47 Best Restaurants in Berlin and What to Eat

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You have planned a trip to Berlin, Germany, you have read our guide and you are ready to leave but you have to untie a knot: where and what to eat in Berlin? What are the best restaurants in Dublin?

If you travel to get to know the city and want to get into its spirit, we advise you to let yourself go with food to discover flavours that are really incredible. And to discover that food is culture for Berliners, sitting at the table to eat (a lot and well) is a ritual and doing it in company is even better.

That’s what you can find in our guide on eating and drinking in Berlin: click on the title of your interest or read our complete guide on eating and drinking in Berlin.

Berlin Cuisine and Habits

Food may not be the first thing you think about while planning your trip to Berlin but we assure you that the Germans are great lovers of good food and that’s why Berlin will really amaze you. In general, the day is marked by several meals.


A typical breakfast in Germany and Berlin usually begins with a hot drink accompanied by bread with sweet or savoury sauces to which are added cheese or various cold cuts. Fresh fruit, cereals and milk are almost always part of breakfast in Germany, and croissants and sweet croissants are also present today.

Mid-morning break

Whether it’s a quick sandwich or some fruit, the mid-morning break is respected almost everywhere and by everyone.


Lunch is consumed between 12 and 14 and can consist of hot or cold dishes, but obviously it depends a lot on one’s condition so it is not uncommon for sandwiches or quick snacks.


Dinner has always been considered the minor meal and is always called Abendbrot but today with the change in the pace of life this concept has been reversed, especially in big cities like Berlin. If it is not light, dinner is consumed at home and away, always consisting of more than enough substantial dishes, often accompanied by beer.

What to eat in Berlin: typical German dishes

The food culture in Berlin is really unique: street food is king, declined in different ways, and contamination between cultures is really everything.

These are some of the most typical dishes to try in Berlin:


It is said that a local woman, Herta Heuwer, mixed tomato sauce, Worcester sauce and curry powder in 1949, using this sauce to flavour sausages. Since then it has become the favorite food of Berlin, to be accompanied strictly with French fries.

Best Restaurant in Berlin Currywurst

Döner Kebab

It is said that the Döner Kebap was invented in Berlin. Apparently in the 1970s, a Turkish immigrant named Kadir Nurman invented this delicious combination of meat and salad in Turkish bread. Prepared with lamb or beef, chicken and seasoned with salads and sauces (garlic or chilli are among the first choices of the Germans), this simple flat sandwich is really great.

Mangiare a Berlino Döner Kebab

Donuts with jam (Berliner Pfannkuchen)

The donuts with strawberry jam are typical of Berlin and in the city they are called Pfannkuchen; in the rest of the country the word Pfannkuchen means pancakes and only in Berlin is it used to refer to fried donuts.

Mangiare a Berlino Pfannkuchen


Similar to a classic hot dog, bratwurst is served in a very small stretched sandwich or with sauerkraut and / or potatoes. It is found grilled or boiled, strictly served with mustard.

Mangiare a Berlino bratwurst


Although it is most famous in Austria and especially in Vienna, the schnitzel is one of the most common dishes in Berlin. It is often larger than the dish, it is prepared with veal but also pork, sometimes served usually with potatoes and a slice of lemon.

Mangiare a Berlino Schnitzel

Pork Shank (Eisben mit Sauerkraut)

The pork shank is a typical dish from all over Germany so it is easily found even in Berlin served with spätzle, sauerkraut and potatoes.

Mangiare a Berlino Eisben mit Sauerkraut

Potato pancakes (Kartoffelpuffer)

Kartoffelpuffers are mashed potato pancakes that are served with honey. They are typical of markets and banquets, a different way of eating vegetables.


Pretzels and apple strudel (Apfelstrudel)

These are not typical Berlin dishes but they are found in abundance in any restaurant or kiosk.


How to choose the places there to eat in Berlin

The different districts of Berlin also reflect the type of food that can be tasted. Here they are:

  • Mitte: the “historic” center with monuments and shops;
  • Kreuzberg: the alternative and multi-ethnic area of the city;
  • Prenzlauerberg: the residential area of the city;
  • Friedrichshain: the popular neighborhood with socialist architecture;
  • Schöneberg: the gay-friendly area;
  • Charlottenburg: the chic and elegant area.

We advise you not to miss the Kreuzberg area and the Friedrichshain area, where you will find kiosks but also traditional restaurants and alternative places to eat well and lots of food, without spending too much.

Best Restaurants in Berlin: our choice

Choosing places to eat in Berlin and recommend them is quite difficult: in the city there is really spoiled for choice and, except if you choose very tourist restaurants, it is really difficult to eat badly.

Here are some of the places we recommend you try because they represent the right compromise between price and quality and it’s worth spending some time.

Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap

Mustafa’s Döner Kebap is an institution in the city, to the point that it is not uncommon to find queues even over 1 hour long.

Benedict Restaurant

Located below the Max Brown Kudamm hotel, Benedict Restaurant is open 24 hours a day and serves breakfast all day. Don’t miss the pancakes. Check Benedict’s website.

Benedict Restaurant

Alpenstueck Bäckerei

Votato come Miglior Forno in Germania, la Alpenstueck Bäckerei è famosa per i pretzel, molto simili a quelli originali che si trovano in Bavaria.

Curry 36

Curry 36’s currywurst is iconic and rich. Nothing fancy, just traditional street food.

The Grand

A unique concept is that of The Grand which houses a restaurant open for lunch and dinner, a bar, a club and a series of private rooms. Housed in the buildings of an old school, it is truly the quintessential Berlin. Check the website.

The Grand Berlin
Berlin The Grand


Two locations for Burgermeister in the Kreuzberg area where you can taste really good burgers.


Café Komine

A Japanese style pastry shop unique in its kind: elaborate cakes and desserts, top quality coffee and tea and a quiet location, far from the tourist circuits.

Café Komine
Café Komine

Pincho Nation

A new restaurant where you order with an app and you can taste specialties from different parts of the world. The cocktail list is definitely interesting.

Pincho Nation Berlin

What to drink in Berlin

Drinking is part of the Berlin and German tradition as a whole. Beer culture is very important both culturally and socially. Here are some things to drink absolutely during a stay in Berlin.

Berliner Weiße

The classic German Berlin beer, a high fermentation beer with an acid taste and low alcohol content. Because it is very acidic, it is often mixed with a lager so as to lighten it.

Berlin weisse

Berliner Weiße mit Schuss

The typical Berlin drink, perfect for summer. It is Weisse beer, that is high fermentation with an acid taste and low alcohol content, which is mixed with sweet raspberry or woodruff syrup.


The Sekt is a German sparkling wine produced with local grapes.


A light beer mixed with half lemon soda.



Hot wine is traditional during the winter period. It is usually prepared with red wine but can also be prepared with white wine and shots of rum, cherry brandy or amaretto liqueur can be added.

Best places to drink in Berlin

Establishing which are the best places to drink in Berlin is difficult and this topic would require an in-depth study. For this, we recommend those that we like but we are sure that once in the city the desire to find out what is hidden behind the windows or wooden doors will assail you as it happened to us.

KK (Bier Kombinat Kreuzberg)

A local bar in the Kreuzberg area: nothing exclusive or cool but a bar to relax, have a drink, make friends and taste one of the many craft beers on tap or in bottles, which change according to the season.

Brauhaus Südstern

A bar that is also a restaurant but above all a craft brewery that produces only three types of beer, all drinkable only here.


Another craft brewery located in an old restaurant in Kreuzberg that offers around 15 craft beers on tap and several bottled beers from almost all of Germany.

Buck and Breck

One of the many hidden bars in Berlin, Buck and Breck won the national award for best cocktail bar. It is located in Mitte and is hidden behind the door of an abandoned shop. Delicious and unique.

Monkey Bar

The Monkey Bar is located inside the 25hours Hotel and specializes in cocktails. The most important reason to visit it is the terrace which offers an incomparable view of Breitscheidplatz and is splendid on sunny days and evenings.

Where to eat and drink in Berlin: traditional kneipen

The word “kneipe” means a place where you can drink and eat something. These are the typical trattorias / inns of the past that today increasingly resemble restaurants where not only can you drink at all hours of the day but you can also eat typical German cuisine. Here are the ones we recommend.

Dicke Wirtin

A piece of Berlin history, the Dicke Wirtin kneipe is still loved by locals in search of hot and plentiful dishes to accompany with German beer.

Metzer Eck

It is located in Prenzlauer Berg and tells the history of the neighborhood with photos and traditional dishes. Frequented by locals but also quite touristy and that is why prices are slightly higher than elsewhere.

kneipen berlino

Die Henne

One of the many kneipen of Kreuzberg, Die Henne opened its doors in 1908 and has always been a witness to the history of the city. Substantial and rich cuisine, homely atmosphere and the feeling of really feeling in a small town and not in a large capital.

Zur Kneipe

It is located in the Kurfüstendamm area and specializes in German beers. The atmosphere is classic, fairly dark and typical: traditional and hearty dishes are eaten away from the chic and touristy Kurfüstendamm environment.

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Berlin

Berlin is a city that loves to experiment and it is not difficult to find places to eat vegan and vegetarian. Here are some places to try absolutely.

Brammibal’s Donuts

Brammibal’s is a paradise for all lovers of fried donuts, which are prepared in a vegan way using special sauces and truly mouth-watering combinations. Check their website.

Mangiare vegano a Brammibal's

1990 Vegan Living

The Vietnamese community in Berlin is huge and that’s why there are excellent Vietnamese restaurants in the city. This, the 1990 Vegan Living, offers only vegan dishes prepared in a traditional way and also quite cheap. Check their website.

vegano a Berlino 1990 Vegan Living


For those who want to taste kebab but do not eat meat, Voner is the perfect solution. Pseudo-meat is prepared using seitan, vegetables and spices and the result is really excellent.

Attila Hildman Vegan Snackbar

Attila Hildmann is a well known name in Germany and in this bar you can find salads, desserts, burgers and many other delicious and completely vegan dishes.Check the website.

Healthy food in Berlin

If you are a fan of natural cuisine and bowls full of good things to eat, bowls, Berlin is the perfect city for you. Here are some addresses to put aside.


Prinzessinnengärten is located in Kreuzberg and offers the possibility of tasting salads with products grown directly on site. A small and magical place, far from the chaos of the city.


It is located in the Mitte and is very famous and much more expensive than many other restaurants. The bowls are rich and substantial, suitable for both carnivores and vegetarians and vegans and all contain superfoods and seeds. The chia seed pudding from the breakfast menu is truly superb. Check the website.

dove Mangiare a Berlino Daluma

My Goodness

It is located behind a yoga and pilates studio and is all focused on top quality products that provide energy to those who have just finished practicing.

Best Brunch in Berlin

Berlin is not immune to the brunch trend and that is why if you are in the city at the weekend, we highly recommend this experience. Here are some places that we recommend for a brunch with flakes in Berlin.

Hallmann & Klee

German-style classic brunch with local products and traditional dishes.

Father Carpenter

Light but substantial brunch, top quality products and a garden that in spring and summer is one of the most loved corners by those looking for a relaxing place in the city. Check the website.

dove Mangiare a Berlino Father Carpenter

Silo Coffee

Owned by Australians, Silo Coffee offers a traditional brunch with flakes. The French toast is really superb. Check the website.

Hallesches Haus

A paradise for lovers of well-presented food, brunch at Hallesches Haus is classic and rich, with a section entirely dedicated to old-fashioned sweets to be reserved for at least one place after savory dishes.Check the website.


It is the same restaurant we did recommend above, a 24-hour restaurant where you can have breakfast and brunch all day. You absolutely must try the pancakes with the hole in the middle, from which comes out a cream of chocolate spread, melted white chocolate and cereals. As for the savory, we can only recommend the eggs Benedict.

dove Mangiare a Berlino Benedict Berlin pancakes

Grocery shopping in Berlin

If you have a kitchen and prefer to cook during your stay in Berlin, you will find plenty of supermarkets for shopping. Keep in mind that in principle Germans like to shop in specialised shops, so it is not uncommon to find very specialised supermarkets where only a certain type of product is found.

Cheap supermarkets in Berlin

  • Aldi
  • Lidl

Average supermarkets in Berlin

  • Edeka
  • Superspar
  • Reichelt
  • Kaiser’s

Expensive supermarkets in Berlin

  • Kaufhaus Des Westens (KaDeWe)
  • Galeria Kaufhof
  • Karstadt

Specialised supermarkets in Berlin

  • Veganz
  • Dr Pogo Veganladen-Kollektiv
  • Bio Company
  • Anaveda

Best Food Markets in Berlin

Markets are an interesting alternative in a city like Berlin. Here are the most famous ones where to eat (well) in Berlin.

Markthalle Neun

Every Thursday, in the heart of Kreuzberg at Markthalle Neun, you can wander among the food stalls that gather here to offer visitors the best in terms of food, wine, beer for the evening.


Inside the flea market, there is the food market where only on Sunday there are local and international vendors that allow locals and visitors to taste well prepared and high quality food.

Kreuzberg’s Turkish Market

It is held every Tuesday and Friday in the Kreuzkolln area and is truly an institution for lovers of Middle Eastern cuisine in Berlin.

Boxhagener Platz Food Market

It is held only on Saturdays from 9 to 15 and offers the best of street food equally divided between traditional classics (from currywurst to crepes) and novelties or food from faraway countries.


Open since 1891, the Arminiusmarkthalle is a covered market that is famous throughout Berlin for both the vintage atmosphere and the food and wine that can be tasted on site or taken away.

Good table manners in Berlin and Germany

Germans tend to eat little with their hands, so even for French fries they tend to use a fork. Seated meals are always eaten with a fork and a knife (very often, burgers included) and it is considered rude to put your elbows on the table when you eat! It is a good idea to thank the cook or waiters just by saying “wunderbar” while if you eat in a group you have to wait for everyone to be seated and someone to say “Guten Appetit” before starting.

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