Best 5 Stars Hotels in Mauritius: Prince Maurice and Sugar Beach Resort

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The name Mauritius evokes palm-lined beaches, turquoise blue seas, lush nature, the warmth of Africa, the scent of spices, the idea of relaxation. And this is exactly the way to talk about Mauritius, an island Mark Twain described in a very unique way: God first made Mauritius, and from it he created Paradise. With these premises, we couldn’t be more curious to know why, still today, Mauritius is described as Paradise on Earth and special.

Mauritius paradise

Yes, it’s the beach, yes it’s the sea, yes it’s the nature, yes it’s the people… but a big role is also played by the many 5 stars hotels located in Mauritius, able to accommodate the needs of different types of travelers.

If you Google “Mauritius” the pictures you’ll get are all about luxury places, pristine beaches, a turquoise sea and a general feeling of relaxation and richness that, we don’t want to spoil anything but we need to anticipate the conclusion of the story, it is very easy to achieve.

During our first trip to Mauritius we ended up staying at 2 different 5 stars resorts, the Constance Prince Maurice and the Sugar Beach Resort and since we travel as light as we possibly can… we didn’t pack any formal clothing! Long story short: if we made it, you can do it as well!

If you’re wondering what are the Best 5 stars hotels in Mauritius, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we’ll tell you all about 2 of the best 5 stars hotels in Mauritius with practical information on facilities, accessibility, how much they’ll cost and the unmissable: the food offer.

Basically, look at this as your ultimate travel guide to the best 5 stars hotels in Mauritius and start planning your next trip!

Where to stay in Mauritius

When visiting Mauritius you have a vast choice on where to stay. As explained already above, on our trip we split our time between two resorts, the Constance Prince Maurice and the Sugar Beach Resort, with the first located in the Eastern part of the island and the second in the Western part.

Constance Prince Maurice

If you’re looking to spend your time in Mauritius and being treated like a VIP, the Constance Prince Maurice is definitely the place to book. We did arrive quite early in the morning after a long night on a plane, we were tired and we didn’t exactly look like VIPs; but as soon as we entered the gorgeous lobby, our body started to adapt to the environment and all of a sudden our tiredness went away. We were greeted by the front desk staff with a well-needed cocktail in the lobby, in front of the incredible infinity pool leading to the Ocean. Let’s dig into the specifics because we know that’s what you want to read.

Prince Maurice Infinity Pool

Accommodation Type

We were accommodated in a Family Suite, 86 m² overlooking the pool on the back and the garden, with one extra-large double bed and a separate room with one bunk bed. The bedroom featured wooden Venetian blinds, a seating area and had en-suite with a fully equipped luxury bathroom including marble vanities and a hot tub. The room was equipped with a Nespresso and hello hello, for us Italians it was pretty cool!

You can also opt for a Junior Suite with Garden View (70 m²) or a Junior Suite Over Water. If you really wanna treat yourself, the Beach Villa with Pool or the Over Water Villa must be your choice (130 m²).

Prince Maurice Room


The easy access to the beach makes really easy to enjoy the sea: you can windsurf, snorkel and dive on the private beach and the tour desk can organize various types of tours including but not limiting a free glass bottom boat trip and a scenic helicopter ride over the island. Two 18 hole golf courses (Links and Legends) are easily accessible from the hotel. We did enjoy our time at the U Spa where we had a very energizing massage to ease the jetlag before using the jacuzzi and relaxing in the private pool.

Prince Maurice Beach

The Food

Being food travelers means we always try to relate to food in order to judge a place we’ve stayed. Constance Prince Maurice is famous for its culinary offer and we couldn’t be happier.

Prince Mauritius bread

Archipel is the main restaurant where guests can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner: here the food is traditionally Mauritian with some interesting touches. We had Kari Pwasson and Mauritian Rotis, aka Mauritian curry with fish and aubergines, but also lamb curry: the traditional dishes are served with rice, vegetables, and bread. Something similar to what you can eat in India, but less spicy.

Prince Maurice Food

The piece of resistance of the hotel is The Barachois, a floating restaurant completely secluded where you can have a selection of local fish paired with wine. On this location you can try to spot Johnny, the reef shark which is a resident in the lagoon; we didn’t see but Keith, a few months before us, did and we are seriously jealous!

The Baracois restaurant

Wine lovers, did you know that Constance has been awarded for its wine cellar? Well, it’s not hard to understand why: the selection is huge and you can also find (and order!) very expensive wines from every part of the World. We had a chance to taste the traditional and local lychee wine when we weree visiting the cellar and it was totally unexpected.

Dress Code

It’s useful to write down (and remember!) that there’s a dress code in place at Constance Prince Maurice, meaning that not all attire is welcome. For breakfast and lunch swimwear, bikinis, sleeveless T-shirts, sarongs are not accepted in the restaurants (Archipel and Asian).

For dinner tee-shirts, shorts, Bermudas shorts, faded jeans, sandals, and sports shoes are not allowed in the restaurants. Generally speaking, in all the common spaces it is nice and advised to dress properly and, most of all, to dress.

You don’t need to dress formally but to dress smart casually: nice dress, sandals or nice flat shoes are enough for women while men have to be more careful since shorts are not allowed in the evening and so are open shoes.

The small details

We really felt pampered by the staff at Constance Prince Mauritius: the service is stunning, the staff is always available and kind and every single night we spent at the hotel, we got a little surprise in our room. Sometimes, in reality all the time, the small details can really make a difference.

The Verdict

  • Prices: Prices start from 700 euro (780 USD) for a Junior Suite Standard and breakfast included.
  • Recommended for: honeymooners, couples, people in need of a serious break, FOODIES.
  • Not recommended for: families, young people (thank God!)

>> Click here for rates and availability at Constance Prince Maurice

Sugar Beach Resort

Located in the Western part of Mauritius, the Sugar Beach Resort has a totally different look and feel compared to the Constance. Its white architecture against the white beach and the green palms really stands out. The hotel has 258 rooms and suites but its public spaces are wide and open, so you rarely feel overwhelmed.

Sugar Beach Architecture

Accommodation Type

We’ve been accommodated in a Sea Facing Double Room Villa: the room was not that big but it had a balcony overlooking the sea and this really made the difference. You can also go for a Deluxe Room or a suite with a sea view, depending on your needs and your budget. Our room had, again, a Nespresso machine with capsules and yes, this is a nice add-on if you love coffee… or you’re Italian.


The main pool is a highlight for families and it has a specially designed children’s area and walk-in beach edge. The SPA is secluded and relaxing, offering guests a chance to enjoy the view and stay away from the crowd. The gym is among the biggest hotel gyms on the island and offers a variety of classes including yoga, but you can do yoga on the beach… like Veru did! The hotel features 6 tennis courts, petanque, volleyball, and soccer; a dive center with kayaks, boats, surfboards, and other water sports is available on site.

Sugar Beach Yoga

The Food

The hotel has four restaurants and numerous bars, and for us foodies, this has been amazing. Mon Plaisir is the main buffet restaurant and it offers different themed dinners each night, such as Mauritian or a Caribbean-inspired ‘rum runners’. Citronella is the highlight: the restaurant offers a vast selection of Mediterranean inspired dishes. The menu has been curated by Michelin Star Chef Giuseppe Costa and it features Mediterranean dishes with a Mauritian touch.

The Sugar Beach is also home to the first Buddha Bar in Mauritius: we did have dinner at the Buddha Bar and also a cocktail while listening to the music at sunset and we really felt we were in Bali dancing on the beach.

SUgar Beach Food

Dress Code

Also at Sugar Beach Resort, a dress code is in place. Again, for dinner tee-shirts, shorts, Bermudas shorts, faded jeans, sandals, and sports shoes are not allowed in the restaurants and for breakfast and lunch swimwear, bikinis, sleeveless T-shirts, sarongs are not welcome.

The Verdict

  • Prices: Prices start from 550 euros (600 USD) for a Double Room with Garden View, breakfast included.
  • Recommended for: families, young people, FOODIES
  • Not recommended for: honeymooners, couples looking to relax

>> Click here for rates and availability at Sugar Beach

Which Mauritian resort did we like the most?

The two resorts we’ve visited are completely different one from another. The Constance has a more formal atmosphere and it’s quieter, while the Sugar Beach has a cool vibe going around, it’s more crowded (or at least that’s what we feel), can get noisy with children and it’s much more “young”.

Both have some pros and cons: Constance sometimes feels “too much” but trust us, you can easily get used to this while Sugar Beach sometimes feels “too less” but this is well-intentioned.

Overall, we cannot tell you where to stay but we feel we’ve given you plenty of information in order to get you to decide.

Travel to Mauritius: Practical Info

When is the best time to visit Mauritius?

Essentially, there are two seasons in Mauritius – summer and more summer. High season goes from November to May but the season really picks up in October all the way through May.

We’ve had questions on whether February is or isn’t a good month for visiting Mauritius and the answer is YES! We say this with a huge emphasis because even though it’s the rainy season, it doesn’t mean there will be rain! We went to the Maldives during the rainy season and we only got 1 day of rain out of 17. Don’t procrastinate, book the flight and the accommodation because, let’s be real, something unexpected can always happen.

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