Best Restaurants In Asia 2024: The Complete List

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If traveling for food is your biggest interest, you already know that Asia holds a special place when it comes to food. Whether you’ve previously savored its diverse flavors, are planning a food-centric journey, or are simply seeking inspiration for your next adventure, we’ve got the perfect guide. In this article, I’ll unveil the best restaurants in Asia for 2024, as recognized by the esteemed 50 Best organization, now in its 10th edition.

Asia’s Best Restaurants 2024 Overview

Singapore and Thailand dominate the top 50 list, each boasting nine restaurants. Bangkok’s Le Du ascended to the title of “Asia’s Best Restaurant2024.” Meanwhile, Japan’s Den, which held the top spot in 2022, now ranks at No. 4, and Bangkok’s Sorn slid from No. 2 to No. 9.

Suzanne from Japan made an impressive leap to No. 2, clinching its inaugural “Best Restaurant in Japan” title. On the other hand, Hong Kong’s The Chairman, 2021’s leader, descended to No. 13.

India’s Avartana was recognized with the “Highest Entry” award, debuting at No. 30. Chef-owner “Ton” Thitid Tassanakajohn of Le Du, with another establishment, Nusara, at No. 3, expressed gratitude for the accolade.

Gaggan Anand’s revamped restaurant in Bangkok marked its return at No. 5. Singapore’s premier restaurant, Odette, advanced to No. 6, with its pastry chef, Louisa Lim, crowned as the year’s Best Pastry Chef.

Special awards were also presented: Lolla’s Johanne Siy earned the Best Female Chef title; Florilege’s Hiroyasu Kawate received the Inedit Damm Chefs’ Choice Award; and Della Tung from Ensue in Shenzen was honored with the debut Best Sommelier award.

The Three Best Asia’s Restaurants Of 2024

In the ever-evolving culinary landscape of Asia, 2024 has witnessed the rise of three gastronomic titans that have set unparalleled standards in fine dining. These are the top three restaurants that have not only tantalized palates but also redefined the essence of Asian cuisine this year.

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Asia’s Best Restaurant 2024: Thailand’s Le Du

Le Du
Le Du, a culinary gem in the heart of Asia, has steadily climbed the ranks of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants since 2017, culminating in its crowning glory in 2023.

The establishment is the vision of chef-owner Thitid ‘Ton’ Tassanakajohn, who masterfully blends modern Thai cuisine with Thailand’s rich agricultural traditions and ancient culinary practices. This innovative food approach has captivated critics and food enthusiasts from all over Asia.

The name ‘Le Du’ might strike one as French at first glance, but it’s deeply rooted in Thai culture. It translates to ‘season’ in Thai, underscoring the restaurant’s commitment to seasonal ingredients.

Chef Ton’s culinary journey is both heartwarming and impressive. His early inspirations were the delectable meals prepared by his mother and grandmother. Although he initially pursued an economics degree in Thailand, his passion for cooking led him to the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. During his time in New York City, Chef Ton honed his skills at renowned establishments, including the once-titled World’s Best Restaurant, Eleven Madison Park. His expertise isn’t limited to cooking; he’s also a certified sommelier, a skill that has enriched Le Du’s diverse wine offerings.
Dining at Le Du means indulging in either a four- or six-course tasting menu, highlighting seasonal delicacies like crab paired with mushroom and house-made sriracha, or a unique blend of seaweeds and algae accompanied by prawns and a fish sauce sorbet. A standout dish that remains a constant favorite is the khao kluk kapi, a delightful concoction of river prawn and brown rice risotto infused with shrimp paste.

How to contact Le Du

Address: 399/3 Silom Soi 7, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Ph: +66 092 919 9969
Visit Le Du’s Website
Visit Le Du on Facebook
Visit Le Du on Instagram

Asia’s Second Best Restaurant 2024: Sézanne, Tokyo

Sézanne, Tokyo
Nestled on the 7th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi, Sézanne made its grand debut in July 2021.

Designed by the renowned Hong Kong-based André Fu, the restaurant quickly became Tokyo’s most eagerly awaited culinary destination that year.

At the helm is British culinary maestro Daniel Calvert. His illustrious career spans renowned establishments like Pied à Terre in London, Per Se in New York, and Epicure at Le Bristol Hotel in Paris. Before gracing Tokyo with his expertise, Calvert led Belon in Hong Kong to a commendable 4th position on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2020 list. His culinary artistry is evident in dishes like foie gras paired with duck confit, Madeira jelly, and Shiranuka venison, complemented by Kagoshima sweet potatoes and a unique peppercorn sauce. Calvert seamlessly marries classic French techniques with Asian ingredients, crafting a dining experience like no other.

The essence of Sézanne is encapsulated in its name, paying homage to the eponymous town in France’s Champagne region. Patrons can indulge in an exquisite selection of champagnes, from handcrafted sparklers to vintage cuvées, presented from a dedicated trolley or savored at the exclusive Champagne bar.

Beyond Sézanne, Calvert extends his culinary touch to Maison Marunouchi, the hotel’s all-day bistro. With a view of the Shinkansen bullet train tracks, diners can relish standout dishes like the croque madame, pork belly accompanied by a white bean and chorizo ragout, and the subtle comté gougères. These delights, along with a luxurious afternoon tea, are also available for hotel guests to enjoy in the comfort of their rooms.

Culminating its journey, Sézanne clinched the esteemed title of The Best Restaurant in Japan at Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2024, marking its inaugural win.

How to contact Sézanne

Address: 1-11-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Ph: +81 3 5222 5810
Visit Sézanne’s Website
Visit Sézanne on Facebook
Visit Sézanne on Instagram

Asia’s Third Best Restaurant 2024: Nusara, Bangkok

Nusara, Bangkok
Following the success of its acclaimed counterpart, Le Du, Nusara has garnered immense popularity since its inception in 2020.

This culinary gem offers a contemporary take on traditional Thai dishes, breathing new life into cherished family recipes and age-old culinary practices. Guests are treated to a 12-course tasting menu featuring delicacies like mackerel paired with coconut and cucumber, Hokkaido scallop complemented by sweetcorn and cured egg yolk, and the aromatic tom kla soup. The crab curry is standout, elegantly presented on a crispy betel leaf adorned with horseshoe crab roe. The pièce de résistance includes the Bumbai Neua, a succulent beef cheek immersed in a robust Bombay-style curry, accompanied by pickled cucumber. Each creation is a visual delight, served on beautifully crafted crockery. While Nusara’s dishes draw inspiration from the regal kitchens of King Rama V, who reigned over Thailand until the early 1900s, they also incorporate quintessential Indian spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamom, showcasing the rich tapestry of influences that shape Thai gastronomy.

At the heart of Nusara is a familial bond. Chef Ton collaborates with his brother, Tam, a distinguished sommelier and maître d’. The duo established Nusara as a tribute to their beloved grandmother, whose culinary prowess ignited their passion for Thai cuisine.

Nusara’s ambiance is a harmonious blend of the contemporary and the classic. With a 10-seat dining space offering views of the historic Wat Pho temple complex, the restaurant exudes the charm of Bangkok’s Old Town charm. Nestled beneath Nusara is the Mayrai Pad Thai and Wine Bar, another culinary venture by the Tassanakajohn siblings.

How to contact Nusara

Address: 22 Maha Rat Road, Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Ph: +66 97 293 5549
Visit Nusara’s Website
Visit Nusara on Facebook
Visit Nusara on Instagram

Best Restaurants in Asia: Complete List 2024

  1. Le Du, Bangkok
  2. Sézanne, Tokyo
  3. Nusara, Bangkok
  4. Den, Tokyo
  5. Gaggan Anand, Bangkok**
  6. Odette, Singapore
  7. Florilège, Tokyo
  8. La Cime, Osaka
  9. Sorn, Bangkok
  10. Narisawa, Tokyo
  11. Labyrinth, Singapore
  12. Sazenka, Tokyo
  13. The Chairman, Hong Kong
  14. Villa Aida, Wakayama
  15. Mosu, Seoul
  16. Masque, Mumbai
  17. Meta, Singapore
  18. Fu He Hui, Shanghai
  19. Indian Accent, New Delhi
  20. Ode, Tokyo
  21. Zén, Singapore
  22. Sühring, Bangkok
  23. Onjium, Seoul
  24. Burnt Ends, Singapore
  25. Euphoria, Singapore**
  26. Cloudstreet, Singapore
  27. Les Amis, Singapore
  28. Mingles, Seoul
  29. Neighborhood, Hong Kong
  30. Avartana, Chennai
  31. Ensue, Shenzhen
  32. Cenci, Kyoto
  33. Ms Maria & Mr Singh, Bangkok*
  34. Da Vittorio, Shanghai
  35. Potong, Bangkok*
  36. Born, Singapore*
  37. Wing, Hong Kong
  38. Raan Jay Fai, Bangkok
  39. Wing Lei Palace, Macau
  40. Anan Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City**
  41. Mono, Hong Kong
  42. Toyo Eatery, Manila**
  43. Sichuan Moon, Macau**
  44. L’Effervescence, Tokyo**
  45. Mume, Taipei**
  46. Baan Tepa, Bangkok*
  47. Born & Bred, Seoul**
  48. Metiz, Makati*
  49. Caprice, Hong Kong
  50. Refer, Beijing*

*New entry

How to Secure a Reservation at Asia’s Top Restaurants

Navigating the world of elite dining can be a challenge, especially when aiming for a spot at one of Asia’s top restaurants of 2024. To secure a reservation, start by researching the restaurant’s booking policies, as many top-tier establishments open reservations months in advance. If available, subscribing to or following their newsletters on social media can alert you to booking windows or special events.

Consider off-peak dining times or weekdays for better availability, and do not forget that many of them also have lunch spots available that are less requested (and cheaper. One example is Mosu in Seoul, where lunch costs less than dinner). Lastly, always be courteous and flexible; building a rapport with the restaurant staff can ensure a memorable dining experience.

Enjoy Asia’s Premier Dining Spots on your next trip

The raising of Asian cuisine is not a surprise anymore. The continent offers more than just meals—it promises unparalleled gastronomic adventures. The top 50 Asian restaurants, with their blend of tradition and innovation, set global benchmarks in culinary artistry. They are not just venues to dine in but temples of taste where every dish tells a story, and every flavor evokes an emotion. As the world of fine dining continues to evolve, these establishments stand as timeless testimonies to Asia’s rich culinary heritage and bright future.

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