

This policy covers medical expenses in case of accidents or illnesses during your trip. It not only covers medical visits and hospital stays but often extends coverage to specialist treatments, surgeries, and even post-hospital care.

Moreover, medical repatriation, included in most policies, can be vital if you’re traveling to regions with limited access to quality healthcare.

If you’re traveling to countries where medical care is very expensive, like the United States, or to remote places, this insurance is invaluable for avoiding potentially exorbitant medical expenses and lack of care.

Trip Cancellation or Interruption Insurance

This coverage is perfect for preventing a canceled or interrupted trip due to force majeure from becoming a significant financial burden.

This type of policy can also cover events like civil unrest and natural disasters, and some plans may offer a “cancel for any reason” feature, ideal for flexibility.

This coverage is perfect when booking expensive trips or making early reservations.

Baggage Insurance

Lost or damaged luggage is a common issue, and having baggage insurance helps minimize the hassle.

These policies usually go beyond simple compensation. They can include reimbursements for electronic, sports, and even cash.

Moreover, in case of delayed baggage delivery, many policies offer financial support for purchasing essential goods like clothes and personal hygiene products, ensuring you can continue your journey without significant inconvenience.

Travel Delay Insurance

Delays are one of the most common issues. Delay insurance covers expenses like meals and overnight stays and can compensate for the loss of non-refundable bookings, such as tours or activities.

Furthermore, in case of prolonged delays, some policies offer additional compensation for the inconvenience, ensuring complete support.

What to Consider When Choosing Travel Insurance

Choosing the right travel insurance might seem daunting, but having clear criteria can make the decision much simpler and more informed.

Protection during trips isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” option but should reflect the individual needs and circumstances of the traveler. Below are some elements to consider when evaluating a travel insurance policy:

Coverage Offered and Limits

Each policy has different coverage levels and maximum reimbursement limits. Thoroughly examining these aspects is crucial. For example, while a policy might cover emergency medical care, it might not extend to long-term treatments or rehabilitation.

Similarly, some plans may have daily or per-event limits. Carefully evaluating the balance between offered coverage and imposed limits is essential to ensure complete protection during your trip.

Destination and Planned Activities During the Trip

Your destination and planned activities can significantly influence the nature and cost of insurance. For example, destinations with a high risk of tropical diseases might require specific coverage for medical care.

Likewise, if you plan to rent a vehicle or participate in extreme sports, it’s wise to ensure such activities are included in the chosen policy.

Our policy covers more dangerous activities since we venture into the mountains and need insurance to be there if needed: we pay more but are at peace.

Travel Duration

The trip duration can impact the type of coverage you need and the policy’s total cost. Longer trips might require specialized policies, such as those for long-term travelers or digital nomads.

For extended journeys, it’s wise to consider policies that allow for renewals or extensions in case of plan changes.

Exclusions and Restrictions

Beyond standard exclusions, such as pre-existing medical conditions or high-risk activities, some policies might have restrictions related to age, trip duration, or specific destinations. For instance, certain insurance might not cover events arising from geopolitical risks or conflict zones.

Reputation and Reviews

The longevity and reputation of the insurance company can provide some peace of mind. An insurer with years of experience likely has encountered many scenarios and has well-established procedures for handling claims.

Insurance Cost

While price is a deciding factor, it’s crucial to ensure you’re not sacrificing coverage quality to save a few euros.

A low-cost policy might have a high deductible or might not cover certain destinations or activities. Comparing different options, reading the fine print, and understanding all the terms can help avoid issues.

Discover, Compare, and Choose Your Travel Insurance

Choosing the best travel insurance is complex and time-consuming, so this guide compares only the 3 solutions we feel are three best solutions. Being insured can make a significant difference, especially in the case of medical emergencies or other unforeseen events.

If you decide to purchase travel insurance, remember to spend time reading all the clauses.

Reading and thoroughly understanding your insurance policy before taking a trip is critically important. To find the travel insurance that best suits your needs, carefully evaluate the different options available on the market.

The insurance world can seem complex, but with the right information, you can travel with more peace of mind and security.

The prices and conditions mentioned on this site may be changed without notice by the insurance companies and independently from us. We strive to keep the information on our site as accurate and up-to-date as possible. However, there may be a delay in updating the conditions to the most recent ones. I advise you to always check the prices and conditions directly with the mentioned insurance companies before making decisions based on such information. We will not be responsible for any losses or damages arising from using the information on this site.
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