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New Year’s Eve 2022 in Dublin: useful information

Update: Dublin’s New Year celebrations for 2022 have been canceled because of Covid-19.

Spending New Year’s Eve in Dublin is considered one of the funniest and most bizarre things to do: the proverbial desire to have the fun of the Irish is unleashed to the full-on December 31 but, unlike other European cities, many are the Irish who choose to escape from Dublin, leaving New Year’s Eve in Dublin to tourists who flock to the city. So do not be surprised to find swarms of tourists in every corner: Dublin is left in the hands of tourists while the Irish tend to leave the city or to celebrate at home or in their local pubs, just to avoid chaos and crowds. In this guide, I’ll give you all the info you need to plan your trip to Dublin for New Year’s Eve.

Where to sleep in Dublin for New Year’s Eve

The prices in Dublin are crazy all year round but New Year is one of those periods, along with St. Patrick on March 17, during which they rise even more. Once you’ve booked the flight, the most important thing to do is to find accommodation. Where to sleep in Dublin for New Year’s Eve? The choice of hotels, holiday homes, bed and breakfasts is huge: the more central you decide to stay, the higher the prices and the availability can be scarce. These are my advice on areas where to stay in Dublin on New Year’s Eve, easy to reach by taxi and also by foot:

  • Smithfield: It is not one of the most beautiful areas of the city but it is convenient to get to the city by Luas (the metro) and there are a couple of interesting alternatives to sleep in. Be careful in the evening if you’re on foot;
  • Sandymount: located in the south of Dublin, seaside area. A residential neighborhood with lots of b&bs and accommodations;
  • Ballsbridge: like Sandymount, slightly closer to the center;
  • Grand Canal: the new area of Dublin is ideal for staying in a quiet area not far from the center. Very high prices.

How to organize your New Year’s Eve in Dublin

  1. Wear layers: the weather can change a lot from one minute to the next and can be very unpredictable. The Irish sky often changes the tone and you’ll need lots of layers to avoid suffering from the cold or heat. Take a waterproof coat, even in summer, and avoid umbrellas.
  2. If you want to use public transport get yourself a Leap Card for Visitors (you can buy these at the airport), load it up and use for all your trips in Dublin and also in metropolitan zones;
  3. If you intend to visit lots of attractions get hold of a Dublin Pass which gives you access to attractions at a discounted price or lets you jump the queue (very useful at the Guinness Storehouse) and you can use the Hop On Hop Off bus to go from one place to another in the city.
  4. Plan your visits by taking into account long queues and changes in opening and closing times. Read this article and find ideas and plan things to see in Dublin if it’s your first time in the city.

New Year’s Eve 2022 in Dublin

Dublin’s New Year celebrations for 2021 have been cancelled because of Covid-19.

More information to follow.

Is it worth spending New Year’s Eve in Dublin?

Dublin is certainly the ideal destination for those seeking fun on New Year’s Eve but for the same reason, it can become chaotic and difficult. Even visiting the surroundings under the New Year period could be difficult given the presence of so many tourists. So Dublin really is an ideal destination for New Year’s Eve but it is not a suitable destination for everyone, especially those looking for a bit of true Irish spirit.


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