9 Best Food Tours In Rome To Book In 2024 Recommended By A Local

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Searching for the best food tours in Rome? Look no further!

My carefully curated list of the best food tours in Rome, Italy, will be your gastronomic passport to discover Rome from a specific perspective.

Being from Rome myself, I’ve curated this list to make sure it really represents the best my city can offer, allowing you to discover the flavors of Rome.

Local, English-speaking guides host all of the Rome food tours in this list and are suitable for gastro travelers wanting to discover the Eternal City at its best.

I’ve selected the tours based on their price and offer, but also the location; in this list, you won’t find anything that I wouldn’t recommend to my friends and family. Or anything that I find so touristy to be unbearable. Or even anything that I would attend myself.

Enjoy this list with the nine best food tours in Rome, Italy, and get ready to taste some of the most delicious foods of the Eternal City.

Rome’s Best Food Tours: My Two Picks

For those who prefer to skip the search and get straight to the best, here’s my top recommendation for Rome’s ultimate food tour, along with a fantastic second choice:

Trastevere Campo Fiori Jewish Ghetto Tour
This tour will allow you to taste some of the best Roman food in incredible settings and at a reasonable price.
Read more
Trastevere Local Food Tour
This tour focuses on a specific area, one of the most beautiful in Rome, without compromising on quality and affordability.
Read more

Food Tours In Rome

This list includes the best Rome food tours by neighborhood, and it can include sightseeing and food or just food or drink. It is quintessentially local and chosen by a local, so you don’t have to worry about being scammed or fooled into buying something unreal. Rome is in high demand, so if you want to enjoy the culinary aspect of the city, make sure you book the food tour of Rome straight away or with plenty of notice.

Small-Group Rome Food Tour: Trastevere Campo Fiori Jewish Ghetto

Pizza romana




93 USD


3.5 hours

With almost 2000 satisfied people under its sleeve, this Rome Food Tour covers some of the beloved places in Rome, such as Trastevere, Campo dei Fiori, and the Jewish Ghetto. I personally love this area of the city, and I find this food tour extremely valuable.

Begin your Rome culinary adventure in the historic Piazza Farnese. Here, you’ll meet your guide before embarking on a walking tour, with your first stop being the vibrant Campo de’ Fiori. Dive into the lively atmosphere of its popular food market, bustling with stalls filled with fresh vegetables, meats, and cheeses. Take this opportunity to interact with local vendors and sample some of their delicious offerings.

From there, your journey takes you to the charming neighborhood of Trastevere, known for its quaint cobbled lanes and array of favored local restaurants and cafes. As part of your exploration, the tour includes a visit to several notable locations, each offering a unique glimpse into Rome’s rich cultural and gastronomic heritage:

  1. Gourmetaly Food Tours at Piazza Farnese – Starting point beside a newspaper stand, with a free admission ticket.
  2. Campo de’ Fiori – Discover seasonal products at the market (visited during the morning tour).
  3. Statua di Giordano Bruno – Learn about Bruno’s story and the history of the Inquisition era.
  4. Ancient Pizzicheria Ruggeri – Meet the Ruggeri family and taste specialties from their ancient grocery store.
  5. Antico Forno Roscioli – Visit Rome’s oldest bakery to sample traditional Roman pizza.
  6. Ghetto Ebraico (Jewish Ghetto) – Immerse yourself in the history of this remarkable and ancient neighborhood.
  7. Via Portico d’Ottavia – Enjoy a stop at a restaurant for some fried specialties.
  8. Pont Fabricius – Cross this bridge to reach the Tiber Island.
  9. Isola Tiberina (Tiber Island) – Briefly explore Rome’s only island.
  10. Ristorante Sette Oche in Altalena – Sit down for a special pasta course paired with wine.
  11. Trastevere – Experience the area’s vibrant nightlife.
  12. Fiordiluna – Conclude the tour with Rome’s finest gelato.

As you wander through these areas, don’t miss the chance to admire the exterior of notable sites like the Chiesa di San Carlo ai Catinari and the Tempio Maggiore di Roma (Rome’s oldest synagogue), enriching your experience with both culinary delights and historical insights.

The tour also offers excellent value for money, allowing you to enjoy traditional Roman cuisine and sightseeing for less than 90 USD.

Let me share one of the many positive reviews from Elli, who wrote:

I loved it! I think the most important thing is that your guide is a local. A true Roman; born and raised in Rome. Anastasia shared a lot of information about the day to day life of Romans. She introduced us to their food and culture as well as educated us on certain historical areas in Rome. My partner and I enjoyed it very much. The food is fantastic and you will not get hungry after that; believe me.

Trastevere Local Food Tour in Rome

Trastevere Food Tour Rome




135 USD


4 hours

With a rating of 5/5, this Trastevere Local Food Tour in Rome is a must-do when in Rome and one that likely sells out.

This tour starts at Trapizzino in Trastevere, which is revolutionizing Roman street food. Here, you will pick from an array of toppings ranging from traditional Roman fare to more novel ingredients, all accompanied by D.O.C.G. quality wine.

After an hour at Trapizzino, the tour will move to Essenza Wine Bar, also in Trastevere. Here, you will sample some of Italy’s finest cheeses and cured meats, each served with an excellent wine.

As you wander the charming streets of Santa Maria in Trastevere neighborhood, immerse yourself in its rich history.

Next, stop at Peppo al Cosimato for a taste of pizza baked in Trastevere’s oldest wood-fired oven and try their homemade pasta, also complemented by fine wine. Lastly, your tour will take you to Fonte della Salute, where you can indulge in artisanal gelato, concluding this delightful exploration of Roman culinary delights.

Don’t just go by what I say; check out the opinions of others, such as Dennis:

Our tour was absolutely amazing! We had the most wonderful tour guide and food, and more than enough wine was provided! Great places and types of food. I highly recommend this tour.

Testaccio Rome Food and Wine Walking Tour

Food Tours Rome Gricia




98 USD


4 hours

Testaccio is considered the birthplace of iconic Roman dishes like Gricia, Cacio e Pepe and Carbonara, offers a genuine taste of the city’s working-class food heritage, and this Testaccio Rome Food Tour is a serious gem that will help you discover it.

During your 4-hour Testaccio Rome Food and Wine Walking Tour, you’ll join a friendly, English-speaking local guide and a small group of up to 12 fellow epicureans. Your gastronomic adventure kicks off at a traditional family-owned bakery in Testaccio’s bustling central square, providing the perfect backdrop to enjoy an authentic espresso or cappuccino.

Next, immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the historic Testaccio Market. Amidst stalls with fresh produce and lively local chatter, participate in a hands-on experience creating bruschetta al pomodoro and savoring succulent buffalo mozzarella. Continue to one of Testaccio’s renowned eateries, where three classic Roman pasta dishes await, each thoughtfully paired with fine Italian wine or craft beer, deepening your understanding of their unique flavors and culinary stories.

In addition to savoring 15 authentic Italian foods across 5 tasting locations, your journey also uncovers the lesser-known history of Testaccio. Wander through colorful alleys and past ancient relics, with highlights including the Cestia Pyramid, the Protestant Cemetery (resting place of poet John Keats), and the intriguing Monte Testaccio, an artificial mound composed of ancient Roman amphorae.

The tour culminates sweetly at a century-old gelateria, where a selection of rich, creamy Italian gelato flavors awaits to cap off your food journey. After indulging your sweet tooth and creating lasting memories, you’ll bid farewell to your guide and fellow food enthusiasts, enriched with the tastes and tales of Testaccio.

Testaccio Rome Food and Wine Walking Tour includes:

  • Sample 15 authentic Italian foods across 5 tasting locations
  • Savor Italian wine, craft beer, and water
  • Enjoy tasting prosciutto and supplì, among other delights
  • Experience a visit to a historic Gelateria
  • Interact with local vendors at Testaccio Market
  • Guided by a friendly, English-speaking local guide
  • Enjoy a personalized experience with a maximum group size of 12

Attendees have loved this tour, as per this sample review from Colin:

I am so happy I went on this tour, the food was delicious, and the town was beautiful. Gabrielle our guide was extremely friendly and knew exactly what he was talking about. If visiting Rome I highly suggest going on this tour you will not regret it.

Exclusive After Hours Sistine Chapel Tour with Aperitivo

Vatican Rome




177 USD


5.5 hours

If you are more into art and want an exclusive and unique visit with a traditional aperitivo from Rome, this After Hours Sistine Chapel Tour with Aperitivo is the perfect Rome food tour.

This 3.5-hour tour begins with exploring the Vatican Museums’ main galleries, including an uncrowded visit to the mesmerizing Sistine Chapel. Enhance the experience with a delightful aperitivo in the Pinecone Courtyard, all accompanied by a fun, English-speaking guide and a small, intimate group limited to 10 people.

Your tour includes an insightful view from the terrace overlooking St. Peter’s Basilica, followed by a visit to the courtyard designed by Donato Bramante. Here, marvel at masterpieces like the Apollo Belvedere, Laocoön and His Sons, and the Belvedere Torso, while learning about the myths and legends entwined with these iconic sculptures. A highlight is the Pio Clementino Museum, home to Emperor Nero’s massive 25-foot bathtub, crafted from a now-extinct rare red marble.

Wander through popular Vatican galleries such as the Candelabra Gallery, Gallery of the Tapestries, and Gallery of Maps. Admire the ancient statues, Raphael’s students’ Flemish tapestries, and detailed topographical maps of Italy. These maps, commissioned by Pope Gregory XIII, are enormous and intricately detailed, providing a unique view of Italy during the height of the Roman Empire.

The tour also features the Raphael Rooms, including the famous School of Athens fresco. Your guide will reveal the fascinating stories and hidden meanings behind Raphael’s art, offering a deeper understanding of this Renaissance master’s work. The pinnacle of the tour is an exclusive after-hours visit to the Sistine Chapel. Unlike the typical daytime crowds, your small group will experience Michelangelo’s breathtaking ceiling frescoes in a more intimate setting. The guide’s narratives will bring to life the over 600 figures depicted by Michelangelo and other artists, highlighting the magnitude of this incredible masterpiece.

Concluding the tour, relax and unwind in the Pinecone Courtyard with a refreshing spritz or glass of wine, soaking up the unique atmosphere of an evening at the Vatican. Your guide can also recommend excellent local spots for an authentic Roman dinner to perfectly round off your Vatican experience.

Exclusive After Hours Sistine Chapel Tour with Aperitivo includes:

  • Skip-the-line entrance to the Vatican
  • Guided tour of the Vatican Museums’ main galleries
  • An uncrowded visit to the Sistine Chapel
  • Enjoy an aperitivo in the Pinecone Courtyard
  • Tour led by a fun, English-speaking guide
  • Small group experience with a maximum of 10 people

One reviewer (Richard) among the many has only words of appreciation (and so do I):

Well worth it if only to truly be able to appreciate the Sistine chapel and the Vatican museum with few people and plenty of time. The guides are also allowed to speak and explain in the Sistine chapel unlike at any other moment of the day, and you are not pushed to move along constantly! The after hours apperitivo was copious enough to replace a meal. Lovely experience that was worth every penny!

Four-Course Roman Dinner with Wine Pairing Near the Pantheon

Pasta Carbonara




144 USD


2.5 hours

If you want a proper Roman dinner, this Four-Course Roman Dinner with Wine Pairing Near the Pantheon is the best food tour in Rome.

This 2.5-hour food and wine-tasting tour in Rome is an experience not to be missed. Beginning in the charming Piazza della Minerva, known for its close proximity to the Pantheon and its rich tapestry of history and architecture, you’ll easily locate your guide and fellow food enthusiasts. A short walk brings you to Casa Bleve, a family-run restaurant nestled in a striking Renaissance building in the heart of the Sant’Eustachio district. There, you’ll be greeted by Tina, the warm and welcoming chef, along with her son Alessandro, in an environment where the scent of delicious food competes with the beauty of the setting.

Your evening unfolds with an aperitif in the impressive cellar, surrounded by Roman structures and historical allure. The highlight of your night is a four-course seasonal tasting dinner, where each dish, brimming with the freshest seasonal ingredients, is thoughtfully paired with an exquisite Italian wine. During this culinary adventure, you’ll learn the intricacies and sometimes the rule-breaking art of pairing food with wine, elevating your dining experience.

As you relish each course, from the appetizer to the traditional Italian dessert, you’ll immerse yourself in the depth and diversity of Italian cuisine. With a small group size and an English-speaking expert guide providing an informative presentation on the food and wine, your evening is both intimate and enlightening. Your memorable journey concludes filled with delightful tastes, newfound knowledge, and lasting memories of a unique dining experience in the heart of Rome.

The Four-Course Roman Dinner with Wine Pairing Tour includes:

  • Tasting of four distinct Italian wines
  • Four-course tasting dinner, each course perfectly paired with wine
  • Serving of a bread basket
  • Access to explore the wine cellar
  • Educational presentation on food and wine pairings
  • Guidance from an English-speaking expert in food and wine
  • Intimate experience with a small group size

Shirley has described this experience as

an extra special event!

Who can disagree?

Rome Street Food Tour with Local Guide

Rome street food




93 USD


3.5 hours

If you want to taste some of the best Rome street food, then this Rome Street Food Tour with Local Guide is the perfect choice, as it will give you a glimpse into some of the most amazing street foods in Rome.

Start your guided tour in Campo de Fiori, a bustling market square in Rome, where you’ll encounter an array of food vendors. Enjoy tasting various cheeses, cured meats, wine, and seasonal fruits. Then, move on to the Jewish Ghetto and the ancient Theatre of Pompey, where you can observe the remnants of old Roman structures and visit Rome’s synagogue.

One of the culinary highlights will be sampling some of Rome’s finest pizza and suppli, a delectable street food made from fried rice balls with tomatoes and mozzarella. The tour continues with a visit to the iconic Pantheon, allowing time for photographs and stories about its fascinating history.

Next, you’ll explore the Area Sacra di Largo Argentina, famous as the site of Julius Caesar’s assassination, adding a historical dimension to your culinary journey through Rome.

During this tour, you will try suppli, pizza, pastries, and seasonal produce from Rome. But, most of all, you will enjoy wandering through the streets of the Eternal City while tasting some of its best products.

Attendees are in love with this tour, as reported by Taylor:

We were a group of 6, first time in Rome and this tour didn’t disappoint. Barbara was our guide and she couldn’t have been better. We loved her. She was so kind and knowledgeable. We had so much fun bouncing from restaurant to restaurant and seeing the different areas. It was a perfect length of time and we got to try so much that we might not have otherwise.

Rome by Night-Ebike tour with Food and Wine Tasting

wine regions and destinations




69 USD


4 hours

Exploring Rome can be tiring, but what if you could hop on an e-bike and taste food and wine while visiting? That’s what this Rome by Night-Ebike tour with Food and Wine Tasting offers. At night, when the lights make the city even better.

This is not just a food and wine tour; it’s more of a sightseeing tour with some food and wine.

The tour starts in the old Suburra, notable as ancient Rome’s initial residential district and the birthplace of Julius Caesar. Spanning 45 minutes, this segment introduces the rich historical context of the area, and no admission ticket is required.

Next, the journey leads to Piazza del Campidoglio, located atop the Capitoline Hill — one of Rome’s Seven Hills. This spot, sacred in ancient times, offers a stunning 25-minute view over the Roman Forum, again with no admission fee. The tour then takes an intriguing turn, crossing into Vatican City. Here, visitors spend 15 minutes in St. Peter’s Square, one of the largest and most renowned open spaces in Rome, without the need for an admission ticket.

Following this, the tour delves into the heart of Rome’s Centro Storico. During a one-hour cycle through the area, guests experience the winding alleyways and remarkable spots like Campo de’ Fiori, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, and the unmissable Trevi Fountain — all free of admission charges. The tour concludes on a high note with a visit to Piazza del Colosseo.

Here, guests are treated to a terrace overlooking the city’s most iconic landmark, the Colosseum, known historically as the Amphitheater Flavius.

This finale includes a delightful tasting of local cheese, cured meats, and wine, encapsulating the authentic flavors of Rome.

As a local, I definitely see this tour’s fascination: what’s better than cycling through ancient ruins? And attendees don’t have any doubt in awarding this experience, just like Vicki did:

Would absolutely do again and will recommend to everyone I know heading to Rome. So much fun and a great way to see all of the amazing sights. Rome at night is magical. We were expertly guided through a very safe route on easy to ride electric bikes. Our stop for dinner and wine was quaint and delicious. So much fun!

Rome Food & Wine Tour in Prati

Pizzarium Rome Food




135 USD


4 hours

If you want to visit local streets and shops without being too far from the tourist areas, I highly recommend this very local Rome Food & Wine Tour in the Prati neighborhood. This culinary journey lets you pop into various gourmet shops, where you can indulge in various delicious foods.

Another perk of this intimate small-group tour is that you can indulge in a tasting extravaganza with as many as 20 different foods, way more than what is typically offered.

Your first stop is La Nicchia Cafe, a specialty shop where you can savor tastings of truffles, Genovese pesto, 30-year aged balsamic vinegar, fresh basil mozzarella, and a selection of fine wines for about 50 minutes.

Next, experience the famous Bonci Pizzarium, renowned for its wide variety of pizzas, offering more than 80 daily variations for you to choose from, also lasting about 50 minutes.

Continue to Il Segreto, an Italian restaurant near the Vatican, where you’ll indulge in perfectly cooked al dente pasta paired with premium Barolo wine for an hour. Your gastronomic adventure then takes you to La Tradizione, where you can taste some of Italy’s finest cheeses and cured meats accompanied by more exquisite wine for another 50 minutes.

Conclude your tour with a visit to Lemongrass Ice Cream on Via Barletta, where you can enjoy the real taste of artisanal gelato.

Scoring 5/5 with almost 2000 reviews, this tour is considered a must-do in Rome, as well explained by Anna in her review:

This was an OUTSTANDING tour led by CeCe. Highly recommend this tour as not only do you sample amazing Italian cuisine but you get to know neighborhoods inside of Rome. CeCe was incredibly informative on Italian food and wine and we learned so much about the “grading” system within the food and wine industry of Italy. This is a must tour while in Rome!

Private Food Tour of Rome: 6 or 10 Tastings

pizza bassa romana




99 USD


3 hours

Do you want to join an intimate and private Rome food tour? Trust me: this Private Food Tour of Rome is unmissable. You will enjoy local tastings and stop at various places in Rome to learn about and taste a typical dish. The best part? You can go for 6 or 10 food & drinks tastings of high-quality local products, depending on the option you book.

Begin your culinary journey at Campo de’ Fiori, where you’ll meet your local guide by the Giordano Bruno statue. Here, you can soak up the atmosphere of this vibrant square, whose name translates to “field of flowers,” and witness its bustling outdoor market tradition. After a 15-minute exploration, move on to the picturesque Ponte Sisto, where, over the next hour, you’ll be introduced to 10 handpicked food and drink tastings. Your local host, passionate about food and the city, will guide you through authentic Roman flavors.

Next, the tour leads you to the charming neighborhood of Trastevere. Here, spend an hour immersing yourself in the heart of Roman cuisine with tastings of quintessential dishes like buffalo mozzarella and gelato, each bursting with authentic local flavors. As you wander, your experience extends beyond just food. Take a 15-minute detour to Palazzo Farnese, embracing not only the culinary delights but also the rich cultural tapestry of Rome.

The tour also includes visiting the grand Chiesa di Santa Margherita in Trastevere. This renowned Catholic church is famed for its 12th-century mosaics and an opulent interior adorned with 22 Roman columns, providing a perfect blend of religious artistry and historical significance.

This food tour offers a complete package – a blend of Rome’s must-see sights, hidden gems, and the most authentic bites the city has to offer, ensuring a fulfilling experience for both your palate and your curiosity about Rome.

Kendra really summarises the general consensus around this tour:

We had a great time! Myself, husband and two 20 something children had a wonderful time on a personal tour of street food in Rome with Matteo! Matteo was extraordinary! Tasted many many different foods, from pizza to rice balls to fried zucchini, pork, wine, gelato and tiramisu just to name a few with a wonderfully engaging tour guide through the streets of Rome.

Local Tips to Enjoy The Best Food Tours In Rome

Choosing one of the best food tours in Rome means you’re eager to embrace the experience fully. And what better way to do so than with insights from a local expert?

Wear comfortable shoes

When preparing for a food tour in Rome, one of the key considerations should be comfortable footwear. This aspect is crucial since these tours typically include a considerable amount of walking, often through charming yet challenging terrains like cobbled streets and winding paths in historic neighborhoods. I’ve seen many tourists having issues after a while because they were not ready to walk. Choose shoes with good arch support and a comfortable fit. Sneakers, cushioned flats, or supportive sandals can be ideal choices. Avoid high heels or brand-new shoes that haven’t been broken in, as they can cause discomfort or blisters.

Savor and Share

We Italians are known for our love of food and community. Don’t rush; savor each bite and share the experience with your group or locals. Roman cuisine is crafted to be enjoyed slowly, allowing you to appreciate the flavors, textures, and aromas truly. In Rome, eating is not just feeding the body but also the soul. Every bite of richly flavored cheese, perfectly aged wine, or expertly cooked pasta carries centuries of tradition and culinary evolution. Pay attention to these details and let yourself be carried away by the tastes.

Communicate your dietary requirements

If you have dietary restrictions—whether due to allergies, religious beliefs, health reasons, or personal choices—inform your tour guide or the tour company in advance. This forewarning gives them ample time to adjust the menu or tour stops accordingly, ensuring you don’t miss out on the wonderful culinary experiences. It also helps in avoiding any last-minute inconveniences or health risks. Remember that you may be advised not to attend if a food tour in Rome cannot accommodate your needs.

Tip your guide

If you enjoy your tour, tipping your guide is a nice gesture that is always appreciated. It also supports local businesses and workers. While tipping is not as mandatory in Italy as it may be in some other countries, especially in the service industry, it is still a welcomed and appreciated practice. The amount to tip can vary, but a general guideline is to consider the length of the tour, the quality of the experience, and your budget. Even a modest tip is a gesture of appreciation. Typically, a tip of 10-15% of the tour cost is a good benchmark, but feel free to adjust based on your level of satisfaction and the tour’s impact on your overall travel experience.

Be on time

Being punctual for a Rome food tour is crucial. These tours often follow a meticulously planned schedule to ensure participants can visit various eateries when they are at their best – not too crowded yet bustling with authentic local life. Arriving on time means you won’t miss out on any of the culinary delights or insightful stories your guide has to share. Moreover, many of these food spots have specific timings for preparing their specialties and being late might mean missing out on a signature dish. Timeliness also demonstrates respect for your guide’s effort and planning, as well as for fellow tour participants eager to delve into the gastronomic wonders of Rome together.

Be aware of the Terms and Policies of Rome Food Tours

When planning to embark on a food tour in Rome, it’s crucial to thoroughly review the tour’s terms and conditions, as well as its policies. This careful examination ensures you know important aspects such as cancellation policies, rescheduling options, refund procedures, and any potential costs in case of unexpected changes. Additionally, understanding the details about included and excluded items, such as additional food or drink purchases beyond the tour offerings, helps set clear expectations. It’s also wise to look into the tour’s policy regarding weather conditions, group sizes, and any age or health-related restrictions.

Visit Rome And Book The Best Rome Food Tours

If you’re planning to book a vacation in Rome, these are a few resources we recommend:

Flights Book your flights with Booking. Compare prices to find your ideal flight.
Booking Use Booking.com for hotel reservations. Check prices, and reviews to identify the best hotel. Begin your accommodation search.
Airalo Buy your SIM in advance through Airalo. With their eSIMs, you can connect instantly upon arrival. Avoid data roaming costs.
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Skyscanner Utilize Skyscanner for car rental prices. Find the best deal for your travel needs.
SafetyWings Insure your trip with SafetyWing. It's an easy way to ensure your safety while traveling. Secure your journey.

Prices and terms stated on this website are subject to change without notice by the external tour companies, independent of our control. We endeavor to maintain the most accurate and current information possible on our site; however, there may sometimes be a lag in updating these details to reflect the latest changes. It is advisable to always confirm prices and terms directly with the tour operators cited before relying on this information for decision-making. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from reliance on the information provided on this site.
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