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Do you have something to share? Are you looking for a platform where to share your latest travel or food adventure? Want to write for one of the leading food travel websites? We’re always on the lookout for articles on inspirational travel, photo stories, tips, top XX’s, your experiences traveling the world, your recipes, and your food travel experiences in the world.

We know there are many talented people out there, many stories still to be told… we are here for this reason and that’s why we wanna value you and your time.

Please read the guidelines below before submitting your ideas.

Write for The Foodellers: Our Guidelines

  • We’re looking for a minimum 1500 words of your own travel or food experience;
  • Please make sure to proofread your article for grammatical errors, sentence structure, and quality;
  • Please make sure to perform a fact check on your statements;
  • Please include a minimum of 5 photos. 4 photos for the body of the text, one featured image (Vertical, 1500 px wide). Photos must be your own or appropriately credited;
  • If you are doing a top XX post, please add photos to go with each number. Eg. “20 things to do” requires 20 photos (one for each thing to do, correctly numbered) plus a separate featured image photo as specified above;
  • Photos should be 2000px wide for horizontal photos, 1500px wide for vertical and always sent via WeTransfer.
  • All articles must be original content. They must not have been posted previously anywhere on the Internet. We will check every single article submitted, in order to verify it’s unique and it’s not copied;
  • Make sure to include a bio: we will add it at the bottom of the article with all your social media accounts and your blog linked;
  • All articles should be submitted via Word and clearly indicate where in the article the photos should be placed;
  • If you want to pitch a story from a sponsored press trip, please disclose that to us: we’ve no problem in accepting it, as long as it’s a good fit for us, and we want to know the full context;
  • Our editors reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to edit any submitted content from a grammar point of view in order to comply with our Editorial Policy.

How to Pitch

  • Pitch a story, not a topic. Never reach out with a basic “I wanna write for you” and without a specific story. Be as precise as you can, keeping your pitch brief and to the point;
  • Give us a reason to like your idea and explain why you’re qualified to write about the topic;
  • Know who you’re pitching; read TheFoodellers.com and customize your pitch for our outlet;
  • Always include the URL of your blog, so we can have a look at who you are;
  • Don’t attach a full draft, even if you already have one written (and never published).

Your ideas won’t be stolen even if we don’t accept them: we’re writers and freelancers, too so do not worry!

**Please note that if after an accurate plagiarism check we will find out your article is a clone of someone else’s article or it’s already been published it won’t be used. This also applies to articles with inaccuracies or submitted without adhering to the guidelines.

Note for Brands and Companies: The above guidelines are not for brands, companies or Pr agencies but for fellow bloggers and readers who want to share their stories, recipes, adventures with a wider audience. If you’re a company and you want to discuss a potential partnership with us, please get in touch via email. Don’t try to cheat: we know who you are and if you try to trick us we either won’t be returning your email or, if we’re in a bad mood, we will expose you and your scheme.

Why Write For The Foodellers?

TheFoodellers aspires to become a community of like-minded travelers and food lovers; when we started, we decided to share our stories and we were so happy to see the traffic growing and more and more people interested in what we have to say.

At this stage of our journey, we want to give something back to the many people making this possible over the years.

Every writer will get the article shared on our social media accounts and a link to his/her website will be added; the article will be read by a crazy amount of people.

If you want, once you’re published we really appreciate it if you share the content you create for us far and wide!

Are you ready to write for The Foodellers?

  • Contact us with your story idea and we’ll revert back to you with our feedback;
  • OR leave us a message on our Facebook Page.

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