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Have you ever wondered where to find the most authentic Roman dishes in Rome? Been curious about how to avoid the clichéd eateries that lure the everyday tourist? Always wanted to know what are the best restaurants in Rome?

The internet is rife with “Top” lists of Rome’s eateries, but the real magic lies in the insights of a passionate local – someone who doesn’t just eat, but celebrates food.

In this guide, we will dive into an array of handpicked trattorias, top-tier restaurants, cozy pizzerias, tantalizing pastry shops, irresistible ice cream parlors, vibrant street food spots, and bustling markets that paint the true culinary canvas of Rome. This list is curated for easy browsing, and every recommendation springs from personal experience and genuine love for the dishes.

For this very reason, this list isn’t expansive or overwhelming; after all, you could simply search Google Maps for a comprehensive list of Roman restaurants. Instead, this guide aims to present the cream of the crop — the cherished spots locals not only recommend to visitors but frequent themselves. So, anticipate a refined selection of eateries, those I personally frequent and wholeheartedly recommend.

A little note: Taste is subjective. This isn’t a rundown of the most economical options or those boasting the best value for money. It’s about the places that, in my eyes, offer an unparalleled Roman dining experience.

So, why settle for the mundane? Let’s escape the beaten path and relish Rome through the discerning eyes of a local connoisseur!

Best Restaurants in Rome Chosen By Locals

Seeking the finest culinary spots in Rome? I’ve distilled the plethora of choices to make it easier for you. This list features iconic trattorias, unparalleled pasta havens, go-to coffee joints, wine bars par excellence, and those hidden neighborhood haunts bustling with more locals than tourists. Whether it’s a mid-day snack or that perfect scoop of gelato, Rome, with its 15,000+ pizzerias and 8,000 restaurants, promises a gastronomic journey for every palate. However, only the crème de la crème have earned a spot in this guide.

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Classic Trattorias in Rome

Rome’s classic trattorias offer a timeless journey into the heart of Italian culinary traditions. Dive into this shortlist to discover authentic dishes and ambiance that have charmed locals and travelers alike for generations.

Tanto pe’ magna’

Stepping into Tanto pe’ magna’ is like being embraced by the heart of Rome itself. Stripped of unnecessary pretensions, this trattoria is the epitome of authentic Italian dining. Here, simplicity isn’t just a concept; it’s a celebrated lifestyle.

Visitors can expect generously portioned dishes, reminiscent of a hearty Italian family dinner. The prices are refreshingly honest, ensuring value for every penny spent. What truly sets this place apart is its unwavering commitment to freshness. Dishes are meticulously crafted on-the-spot, imbued with the vibrant flavors of ingredients in their prime. But here’s a little insider tip: they operate on a ‘when it’s gone, it’s gone’ philosophy. So, if a particular ingredient runs out, that dish is off the menu for the day. Given this approach, it’s wise to get in early, especially for dinner, ensuring you have the full plethora of options to choose from.

Best for: Those longing to experience Rome’s culinary traditions in their purest form. Perfect for classic, traditional dishes that sing of history, culture, and passion in every bite.

Location: Via Giustino De Jacobis, 9

Osteria Qui Se Magna

Step into Osteria Qui Se Magna and immediately be enveloped in the rich tapestry of Roman tradition. Quintessential checkered tablecloths adorn rustic wooden tables, evoking a sense of nostalgia. The ambiance hums with an unpretentious, local charm, where every corner resonates with tales of the city.

Dive into a culinary journey that showcases the heart of Roman cuisine. Each dish, lovingly home-cooked, reflects the authenticity and depth of flavors the region is celebrated for. From the classic Roman ‘cacio e pepe’ to an array of delectable desserts, every bite transports diners to an era where simplicity reigns supreme.

But what truly sets this osteria apart is its commitment to genuine hospitality without burning a hole in your pocket. The incredibly affordable prices combined with its location – tucked away from the typical tourist trails – makes it a veritable hidden gem in the sprawling city of Rome.

Location: Via del Pigneto, 307a

Best for: Those seeking an essential Roman dining experience with classic dishes like ‘cacio e pepe’, complemented by an exquisite selection of wines and desserts. A must-visit for anyone desiring an intimate glimpse into the authentic Roman culinary scene.

Armando al Pantheon

For over half a century, nestled in the heart of Rome, Armando al Pantheon has beckoned to both devoted locals and eager tourists with its timeless allure. A testimony to five decades of family stewardship, this charming establishment delivers quintessential Roman dishes in their purest form.

Delight in the robust flavors of a perfect amatriciana served with rigatoni or the ethereal experience of their spaghetti alla carbonara. Should you wish to indulge in a culinary dance of flavors, consider half-portions of pasta, setting the stage for delectable mains such as the savory saltimbocca alla romana or the rich tripe bathed in tomato and dusted with pecorino cheese.

A word to the wise — this iconic eatery remains closed on Sundays and is always in high demand. Ensure your spot at this Roman culinary sanctuary by booking ahead, and prepare for an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

Location: Salita de’ Crescenzi, 31, 

Best for: people wanting a true Roman dining immersion right in the city centre, where dishes like ‘amatriciana’ and ‘spaghetti alla carbonara’ take center stage.

Da Cesare al Casaletto

While Cesare’s modest facade and unpretentious decor may resemble your everyday neighborhood trattoria, the culinary journey it offers is nothing short of extraordinary. Nestled in a serene residential enclave just a 20-minute tram journey from the bustling Trastevere, Cesare is a haven for those seeking a laid-back Sunday repast.

The expansive menu is best enjoyed with good company, allowing you to sample a broader spectrum of flavors. Kick off your feast with the sumptuous polpette di bollito—a decadent fried shredded beef, followed by delectable fried eggplant croquettes, and the mouth-watering gnocchetti fritti paired with a sharp pecorino sauce. Their pasta dishes, be it the gricia, carbonara, or rigatoni all’amatriciana, stand testament to Rome’s rich culinary heritage. And for those keen on diving into the mains, the crispy fried lamb chops and tenderly braised veal are a must-try.

To elevate your dining experience, Cesare boasts an impeccable wine list. Choose from a curated selection of affordable bottles, ranging from traditional Italian vines to natural picks from France and Slovenia.

Location: Via del Casaletto, 45,

Best for: An authentic culinary experience that marries no-fuss traditional dishes with an intimate, local ambiance.

Trattoria Da Enzo Al 29

Da Enzo, marked by a timeless black and white portrait, celebrates Enzo’s vibrant spirit. This charming trattoria, managed by the next generation after Enzo’s departure, captures the heart of Rome with its rustic setting and genuine dishes. The venue retains an authentic culinary identity, ensuring value for every patron. Delight in traditional starters like ‘Carciofo alla Giudia’ and move on to classic pastas such as ‘Cacio e Pepe’ or ‘Carbonara’. The second courses, including the savory ‘Abbacchio’ and ‘Coda alla Vaccinara’, are a testament to Rome’s rich gastronomy.

Location: Via dei Vascellari, 29

Best for: A heartwarming journey into Roman culinary tradition, brimming with authenticity and cherished recipes.

Checco er Carettiere

Step into a casual space where authentic Rome is vividly showcased through walls lined with evocative photographs. Every ingredient speaks of local pride, carefully handpicked and sourced from dedicated local suppliers. The menu shines with Roman classics, and fresh fish dishes are seasoned with utmost simplicity. For those who prefer gluten-free options, the traditional favorites are thoughtfully catered to your needs. Must-tries include the ‘Bombolotti all’amatriciana’, ‘Spaghetti cacio e pepe’, and ‘Spaghetti alla Carrettiera’ featuring a harmonious blend of tomato, tuna, and mushrooms. The fish dishes rotate based on the daily catch, but on Fridays, the spotlight is on ‘Baccalà in guazzetto’ adorned with pine nuts.

Location: Via Benedetta, 10

Best for: Savoring the heart and soul of Roman culinary artistry.

Best Pasta Places in Rome

When in Rome, indulge in the authentic flavors of Italy’s beloved staple: pasta. Here are the top pasta places in the Eternal City chosen by locals that promise a gastronomic journey like no other.

Felice a Testaccio

Back in 1936, Felice maneuvered between his bustling kitchen and eager patrons, using his gruff demeanor to both keep them at bay and eventually welcome them to a table. Fast forward 89 years, and while Felice’s son Franco now helms this beloved Testaccio trattoria, the soulful essence of its dishes remains unchanged – each recipe deeply rooted in the land and tradition.

The spotlight undoubtedly shines on Felice’s ‘Cacio e pepe’, renowned for its tableside finishing touch, but other menu stars deserve equal attention such as Gnocchi al sugo on Thursdays.

Location: Via Mastro Giorgio, 29

Best for: People wanting to taste one of the best cacio e pepe pasta while relishing Rome’s culinary traditions through dishes passed down over generations.

Spaghetti alla carbonara

Flavio al Velavevodetto

Nestled in the heart of Rome, Flavio’s has long been celebrated as a bastion of traditional Italian pasta. Every strand, every shape is meticulously handcrafted, reflecting the very soul of age-old Italian culinary art. While many come to satiate their pasta cravings, others see it as a pilgrimage to the altar of authentic Roman flavors. The ‘pasta alla gricia’ here is not just a dish but a revelation – many argue it to be unparalleled, quite possibly the pinnacle of its kind in Rome. But beyond the famous dishes, the charm of Flavio’s lies in its commitment to serving abundant, hearty meals, ensuring that patrons leave with both their hearts and stomachs full.

Location: Via di Monte Testaccio, 97

Best for: An authentic pasta experience that evokes the rich tapestry of Roman culinary traditions, perfect for those with an insatiable love for all things pasta.


When dining here, expect to be enveloped in a truly authentic Roman experience. Pasta is dished out in bountiful portions, ensuring every diner gets more than just a taste of Rome’s culinary heritage. Embracing old-world charm, dishes are presented directly in the cooking pan or served in vintage-style bowls, transporting diners back to the kitchens of yesteryears. It’s a delightful homage to how meals were traditionally shared and savored in the heart of Italy. While the entire menu promises a gastronomic journey, there are a few stars you shouldn’t miss: the velvety ‘Carbonara’ with its perfect balance of cheese and pancetta, the ‘Cacio e Pepe’, a simple yet profound testament to Roman culinary prowess, and of course, the ‘Abbacchio alla Romana’, a lamb dish that has been a Roman staple for centuries.

Location: Via della Paglia, 1/2/3

Best for: Those seeking generous servings of authentic Roman dishes, wrapped in nostalgia and seasoned with tradition.

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Best Pizza in Rome

Rome, the eternal city, isn’t just home to ancient ruins and masterful art; it boasts some of the finest pizzas in the world. Before you dive into its rich history, dive into this list of the best pizzerias the city has to offer.

Ai Marmi

Set in the vibrant and historic neighborhood of Trastevere, this establishment stands as a testament to Roman culinary tradition. Open late, it beckons night owls and food enthusiasts alike. With its genuine and relaxed setting, it effortlessly caters to both intimate family dinners and bustling larger parties. Affordability doesn’t compromise quality here; the menu boasts a range of mouth-watering dishes. While their main courses have won many a heart, the standout ‘supplì al telefono’ — a delectable rice ball specialty — and the golden, crispy fried zucchini flowers are absolute must-tries. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, you’ll depart with a contented heart and a promise to return.

Location: Viale Trastevere, 53

Best for: Casual yet authentic Roman dining experiences, especially for late-night food enthusiasts.

Dar Poeta

Nestled in the charismatic district of Trastevere, this establishment serves up a delightful classic Roman pizza, drawing inspiration from authentic Roman flavors. The ingredients showcase the very essence of Roman culinary heritage — think cheese paired with the aromatic zing of pepper, recreating a taste that’s reminiscent of Rome’s grand food tradition. But don’t let your taste journey end there. Dive into their assortment of fried delicacies, which stand as the eatery’s crowning glory. These handcrafted treats, crispy and flavorful, epitomize the restaurant’s commitment to upholding the rich gastronomic tapestry of the region.

Location: Vicolo del Bologna, 45

Best for: A memorable Roman pizza experience and indulgent fried delights in a historic setting.

Bianca Pizza Recipe

Pizzeria Da Baffetto

In the heart of Rome, Pizzeria Da Baffetto stands as a beacon of traditional Roman pizza craftsmanship. Its storied walls, reminiscent of old-world charm, have seen countless patrons indulge in the thinnest, crispest crusts topped with an array of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. The bustling atmosphere, punctuated by the sounds of animated conversations and the fragrant aroma of pizzas baking to perfection, provides an authentic Roman dining experience. As you walk in, you might have to navigate through a lively crowd, but that’s part of Da Baffetto’s charm — a testament to its unwavering popularity. Beyond their pizzas, their antipasti and other Italian delicacies are also worth a dive into, rounding out a comprehensive Italian feast.

Location: Via del Governo Vecchio, 114

Best for: True Roman pizza enthusiasts and those seeking an authentic, lively Roman dining atmosphere.

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Best Pizza al Taglio in Rome

Rome boasts an iconic street food tradition known as ‘pizza al taglio’, a delectably unique style where pizza is baked in large rectangular trays and sold by the slice, typically cut with scissors. Before diving into the Eternal City’s bustling alleys, here’s a list of some of the best local spots to savor authentic pizza al taglio.

Forno Campo de’ Fiori

Adjacent to the historic Campo de’ Fiori, under the watchful gaze of the Giordano Bruno statue, lies an iconic culinary establishment. This revered institution stands as a homage to the centuries-old culinary tapestry of Rome. As you step inside, you’re instantly embraced by an atmosphere brimming with rich aromas and animated chatter, bearing witness to its lasting appeal among both locals and tourists.

While the menu offers a plethora of delights, it’s the pizza with mortadella that truly steals the show. This dish, a harmonious blend of crispy crust and the savory notes of mortadella, offers a gastronomic experience that resonates with the very essence of Roman flavors. As you indulge in each bite, the pizza serves as a journey through time, reminding you of age-old recipes passed down through generations.

Location: Campo de’ Fiori, 22

Best for: Those seeking a blend of historic ambiance and authentic Roman pizza perfection, particularly with a penchant for the savory delights of mortadella.

Pizza mortadella

Antico Forno Roscioli

With roots tracing back several centuries, Antico Forno Roscioli is a family-run establishment that combines age-old baking techniques with modern-day finesse, resulting in some of the city’s most sought-after breads, pastries, and pizzas.

Upon entering, patrons are greeted by the comforting aroma of freshly baked goods, a scent that has beckoned Romans and travelers alike for generations. While the selection is vast, one cannot visit without trying their signature sourdough bread or their delectably thin and crispy Roman-style pizzas, generously adorned with the freshest of toppings. But the allure of Roscioli doesn’t end there. Their pastries, from buttery croissants to traditional Roman sweets, are a testament to the bakery’s dedication to excellence and tradition.

Location: Via dei Giubbonari, 21

Best for: Bread and pastry aficionados seeking an authentic Roman bakery experience and those looking to savor the true taste of traditional Roman pizza.

Bonci Pizzarium

Bonci Pizzarium stands as a modern-day mecca for pizza enthusiasts. Spearheaded by Gabriele Bonci, a maestro in the world of pizza, this small but iconic establishment has revolutionized the concept of pizza al taglio (sliced pizza).

At Bonci Pizzarium, the dough is a testament to the art of fermentation, yielding a light, airy crust with a delightful crunch. But the true magic lies in the toppings. Shunning the mundane, Bonci Pizzarium surprises with a daily rotating selection of fresh, often organic, ingredients, resulting in an ever-evolving menu that mirrors the seasons and the best produce of the region.

From classic tomato and mozzarella combinations to more avant-garde concoctions featuring unexpected ingredients like zucchini flowers or anchovies, there’s a slice to tantalize every palate. Each bite is a symphony of flavors, reflecting the pizzaiolo’s unwavering commitment to quality and creativity.

Given its popularity, there’s often a queue, but that only adds to the allure. As you wait, you can witness the artisans at work, crafting each pizza with passion and precision, making the eventual feast all the more rewarding.

Location: Via della Meloria, 43

Best for: Adventurous foodies eager to experience a contemporary twist on traditional Roman pizza al taglio and those who appreciate the artistry behind every slice.

Antico Forno del Ghetto

This humble bakery is a testament to traditional bread-making’s timeless art. Its facade, devoid of modern-day glitz or glamour, belies the sheer excellence of the baked wonders that await within.

And while the establishment takes pride in its diverse range of baked goods, it’s their bread that truly sets them apart — so authentic and in demand that they keep baking until every loaf finds a home.

Yet, it’s not just the bread that holds the attention of those who walk through its doors. The traditional red Roman pizza, or ‘pizza rossa’, is nothing short of a culinary revelation. With its crisp base and flavorful tomato topping, it offers a taste sensation that’s both nostalgic and exhilarating, capturing the very soul of Roman cuisine.

While the bakery may not chase contemporary trends, its unwavering commitment to quality and tradition ensures a loyal clientele, eager for a genuine taste of Rome’s rich gastronomic heritage.

Location: Piazza Costaguti, 30

Best for: Bread enthusiasts seeking authentic Roman loaves and those craving the iconic ‘pizza rossa’ in an unpretentious, historic setting.

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Best Street Food in Rome

If you’ve previously linked street food with subpar quality and hygiene, it’s time to shift your perspective. The resurgence of street food in Rome brings forward exceptional quality and tantalizing flavors that are truly remarkable. Here are my top picks in what is undoubtedly one of the fastest-evolving culinary landscapes.

I Supplì

I Supplì is a delightful gastronomic experience that truly captures the essence of Roman street food. The eponymous “supplì” — rice balls filled with various ingredients, breaded and deep-fried to perfection — are a classic Roman snack, and this locale serves some of the finest in the city. The inviting aroma of freshly fried supplì beckons passersby, promising a savory treat that’s both comforting and delicious. Each bite offers a perfect blend of crispy exterior and a melting core, often filled with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and sometimes meat or other delicacies.

Location: Via di S. Francesco a Ripa, 137

Best for: Quick, flavorful Roman snacks and those eager to experience the traditional taste of supplì amidst the hustle and bustle of the Eternal City.


Supplizio not only celebrates the traditional supplì but aspires to elevate it. Here, the classic recipe undergoes a gourmet transformation, becoming an artful blend of textures and flavors. Each creation is a nod to the past, infused with innovative twists that tantalize the modern palate. While Supplizio certainly honors tradition, showcasing the classic supplì that generations have adored, they aren’t afraid to reimagine and reintroduce this staple in inventive ways. The prices might be a touch above the average supplì establishments, but a visit to Supplizio is not just about food — it’s about experiencing a culinary narrative that pays homage to Rome’s heritage while looking forward to its future.

Location: Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 143

Best for: Discerning food enthusiasts keen on exploring a gourmet twist to a Roman classic, in a setting that seamlessly melds tradition with innovation.

Dar Filettaro A Santa Barbara

Tucked away near the bustling Campo De ‘Fiori lies an establishment that is the embodiment of Roman culinary tradition. This venue, steeped in history, is singular in its offering: the illustrious fried cod fillets, or “filetti di baccalà”. This dish, with its golden, crispy exterior and delicate, flaky interior, represents Roman street food at its pinnacle. While many eateries boast expansive menus, this place celebrates the beauty of specialization. Every piece of cod is meticulously prepared, encapsulating the passion and expertise honed over generations. The aroma of freshly fried baccalà wafting through the air is irresistible, drawing both locals and tourists like a siren song. he mystique of this establishment also lies in its unpredictable hours. Its doors don’t always open, making each visit a serendipitous treat. But should you chance upon it when it’s welcoming guests, don’t be deterred by the queue. Every moment spent waiting is rewarded tenfold once you take that first, delectable bite of baccalà.

Location: Largo dei Librari, 88

Best for: True aficionados of Roman cuisine, those seeking an authentic street food experience, and anyone looking to savor a time-honored dish in a setting brimming with history and charm.

Best Coffee Places/Bars in Rome

Beyond the iconic Colosseum and cobblestone streets, Rome hides a world of gustatory delights in its bars. Embark on a culinary journey with this list, showcasing the best of Roman sweet temptations.

La Casa del Caffè Tazza d’Oro

Perched gracefully near the iconic Pantheon, Tazza D’oro is not merely a coffee shop; it’s a sensory journey that encapsulates the true essence of Italian caffeinated perfection. The star of the show? Their unparalleled coffee granita, a luscious frozen dessert that blends the robustness of coffee with the delicate texture of shaved ice. Each spoonful is an enchanting play of flavors and textures, offering a refreshing break, especially during Rome’s warm months. The granita’s layered richness, topped often with a dollop of whipped cream, captures the very soul of Roman indulgence. Navigating your way to Tazza D’oro may require a bit of patience as you meander through throngs of tourists captivated by the nearby Pantheon. However, as soon as that first taste of granita touches your palate, any inconvenience is quickly forgotten. The ambiance inside is a blend of rustic charm and bustling energy, with baristas who have honed their craft to perfection over the years, ensuring each cup, whether it’s a granita or a simple espresso, is nothing short of exceptional.

Location: Via degli Orfani, 84

Best for: Coffee aficionados and those seeking a refreshing, authentic Roman treat amidst the historic heart of the city. Ideal for a sweet, caffeine-laced break after or before a visit to the Pantheon.


Caffè Sant’Eustachio

Caffè Sant’Eustachio is a sanctuary for those in search of a truly divine sip of the iconic black beverage. This charming spot, though small in size, exudes an ambiance that’s both intimate and vibrant. As you step inside, you’ll be instantly welcomed by the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee, a scent that promises a transcendent experience. It’s here that the art of coffee-making is revered and practiced with passion, ensuring every cup poured is a testament to the café’s dedication to perfection. Amidst the rush and clamor of the city, this café offers a brief respite, a moment of quiet indulgence, where every sip transports you to a world where time slows and the present moment is all that matters.

Location: Piazza di S. Eustachio, 82

Best for: Coffee aficionados seeking an authentic Italian brew amidst Rome’s historic backdrop and those willing to venture off the beaten path for a truly memorable experience.

Best Bakeries And Pastry Shops in Rome

Rome, with its rich culinary heritage, boasts some of the finest bakeries and pastry shops in the world. Dive into this list to discover the eternal city’s sweetest treasures and indulge in traditional Italian delicacies.

Regoli Pasticceria

With its vintage charm and the enticing aroma of freshly baked goods wafting through the air, Regoli has been a cornerstone of the city’s culinary heritage for generations. Known far and wide for its exquisite array of biscuits and deep-fried confections, this pastry shop has curated a delightful assortment of Italian desserts. While every creation is a piece of art, certain specialties particularly stand out. If you find yourself wandering the Roman streets during the Carnival period or around the 19th of March, there are some treats you simply cannot miss. As you step inside, you’re greeted not just by the allure of desserts but by the stories they tell — of Roman festivals, of family traditions passed down through the ages, and of the sheer joy that comes with savoring a piece of Rome’s sweet history.

Location: Via dello Statuto, 60

Best for: Dessert aficionados eager to experience authentic Roman pastries, particularly those seeking seasonal delights during festive periods in the Eternal City.

Dar Maritozzaro

At its core, a maritozzo may seem straightforward – a sweet bun generously filled with velvety whipped cream. However, in Rome, this delectable treat is steeped in tradition and is much more than just a simple dessert; it’s a cultural emblem. The Maritozzaro in Rome perfects this culinary artistry, taking it to unparalleled heights.

Walking into The Maritozzaro feels like stepping into a sweet dream where the tantalizing scent of fresh brioche fills the air. Each maritozzo is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The brioche, golden and slightly crisp on the outside, reveals a soft, fluffy interior that gently cradles the sumptuous whipped cream. As you take a bite, the marriage of textures — the lightness of the brioche combined with the creamy richness of the filling — creates a symphony of flavors that dances on the palate.

The Maritozzaro isn’t just about serving pastries; it’s about preserving and celebrating a cherished Roman tradition. Through their maritozzi, they offer a piece of Roman history, a testament to the city’s rich gastronomic legacy that has been adored for generations.

Location: Via Ettore Rolli, 50

Best for: Indulgent breakfasts, afternoon pick-me-ups, and anyone looking to savor a timeless Roman delicacy that transcends mere sweetness.

Best Maritozzo Rome


Nestled within the labyrinthine streets of Rome’s historic Jewish quarter, Boccione stands as more than just an eatery. At Boccione, every dish is a narrative, waiting to be discovered. Among the myriad of delicacies, their ricotta and sour cherries tarts stand out, beckoning with their perfect blend of sweetness and tang. Each bite is a symphony of flavors, reminiscent of long-forgotten Roman feasts. These tarts, with their flaky crust and rich filling, are a testament to Boccione’s dedication to preserving the essence of Roman gastronomy. Beyond these delights, the ambiance at Boccione is one of warmth and authenticity. You’ll often find a mix of regular patrons reminiscing over old times, tourists discovering the treasures of Roman Jewish cuisine, and chefs passionately crafting dishes that have stood the test of time.

Location: Via del Portico d’Ottavia, 1

Best for: Culinary enthusiasts keen on exploring the depths of Roman Jewish gastronomy and anyone with an appetite for history-laden treats, especially the delectable ricotta and sour cherries tarts.

Antico Forno Serpenti

Tucked away in one of Rome’s picturesque alleys is a bakery that seems to have defied the passage of time. Its storied walls resonate with the echoes of old-world charm and culinary traditions passed down through generations. This establishment, with its inviting aroma of freshly baked goods, stands as a testament to Rome’s rich gastronomic heritage. One of the undeniable highlights of this bakery is its affordability, offering delicious bites that don’t strain the purse strings. For those on a lunch break or in search of a midday feast, this place promises not just pastries but also hearty Roman meals that satiate both the heart and the stomach. However, amidst its vast array of offerings, the ricotta and sour cherry tart truly stands out. This delicacy, with its perfect balance of creaminess from the ricotta and the tangy burst of sour cherries, transports you to a world of flavors, making it an absolute must-try.

Location: Via dei Serpenti, 122/123

Best for: Budget-friendly, authentic Roman culinary experiences, and those with a penchant for artisanal pastries, especially the delectable ricotta and sour cherry tart.

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Best Ice-Cream in Rome

When in Rome, you must indulge in its delectable gelato offerings. Here’s a list of the best ice-cream spots the Eternal City has to offer, chosen by a local.

Gelateria Dei Gracchi

Gelateria Dei Gracchi is a gem that has become synonymous with gelato perfection. In a city celebrated for its gelaterias, Dei Gracchi distinguishes itself not merely as another stop, but as an essential experience for the discerning palate.

Behind its counters, artisans dedicate themselves to crafting gelato in the purest Roman tradition, utilizing only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients. Absent are the artificial colors or excessive sweetness found elsewhere; in their place is the authentic taste and texture of real fruits, nuts, and premium chocolates.

The flavors, ranging from the classics to innovative combinations, sing with authenticity. Whether it’s the intoxicating richness of their pistachio, the velvety smoothness of their chocolate, or the refreshing zest of their seasonal fruit selections, each scoop tells a story of passion, craftsmanship, and a profound respect for ingredients. Regulars and tourists alike know that every visit, regardless of season or time of day, promises a gelato experience that’s unparalleled in its excellence.

Location: Via dei Gracchi, 272

Best For: Authentic gelato lovers and those seeking an unparalleled taste journey amidst the rich tapestry of Roman desserts.

Gelateria Fassi: Il Palazzo del Freddo

In the heart of Rome stands Gelateria Fassi, an establishment that has been synonymous with authentic Italian gelato for over a century. Founded in the early 1900s, this storied gelateria boasts a lineage of gelato artisans who have upheld the traditions of crafting the finest frozen delights.

As you approach Gelateria Fassi, the charm of its vintage facade hints at the age-old recipes and techniques that await inside. Every scoop tells a tale of carefully selected ingredients, traditional churning methods, and a passion that’s been handed down through the generations.

The flavors on offer are a harmonious blend of the classic and the contemporary. While you can indulge in timeless favorites like stracciatella or pistachio, don’t be surprised to find inventive seasonal offerings that capture the essence of Italy’s bountiful produce.

Famous not only for its ice cream and hand-whipped cream, Fassi is also known for its Sanpietrini, mini ice creams that resemble the cobblestones of the Capital’s streets. Hazelnut, cream, chocolate, and strawberry are must-tries.

Location: Via Principe Eugenio, 65-67

Best For: Gelato lovers seeking a taste of tradition and those looking to savor a piece of Rome’s sweet history.

Best Gelato Rome

Gelateria del Teatro

Gelateria del Teatro stands as one of Rome’s most celebrated ice cream parlors. This gem owes its acclaim to its unwavering commitment to quality and its creative flair that transforms simple ingredients into sublime frozen masterpieces.

The gelateria prides itself on using only the finest natural ingredients, sourced locally where possible. No artificial flavorings or colorings find their way here; everything is as genuine as the passion that fuels this establishment.

Beyond the classics, what sets Gelateria del Teatro apart is its inventive range of flavors. From rosemary honey with Sicilian orange zest to lavender white peach, each scoop offers a unique sensory journey that reflects Italy’s rich tapestry of flavors and aromas.

Location: Via dei Coronari, 65/66

Best For: Adventurous gelato enthusiasts looking to explore unconventional flavors and anyone seeking a truly authentic Italian gelato experience amidst a picturesque Roman backdrop.


Established in 1900, Giolitti in Rome isn’t just a gelateria; it’s an institution, a rite of passage for any visitor or local in the city. The charm of Giolitti doesn’t merely lie in its age-old recipes but in the ambiance that seems frozen in time. As you step through its doors, the vintage decor, the clinking of old-fashioned ice cream spoons, and the soft murmur of patrons savoring their treats instantly transports you to a bygone era. The range of flavors at Giolitti is a testament to its dedication to preserving tradition while embracing innovation. Alongside classics like ‘cioccolato’ (chocolate) and ‘vaniglia’ (vanilla), you might find seasonal or inventive flavors, each crafted with precision, passion, and the finest of ingredients. Yet, what truly sets Giolitti apart is its consistency. The velvety texture and rich flavors, unchanged over decades, ensure that every scoop tastes just as memorable as the last.

Location: Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40

Best For: Gelato enthusiasts in search of an authentic Roman experience and history buffs keen on savoring a dessert that’s been a favorite for over a century.

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Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Rome

The heart of Italy, Rome, is a treasure trove of gastronomic delights that blend tradition with sophistication. Dive into this curated list of Rome’s top fine dining restaurants, where every meal is a journey through the essence of Italian luxury.

La Pergola

Perched atop the Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri, La Pergola is Rome’s culinary crown jewel, offering an unparalleled dining experience that effortlessly melds art, atmosphere, and flavor. As the city’s sole three-Michelin-starred restaurant, it exudes an aura of sophistication and elegance.

The maestro behind its success, Chef Heinz Beck, is renowned for his innovative approach to Italian cuisine. Each dish, meticulously curated, is a testament to Beck’s genius, balancing traditional Italian flavors with avant-garde techniques.

Beyond the plate, La Pergola captivates with its ambiance. The restaurant is adorned with historical artifacts, beautiful tapestries, and exquisite porcelain, all adding to the luxurious experience. Yet, what truly sets it apart is its panoramic terrace. As diners indulge in their gourmet meals, they are treated to a breathtaking vista of Rome, illuminated under the night sky.

La Pergola’s extensive wine cellar, boasting over 60,000 bottles from around the world, ensures that each culinary masterpiece is paired perfectly, elevating the gastronomic journey to sublime heights.

Location: Via Alberto Cadlolo, 101

Best For: Romantic dinners, special celebrations, and discerning gourmands seeking an unparalleled fusion of culinary mastery and ambiance in Rome.


Set against the historic backdrop of Rome, Pipero Rome offers a refreshing and contemporary take on traditional Italian cuisine. Situated in a refined setting, this esteemed restaurant melds the old with the new, allowing diners to embark on a gastronomic journey that pays homage to Italy’s rich culinary tapestry while also pushing boundaries.

The man behind the magic, Chef Pipero, takes pride in innovating with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Each dish is an artwork, presented with finesse and a touch of theatricality, ensuring both your eyes and palate are treated to an exceptional experience. The menu changes with the seasons, reflecting the freshest of what the local terroir has to offer.

As you dine, the ambiance envelops you; subtle lighting, tasteful decor, and impeccable service create an intimate atmosphere, making it perfect for both special occasions and casual gatherings.

The wine list, curated with expertise, complements the culinary offerings, with selections spanning from renowned Italian vineyards to more niche finds, ensuring every dish has its perfect pairing.

Location: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 250

Best For: Gourmet enthusiasts seeking a modern twist on classic Italian dishes in a sophisticated and intimate setting.

Glass Hostaria

Located in the picturesque Trastevere district, Glass Hostaria stands out as a beacon of modern gastronomy amidst Rome’s ancient charm. The restaurant’s minimalist architecture and sleek interior design set the stage for an innovative dining experience.

Under the guidance of its skilled chefs, Glass Hostaria offers an eclectic menu that melds traditional Roman flavors with contemporary culinary techniques. Each dish is not just a meal but a masterpiece, artistically plated and designed to engage all the senses.

The wine selection is as carefully curated as the menu, offering a range of exquisite local and international wines, perfectly paired to complement each dish. The knowledgeable staff ensures that every guest is guided through the extensive wine list, ensuring a harmonious match for their chosen meal.

An evening at Glass Hostaria isn’t just about food and drink, though. The ambiance, with its ambient lighting and open spaces, offers a relaxing backdrop for intimate conversations, making it an ideal spot for both special occasions and casual catch-ups.

Location: Vicolo del Cinque, 58

Best For: Gourmands seeking a fusion of traditional and contemporary Roman cuisine in a stylish, modern setting.

Il Convivio Troiani

Located in the heart of Rome’s historic district, Il Convivio Troiani is more than just a restaurant; it’s a celebration of Italian gastronomy. Established by the Troiani brothers, this establishment has etched its name in the city’s fine-dining scene with its unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and authenticity.

Upon entering, patrons are embraced by an ambiance that seamlessly marries modern elegance with rustic charm. Soft lighting, art-adorned walls, and attentive staff set the stage for an unforgettable dining journey.

What sets Il Convivio Troiani apart is its curated menu, which showcases Italian classics reimagined with a touch of contemporary flair. Using only the freshest of locally-sourced ingredients, each dish is a symphony of flavors, designed to surprise and delight. From the antipasti to the desserts, there’s a palpable respect for tradition, punctuated with bold, innovative twists. The wine list, too, is noteworthy, offering a handpicked selection that complements the culinary masterpieces.

Visiting Il Convivio Troiani is not just about satiating hunger; it’s an immersive experience that pays homage to Italy’s rich culinary heritage while pushing the boundaries of modern cuisine.

Location: Vicolo dei Soldati, 31

Best For: Epicureans seeking a sophisticated dining experience that bridges traditional Italian flavors with avant-garde culinary artistry.

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Best Spots for Aperitivo in Rome

Rome offers some of the most enchanting spots to indulge in the cherished Italian tradition of aperitivo. Before you dive into the city’s gastronomic wonders, here’s a curated list of some of the best places to relax and savor pre-dinner drinks and nibbles

Freni e Frizioni

one of Rome’s most enchanting neighborhoods, Freni e Frizioni stands as a testament to the city’s vibrant social culture. Housed in a building rich with history, this iconic establishment beckons patrons with the allure of its past and the promise of contemporary delights.

A magnet for the young and the young-at-heart, Freni e Frizioni offers an extensive menu that’s a delightful fusion of tradition and innovation. While you can revel in the classic charm of Italian aperitifs, there’s always a surprise waiting in the form of their inventive cocktails and a curated wine selection that celebrates both local vineyards and global gems.

But what truly sets Freni e Frizioni apart is the sumptuous buffet spread that accompanies every drink. As you sip on your chosen beverage, let your senses be tantalized by an array of delectable bites, each crafted to elevate your aperitif experience.

Perhaps the most captivating aspect of Freni e Frizioni, however, is its outdoor space. When the Roman weather plays its part, this area transforms into a buzzing haven, echoing with laughter, clinking glasses, and the melody of countless conversations. It’s an ambiance that captures the essence of Roman evenings – passionate, lively, and unforgettable.

Location: Via del Politeama, 4-6

Best For: Those seeking an authentic Roman aperitif experience amidst historic charm, complemented by a modern twist and a lively atmosphere.

Aperitivo Rome

Il Marchese

“Il Marchese” stands tall as Europe’s first amaro cocktail bar. Situated in the heart of the city, this establishment is not just a testament to culinary excellence, but also a celebration of Italy’s deep-rooted amaro tradition.

Named after the iconic character, Marquis Del Grillo, Il Marchese exudes an aristocratic charm reminiscent of 18th-century Roman palaces. As you step inside, the opulence is palpable: crystal chandeliers hang from frescoed ceilings, rich tapestries adorn the walls, and polished wooden tables reflect the soft lighting, setting the stage for a regal dining experience.

Il Marchese’s menu is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. While the food echoes the rich tapestry of Roman cuisine with a contemporary twist, it’s the bar that truly steals the show. With over 500 labels of amaro, ranging from the most famous to hidden gems, every cocktail tells a story, blending flavors, aromas, and memories into a glass.

But the offerings aren’t limited to amaro-infused concoctions. Their wine cellar, with a selection sourced from Italy’s finest vineyards, promises an oenological journey par excellence. As for food, expect a gourmet experience that marries local ingredients with innovative techniques, each dish a tribute to Italy’s culinary heritage.

Location: Via di Ripetta, 162

Best For: Connoisseurs of amaro, or those seeking a luxurious dining experience rooted in Roman traditions, all set against a backdrop of impeccable elegance.

Il Sorpasso

Tucked away in a corner of Rome, this quaint establishment may seem compact, but it exudes an undeniable charm. The interior, while not expansive, is a masterclass in design creativity. Each piece of furnishing appears thoughtfully curated, showcasing an eclectic blend of the old and the new, the traditional and the contemporary. The result? A space that feels intimate yet open, familiar yet surprising.

As evening approaches, the atmosphere becomes palpably electric. The rush of aperitif hour might lend a sense of chaos, but it’s a delightful chaos – the kind that speaks of anticipation and excitement. Patrons chat animatedly, awaiting their turn to sample from the impressive list of gourmet offerings and finely crafted beverages.

And speaking of the menu, it’s a revelation in itself. Beyond the conventional, every item promises a culinary or mixological adventure, tempting the palate with flavors that are both comforting and innovative. Yes, the prices might lean towards the higher side, but every sip and every bite justifies the indulgence, making it evident that quality and craftsmanship are of utmost priority here.

Location: Via Properzio, 31/33

Best For: Those seeking a unique gastronomic experience in an atmosphere that’s both cozy and chic, and who don’t mind spending a little extra for an evening of sheer delight.


Salotto42 stands out as a beacon of modernity and sophistication. Situated in a prime location, this chic bar-cum-lounge offers a delightful juxtaposition of Rome’s ancient grandeur with contemporary elegance.

Salotto42 isn’t just about its stylish interiors, though. It is a place that has mastered the art of ambiance, combining mellow lighting, plush seating, and a soundtrack that’s just the right blend of soothing and invigorating. Whether you’re seated indoors, surrounded by tastefully curated art and literature, or outside, enjoying the stunning view of historic landmarks, you’re in for a treat.

The drink menu here is a testament to creativity. Classic cocktails are given innovative twists, and there’s a diverse selection of wines and spirits to cater to even the most discerning of tastes. If you’re feeling peckish, Salotto42 offers a range of gourmet snacks and appetizers that perfectly complement their drink offerings.

With its prime location and its penchant for contemporary elegance, Salotto42 has become a hotspot for both locals looking for a stylish evening out and tourists eager to soak in Rome’s modern side.

Location: Piazza di Pietra, 42

Best For: Sophisticated evenings in a chic setting, perfect for intimate conversations, rendezvous, and people who appreciate a blend of the contemporary amidst historical surroundings.

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Best Wine Bar In Rome

Amidst the iconic landmarks and timeless beauty of Rome lies a thriving wine culture waiting to be explored. Delve into the heart of this ancient city with our curated list of some of its best wine bars.

Enoteca Il Goccetto

Enoteca Il Goccetto stands as a testament to the city’s rich vinous heritage. Its vintage façade, with wooden accents and arched doorways, evokes the charm of yesteryears, beckoning the curious passerby to step into a world of bottled magic.

Once inside, you’re immediately transported to an oenophile’s paradise. Wooden shelves stretch from floor to ceiling, each filled with a curated selection of wines from both Italy’s famed regions and lesser-known vineyards. While the focus is primarily on Italian wines, there’s a commendable representation from global wine producers, making the selection both diverse and exciting.

The ambiance is warm and rustic, with dim lighting casting a golden glow on the walls adorned with vintage wine posters and memorabilia. While wine reigns supreme at Il Goccetto, their cheese and charcuterie boards deserve a special mention. Thoughtfully paired with the wines, they elevate the tasting experience to new heights.

The knowledgeable staff, passionate about their offerings, are always on hand to guide novices and indulge connoisseurs in delightful conversations about the world of wines.

Location: Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 14

Best For: Wine enthusiasts seeking an authentic Italian wine experience, paired with delicious accompaniments in a cozy, vintage setting.

wine regions in the world

Enoteca Ferrara

Enoteca Ferrara is more than just a wine bar, it’s a place for connoisseurs and enthusiasts seeking an immersive journey through Italy’s rich oenological heritage.

As you step into Enoteca Ferrara, you’re transported into a world where wine takes center stage. The interior is a seamless blend of rustic charm and modern sophistication. Exposed brick walls, wooden beams, and ambient lighting create an ambiance that’s both welcoming and refined, setting the perfect stage for a wine-focused evening.

The wine selection is a veritable treasure trove. From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the sun-kissed vineyards of Sicily, each bottle represents a unique terroir and grape varietal. Whether you’re a seasoned sommelier or just beginning to explore the world of wine, the knowledgeable staff is always at hand to guide you through the extensive selection, helping you discover hidden gems or indulge in classic favorites.

While wine is undoubtedly the star of the show, Enoteca Ferrara complements its libations with a delectable culinary experience. From cheese and charcuterie platters that perfectly complement your chosen wine to heartier fare that harmonizes with robust reds or crisp whites, every bite is a symphony of flavors that enhances your wine journey.

Location: Piazza Trilussa, 41

Best For: Wine lovers seeking an authentic Italian wine experience, whether it’s an evening of exploration or a celebration of familiar favorites.

Enoteca Del Frate

Enoteca del Frate is a renowned wine bar and restaurant located in the heart of Rome, Italy. Situated in the historic Trastevere district, Enoteca del Frate has gained a reputation as a hidden gem for both locals and visitors seeking an authentic Italian dining and wine-tasting experience.

Enoteca del Frate is known for its extensive and carefully curated selection of wines. The establishment boasts a remarkable variety of Italian wines, ranging from the well-known classics to hidden treasures from small, boutique wineries. The wine list covers a diverse array of regions, grape varieties, and vintages, making it a paradise for wine enthusiasts looking to explore Italy’s rich viticultural heritage.

Apart from its impressive wine collection, Enoteca del Frate is also celebrated for its delectable cuisine. The restaurant offers a menu that showcases the flavors of traditional Roman and Italian dishes, prepared with a modern twist. From mouthwatering pasta dishes to succulent meats and fresh seafood, the culinary offerings are designed to perfectly complement the wines on offer.

Location: Via degli Scipioni, 122

Best For: Wine enthusiasts seeking an immersive journey through Italy’s wine regions and the chance to pair their selections with thoughtfully curated culinary delights. A perfect spot for intimate gatherings and cozy evenings filled with wine, laughter, and good company.

Il Covino

Il Covino emerges as a sanctuary for those who truly appreciate the art of wine. Unassumingly tucked away, this establishment is a hidden gem where the love for wine takes center stage.

Venturing into Il Covino is akin to discovering a treasure trove of vinicultural wonders. Its unpretentious exterior belies the rich tapestry of wine expertise that awaits within. Once inside, the ambiance strikes a delicate balance between intimacy and discovery, setting the perfect stage for an unparalleled wine experience.

Il Covino’s wine selection is a symphony of Italy’s viticultural brilliance. From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the sun-soaked vineyards of Sicily, each bottle encapsulates a story of terroir, craftsmanship, and tradition. The astute sommeliers are more than mere guides; they’re storytellers, painting vivid narratives through each pour.

And while wine is the star of the show, the culinary offerings play an equally significant role. The menu dances in harmony with the wine selection, offering delectable bites that enhance and amplify the tasting journey.

Location: Via Ostia, 21

Best For: Wine enthusiasts seeking an intimate, unpretentious setting to savor exceptional Italian wines, accompanied by thoughtfully selected gourmet pairings.

Piano C – Circolo del Vino

Nestled in the heart of Rome, near the San Giovanni metro station, Piano C – Circolo del Vino emerges as a captivating tale woven into the city’s cultural fabric. As you step inside, you’re transported into a living narrative, a place where Italy’s winemaking heritage is cherished and celebrated. The ambiance is a fusion of sophistication and intimacy, casting a spell that transports you beyond the ordinary. This is where wines become stories, and each bottle holds a chapter of Italy’s diverse terroirs. Their aperitivo experience is nothing short of a delightful, intimate, and familial affair. High-quality Italian wines from every corner of the country take center stage, but there’s also a selection of classic aperitif cocktails, along with a surprising and elegant intruder: sake. The libations are automatically accompanied by popcorn and lupini beans, but if your appetite craves more, indulge in their succulent tapas. Some dishes offer foreign flavors interpreted through local lenses: indulge in pumpkin samosas, chicken baos, or a tantalizing beef tartare paired with a finger-licking pickle. The dishes shift with the seasons, ensuring that whenever you visit, there’s always something new to savor.

Location: Via Faleria, 12

Best For: Wine lovers, curious explorers, and those seeking an authentic aperitivo experience infused with warmth and intimacy.

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Best Craft Beer Bars in Rome

Rome proudly presents a rapidly growing craft beer landscape, welcoming both aficionados and beginners with open arms. Here are three craft beer bars you simply can’t miss.

Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fà

Nestled just a stone’s throw away from Piazza Trilussa, a vibrant oasis awaits under the intriguing name “Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fà” (What Did You Come Here For?). This lively neighborhood bar exudes an inviting aura that effortlessly brings together a mix of international visitors and locals, often creating a delightful overflow onto the pavement outside its doors.

With a remarkable array of 16 taps, the bar showcases an ever-shifting collection of these liquid gems. This bar is the magnet that draws visitors from near and far, uniting them in a quest for the perfect brew.

Location: Via Benedetta, 25

Best for: Craft beer enthusiasts and social wanderers looking to mingle, savor Italian ales, and soak in the lively energy of a diverse crowd.

Craft beers rome

Open Baladin

At Open Baladin, you step into beer heaven – a bright orange wall adorned with illuminated bottles showcases their extensive brews. Despite the retro champagne bottle design, their offerings span modern NEIPAs to traditional stouts and lagers. Owner Teo Musso, a beer maestro, started as a pub owner in the 1980s, evolving into a brewery in 1996, and later collaborating with renowned craft brewers. Open Baladin, an early entrant in Rome’s craft beer scene since 2009, serves not only its stellar brews but also boasts a lineup of 40 draft beers and 100 bottled options. Their diverse food menu includes vegan, vegetarian, burgers, and sandwiches.

Location: Via degli Specchi, 6

Best For: Beer enthusiasts and gastronomes seeking an unparalleled variety of craft brews, including Baladin’s renowned creations, amidst a vibrant beer-centric ambiance.


Illuppolati is nestled on a quiet Trastevere backstreet. Their cozy bar, tucked away in a tiny spot, boasts a unique setup – beer is poured directly into cans, preserving freshness whether you choose to take away or linger in their taproom. Their signature Presa Bene, a 5.5% IPA, remains a constant, accompanied by an array of Italian beers and their own creations. With a commitment to freshness, Illuppolati’s distinct approach keeps the beer experience as crisp as if it were straight off the brewing line.

Location: Via Ostiense, 391

Best For: Beer enthusiasts seeking innovative experiences and a taste of the freshest brews, all in the snug embrace of Illuppolati’s charming taproom.

Best Food Markets in Rome

Rome stands as a culinary delight, beckoning food aficionados from around the world. Markets are just another facade of this. Dive into its culinary heart by exploring three of the best food markets that offer a tantalizing array of fresh produce, traditional delicacies, and authentic Italian flavors.

Mercato Centrale

The Mercato Centrale introduces a captivating concept—an epicurean haven where local food artisans converge, offering a tapestry of diverse cuisines to savor. While prices might not be budget-friendly, the prime location within Termini Station and the exquisite culinary array make it an unmissable stop, whether you’re a local or a transient traveler.

Amidst the tempting options, don’t overlook Gabriele Bonci’s bread and pizza, Arcangelo Dandini’s Supplizio and Akira’s ramen and gyoza.

Location: Via Giovanni Giolitti, 36

Best For: Curious palates seeking a gastronomic adventure under one roof. Mercato Centrale beckons both locals and visitors passing through Termini Station, promising a melting pot of flavors and the chance to discover Rome’s culinary diversity.

Mercato Centrale Roma

Mercato Testaccio

Nestled within a residential enclave, the Mercato di Testaccio reigns as a true institution among Rome’s bustling food markets. It’s not merely a destination for exceptional cuisine, but an accessible haven for those seeking both quality and affordability. Frequented predominantly by locals, this market offers a unique opportunity to dine without straining your wallet, all while immersing yourself in an authentic Roman experience.

The market’s charm lies in its diverse stalls, each presenting a flavorful world of choices. A must-visit is Mordi e Fuggi, where Roman delights, especially the “panino con la trippa” (tripe sandwich), take center stage. Another gem is FoodBox, boasting creative and original supplì that promise to be a taste sensation.

It’s important to note that Mercato di Testaccio follows a residential rhythm, closing its doors after lunch and staying close on Sundays, adding to its local charm and authenticity.

Location: Via Aldo Manuzio, 66b

Best for: Budget-conscious food explorers and those in pursuit of genuine Roman flavors. Mercato di Testaccio is a hidden treasure, cherished by locals.


Eataly needs no introduction, and its Rome outpost in the vibrant Ostiense area continues the tradition of culinary excellence. While it offers the familiar array found in Eataly locations worldwide, this expansive venue boasts a special focus on local cuisine, adding a distinct Roman flair to its offerings.

From pasta to olive oil, the shelves are brimming with quintessentially Italian products, showcasing the rich gastronomic heritage of the country. However, it’s essential to note that prices align with the Eataly standard, which, like its counterparts globally, isn’t synonymous with budget-friendly.

Location: Piazzale 12 Ottobre 1492

Best For: A blend of global gourmet enthusiasts and those seeking a taste of local Roman flavors within the Eataly framework.

Eating in Rome: Rules and Local Advice

When it comes to dining in Rome, understanding the unspoken rules and tapping into local advice can elevate your gastronomic experience.

If you have saved this list with the best restaurants in Rome, you also want to save this paragraph to really feel like a local.

A fundamental aspect of this journey is understanding the rhythm of meal timings. Lunch, a cherished affair, unfurls its delights between 12:30 and 3 p.m., while dinner, a leisurely affair, graces tables from 8:30 to 11.30 p.m. Aligning with these timeframes ensures you’re in tune with the city’s dining pulse.

Yet, timing is but a thread in the gastronomic tapestry. To embark on an unforgettable culinary adventure, it’s wise to delve into local advice and plan your dining escapades well in advance. Rome’s vibrant culinary scene offers a plethora of choices, but a bit of pre-planning can spare you from unfortunate culinary missteps. Once you’ve curated your list of desired eateries, it’s a wise move to secure your spot ahead of time. Reservations, even made a few days in advance, can ensure you claim your place at the city’s gastronomic gems.

However, when it comes to dining in Rome’s most sought-after establishments, foresight becomes an even greater ally. To immerse yourself in the culinary excellence of popular spots, consider booking weeks in advance. This strategic move ensures that you not only relish the delectable offerings but also experience the pinnacle of Rome’s dining culture.

In a city where culinary traditions run deep and local expertise is prized, embracing these nuances transforms each meal into a journey that resonates with the spirit of Rome itself. So, as you explore the city’s trattorias, osterias, and hidden gems, remember that savoring Rome’s culinary delights extends beyond just the palate; it’s about honoring the city’s culinary heritage and creating memories that linger long after the last bite.

To summarize:

  • Meal Timings: Lunch is typically served from 12:30 to 3 p.m., while dinner occurs between 7:30 and 11 p.m.
  • Plan Ahead: To ensure a delightful dining experience, decide on your dining spots to avoid disappointments.
  • Reserve Wisely: Secure your spot by making reservations a few days ahead, especially for popular restaurants.
  • Popular Spots: Consider booking weeks in advance for sought-after establishments to guarantee a seat.
  • Embrace Local Insights: Tap into local advice to navigate Rome’s culinary scene and savor authentic flavors.
  • Culinary Heritage: Dining in Rome is more than just tasting; it’s about embracing traditions and creating lasting memories.
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