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The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the history and production of one of the world’s most famous beers.

Located at the site of the original Guinness brewery, the Storehouse offers visitors a unique and interactive experience, taking them through the history of the company and the brewing process, culminating in a visit to the Gravity Bar for a pint of the famous stout with a panoramic view of the city.

This article will cover everything you need to know about the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. As locals, we have the inside scoop on the history, the tours, the tickets, and the best tips and tricks to make the most of your visit to this iconic attraction. Whether you’re a beer connoisseur, a history buff, or simply looking for an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon in Dublin, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll take you through the history of the Guinness brewery, the brewing process, the different tours and experiences available, and all the insider information you need to make the most of your visit to the Guinness Storehouse.

What is the History of Dublin’s Guinness Storehouse?

The history of the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin dates back to 1759 when Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000-year lease on a small brewery at St. James’s Gate. Over the centuries, the brewery expanded and grew to become the largest brewery in the world, and the Guinness brand became synonymous with Ireland and Irish culture.

The current Storehouse building, which opened in 2000, was built on the original brewery site and offers visitors a unique and interactive experience, taking them through the history of the company and the brewing process. Visitors can learn about the history of Guinness from its early days to the present and see how the iconic stout is brewed and bottled. The Storehouse also features exhibitions and interactive displays that give visitors a deeper understanding of the Guinness brand and its place in Irish history.

What Are the Guinness Storehouse Opening Hours?

The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin is open seven days a week, and opening hours depend on the time of year. Generally, these are the opening hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 10 am – 7 pm (last admission 5 pm)
  • Saturday: 9:30 am – 8 pm (last admission 6 pm)
  • Sunday: 9.30 am – 7 pm (last admission 5 pm).

These opening hours are subject to change, but the last admission is always one hour before closing time.

How Much Are Tickets To The Guinness Storehouse?

The pricing varies depending on the experience you select. For the standard/basic option, adults can enter the Guinness Storehouse for €26, while students and senior citizens can enter for €22, and children aged 5-17 can enter for €10. Admission is free for children under five. The entry fee covers a free pint of Guinness in the Gravity Bar and admission to all exhibitions and interactive displays in the Storehouse.

Adults (18+)From €26
Children (0-4)Free
Children (5-17)From €10
StudentsFrom €22
Seniors (65+)From €22
Family Ticket (2 adults, 2 children)From €62

The STOUTie experience, inclusive of an extra pint that features your selfie on the head, costs as below:

Adults (18+)From €34
StudentsFrom €29
Seniors (65+)From €29
Family Ticket (2 adults, 2 children)From €74

The Academy experience, inclusive of a lesson on how to pour the perfect pint and a certificate to show you were here, costs as below:

Adults (18+)From €38
StudentsFrom €32
Seniors (65+)From €32
Family Ticket (2 adults, 2 children)From €82

The Connoisseur experience costs €95 per person, and it’s strictly reserved for adults (18+).

This is an intimate tasting and storytelling journey led by a beer specialist, where you will discover the origins and flavors of Guinness. As part of a small group, you will enjoy sample beers brewed on-site while sharing stories with a passionate and knowledgeable host. To top off your unique experience, you will even learn the coveted skill of pouring your very own pint at the Home of Guinness. You can choose from three sessions per day at 11 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm (times may change), and each session lasts around 1 hour and 15 minutes. Please note that availability is limited to 16 spots.

How Long Is The Guinness Storehouse Tour?

A minimum of 60 minutes for the self-guided experience at the Guinness Storehouse is required, but since the tour is self-paced, you can take your time and spend as much time as you like. If you have reserved the STOUTie or Guinness Academy experiences, you must plan an additional 30 minutes per experience. The Connoisseur Experience will add approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to a visit.

What Time of Day is Best to Visit Guinness Storehouse?

The best time of day to visit the Guinness Storehouse may vary depending on your personal preference and schedule. However, arriving early in the day is recommended to avoid crowds, as it tends to get busier in the afternoon and evening. If you prefer a quieter atmosphere, visiting on weekdays may be better than on weekends.

Storehouse Dublin

Guinness Storehouse’s Tours and Tickets

We recommend purchasing tickets in advance to ensure a smooth and efficient visit to the Guinness Storehouse. This will save you time and guarantee your entrance.

Guinness Storehouse: Entrance Ticket

While buying tickets in advance may appear pricier, it offers the advantage of bypassing lines and ensuring you can visit the Guinness Storehouse without any hassles. As you delve into the exhibits and discover details about the ingredients, brewing techniques, and marketing campaigns, you’ll also have the opportunity to sip a pint of Guinness at the Gravity Bar while relishing the panoramic vistas of Dublin.

Skip-the-Line: Guinness & Jameson Irish Experience Tour

Embark on a tour of Dublin’s historic city center to discover the best of its whiskey and beer culture. The journey begins at the Jameson Whiskey Distillery, where you’ll have an exclusive tasting experience and discover the three key ingredients that have made Jameson whiskey a global sensation. Your guide will share intriguing tales about Ireland’s whiskey history while you enjoy a complimentary drink and receive a Taster Certificate. After that, skip the lines and visit the Guinness Storehouse for a tasting and a complimentary pint of Guinness. Learn about this famous beer’s brewing process and history while savoring the perfect pint. Take a tour of the storehouse’s exhibits and marvel at the world’s largest pint glass that ascends through the 7-story atrium.

Guinness Storehouse Ticket & Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour

Discover Dublin’s top attractions on a hop-on-hop-off bus tour, with options for a 1-day, 48-hour, or 72-hour ticket. Witness the city’s finest landmarks, such as St. Stephen’s Green and the Guinness Storehouse. At any point, you can disembark to explore on your own and listen to informative commentary from the guide. On a self-guided tour, visit the Guinness Storehouse, the birthplace of the world’s most popular stout. Learn about its history and production while exploring interactive exhibits that span seven stories. Relish a fresh pint of Guinness at the Gravity Bar while taking in city vistas. Choose to upgrade to a 48- or 72-hour ticket for an additional hour-long panoramic night bus tour or a half-day coastal tour to Howth, which includes a guided walk through the cliffs and leisure time in the village.

How to Get to the Guinness Storehouse?

The Guinness Storehouse is located in the heart of Dublin at St. James’s Gate Brewery. There are several ways to get there:

  1. By Public Transport: The Storehouse is well-connected by public transportation, with several bus routes stopping nearby. You can take bus numbers 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 27, 29, 33, 38, 41, 46A, 46E, and 65.
  2. By Train: If you’re coming from outside of Dublin, you can take a train to Heuston or Connolly Station and then take the bus or a taxi to the Storehouse.
  3. By Car: If you’re driving to the Storehouse, there is a multi-story car park on James’ Street, just a short walk away from the Storehouse.
  4. By Bicycle: Dublin has a bike-sharing program called Dublinbikes, with several stations around the city. You can rent a bike and cycle to the Storehouse.
  5. Walking: The Storehouse is within walking distance from the city center, and it’s easy to get there by foot. The Storehouse is located at St James’s Gate, Dublin 8, Ireland.

Another option for visiting the Guinness Storehouse is the Dublin Big Bus Hop-On Hop-Off Tour with the Dublin All-Inclusive Pass. This pass gives you access to over 35 popular sites and attractions throughout Dublin, including the Guinness Storehouse, Chester Beatty Library, Christchurch Cathedral, and many more. Enjoy the flexibility to explore the city at your own pace without paying at the gate. Simply show your digital pass on your phone or print at home and present it at the attraction.

What Can You Do In The Guinness Storehouse?

Guiness Storehouse Dublin

The Guinness Storehouse is housed in a building shaped like a pint of beer, which, if full, would contain 14.3 million pints.

Upon entering the atrium, the shape of the pint immediately catches the eye and serves as a unique design element and an acoustic feature.

Each of the seven floors covers a different aspect of the Guinness story, culminating on the top floor where visitors can sample a complimentary pint of Guinness with a stunning view included in the admission price.

The floors are divided as follows:

  • 1st floor: ingredients
  • 2nd floor: production
  • 3rd floor: barrel making
  • 4th floor: transportation history
  • 5th floor: advertising
  • 6th floor: company history
  • 7th floor: Tasting experience in the Gravity Bar.

The tour provides a comprehensive and interactive experience of Guinness, although it is more focused on its commercial and tourist aspect rather than a historical one.

What Is The Gravity Bar at the Guinness Storehouse?

The Gravity Bar at the Guinness Storehouse highlights the visitor experience, offering a complimentary pint of Guinness and panoramic views of the city of Dublin. The bar’s minimalist design features a curved glass wall that provides a 360-degree unobstructed view of the city and its landmarks, such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin Castle, and Trinity College.

The bar is perfect for relaxing and taking a break after the tour.

However, it is also known to be quite busy and crowded, with long waiting times to get in during peak hours. Additionally, the windows are often hijacked by tourists who can spend hours sprawled on the floor, taking pictures and admiring the view, making it hard to get a clear view of the city.

To avoid crowds, visiting the Gravity Bar during off-peak hours is recommended.

gravity bar Guinness

Can You Learn How to Pour a Perfect Pint of Guinness at the Storehouse?

The Guinness Storehouse offers visitors the chance to learn how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness at the storehouse’s Guinness Academy. The Academy is a hands-on, interactive experience that teaches visitors the art of pouring a pint of Guinness.

The experience begins with a brief history of the brewery and the brewing process, followed by a step-by-step demonstration of how to pour the perfect pint. Visitors will learn the importance of the two-part pour, the 45-degree tilt, and the 120-second wait to create the perfect pint. After the demonstration, visitors will have the opportunity to pour their pint under the guidance of an expert and receive a certificate of completion. However, it’s important to note that if you participate in the Academy, the beer you pour during the learning process is also the beer you get to drink. So, you won’t get another drink in the Gravity Bar, but you will get a pint of Guinness that you pour yourself, which can be a fun and memorable experience.

Can You Eat At The Guinness Storehouse?

Oyster Guinness

The Guinness Storehouse offers visitors a variety of dining options to enjoy during their visit. Specifically:

  • 1837 Bar & Brasserie is named after the year when Guinness and oysters proclaimed a perfect combination. You can reserve a table beforehand at the brasserie, which offers an all-day menu of classic dishes ranging from Carlingford oysters and our signature Beef & Guinness stew to stone-baked flatbreads and Guinness burgers, each paired with a specially curated beer.
  • The Brewer’s Dining Hall serves a menu of traditional Irish dishes made with locally sourced ingredients.
  • Arthur’s Bar serves food in a modern Irish pub atmosphere, offering stunning views across the city. You can indulge in various delicious options, including bangers & mash, steak sandwiches, smoked salmon, and pies, all paired with our exceptional beers. You do not need to make a reservation to dine at Arthur’s Bar.
  • Cooperage Café is the perfect spot to grab a quick snack, sandwich, cake, or treat before or during your tour.

In our opinion, the food options at the Guinness Storehouse may not be worth the time and expense. The area surrounding the Storehouse is still relatively authentic and less touristy. In fact, the majority of tourists only frequent the complex itself. For a more authentic and budget-friendly dining experience, we recommend exploring the nearby Thomas Street, where you can find a variety of local pubs offering traditional Irish meals at a more reasonable price.

What Souvenirs Can You Buy At The Guinness Storehouse?

The Guinness Storehouse offers various souvenirs for visitors to take home as a reminder of their visit. The storehouse gift shop on the ground floor sells a range of Guinness-branded merchandise, including clothing, glassware, and accessories. You can find iconic Guinness merchandise, such as the classic Guinness toucan and harp logo, on t-shirts, hats, and other clothing items. The store also sells a variety of barware and glassware, including pint glasses, mugs, and coasters, which are perfect for enjoying a pint of Guinness at home.

In addition to the traditional souvenirs, the store also offers a range of more unique items such as Guinness-themed artwork, books, and even Guinness-flavored chocolate. The store also offers a wide range of Guinness-themed gifts for children, including plush toys, games, and clothing.

The store also has a wide range of whiskey, beer, and other alcohol-related products you can take home as a gift or souvenir. Also, some exclusive products can only be found at the storehouse and not in other Guinness retail stores.

Is the Guinness Storehouse worth a visit?

In our opinion, a visit to the Guinness Storehouse is worth it if you are in Dublin. It offers a unique and interactive experience that explores the history of the famous Guinness Stout and the brewing process.

However, as with any attraction, whether or not it is worth visiting will depend on your interests and preferences. If you’re a fan of Guinness, the history of brewing, or enjoy interactive and educational tourist attractions, then the Guinness Storehouse will likely be worthwhile.

Storehouse Guinness

What Are Some Amazing Things About Guinness?

  1. The beer, now known as Guinness, was initially called Porter, then Stout Porter before it was named after its founder, Arthur Guinness.
  2. Guinness is famous worldwide, but Africa consumes a significant portion of the beer, around 40% of the total production.
  3. Contrary to popular belief, Guinness is not black in color but rather dark red. The dark, almost black, appearance is due to the malt used in the brewing process.
  4. The famous Guinness slogan “Guinness is Good for You” was first used in the 1920s and was based on medical research that suggested the beer had health benefits.

What Are The Best Hotels Near Guinness Storehouse in Dublin?

The Guinness Storehouse is a highly-rated attraction for those visiting Dublin, and we, as locals, can attest to its value for first-timers. We also understand the difficulties in finding a suitable hotel in the city.

Dublin is a popular tourist destination, and as such, it offers a wide range of hotels to suit different budgets and preferences. However, prices are pretty high, making it necessary to book in advance to secure a good deal. Researching different options, comparing prices, and reading reviews from other travelers are essential to help you decide on the best hotel for your trip.

When booking your stay in Dublin, we suggest using, as it allows you to view pictures and reviews of hotels and also allows for free cancellation. Here are some hotels we recommend for their combination of affordable prices, good quality, and convenient location:

  • Hilton Garden Inn Dublin Custom House: very close to the city but not too close;
  • Maldron Hotel Pearse Street: in a non-touristic place, it’s a certainty, and on the corner, you’ll also find one of the best pubs in Dublin;
  • Aloft: very close to the Guinness Storehouse, a contemporary and young hotel for smart and casual people;
  • The Dean: a contemporary, stylish, and functional hotel in the city center. It includes a restaurant on the rooftop.

Start checking the listings on to find the best deals on hotels and accommodation in Dublin.

Start checking the flights on to find the best offers to fly to Ireland to visit the Guinness Storehouse.

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, meaning we may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase through a link.

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