About us

Hello, we welcome you to The Foodellers (a mash-up of Foodies and Travellers)! We are Veruska and Giuseppe, a couple in life and work, Italians residing in Lisbon (after a good 15-year stint in Dublin), and we’re here to entice you with easy and quick Italian and international recipes, and to whet your wanderlust for exploring the world, giving you delicious pointers on where and what to eat and much more.

The Foodellers was born over 10 years ago solely in Italian, but over time we decided to expand into English to share our travels and Italian cuisine with those who, like us, love to eat and travel.

We delve into the culinary world from all angles, showing you what we cook at home and what we eat and do when we travel: we’re not food bloggers and we’re not travel bloggers, we’re a mix of the two, a blend that reflects our expertise and professionalism.

Who we are

The Foodellers is a project by GiVe Marketing, an agency specialized in creating multimedia content.

Veruska is an award-winning food travel journalist, crowned as the Best Food Travel Journalist. She works in multilingual SEO and Globalization for major international brands. A sommelier by training, besides cooking and traveling, she’s often invited to share her experience at events and seminars. When not busy planning a trip, or on a trip, she enjoys cooking, running, watching Korean and Japanese TV series, and studying. Her heart belongs to Japan and Korea.

Giuseppe is a programmer working for major international brands. He’s also an internationally recognized and published photographer. Besides eating and traveling, he’s always engrossed in studying new strategies and solutions. For TheFoodellers, he photographs, tastes, travels, and handles all the technical aspects, although he writes occasionally. When not busy planning a trip, or on a trip, he enjoys iRacing and hitting the gym.

What we do

Together we plan, study, undo what we’ve planned, think, and rethink, but most importantly, we have fun.

When we’re not connected, we’re lost in the mountains or by the sea, or we’re devouring TV series (Veruska) or lost in some video game (Giuseppe).

Over the years, we’ve worked with destinations, hotels, airlines, but also kitchen and travel companies, not to mention agencies and private individuals.

On The Foodellers, you’ll find easy recipes to make at home, recipes we’ve learned during our travels, tips for food travel, advice on what to do and see around the world, what to eat, and where to eat it, along with many food travel guides.

All our articles aim to be 100% informative and it’s always specified if they are collaborations for which we’ve been compensated, and if we receive compensation from the products we recommend. We don’t hold back on comments and are always ready to give our opinion because we believe that in life one should take a stand, even when going against the grain.

Contact us

You can always contact us to ask for more information, advice, to propose collaborations and more; we always respond personally to those who write to us, convinced that the direct relationship with those who read and contact us is fundamental to grow.

We are also present on social media, although we firmly believe in the value of the site’s content over the value of social media content.

The Foodellers is a registered trademark and all content is copyrighted.

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