Where to Eat the Best Italian Pizza in Dublin in 2024

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Where to eat the best Italian pizza in Dublin? Let’s find out together!
If you are visiting this page, you’re most likely looking for information on the best Italian pizza place in Italy, possibly in the best places where Italians love to eat their pizza.

First of all, welcome. Second, in this article, you’ll find the answer to your question, “where can I eat the best Italian pizza in Dublin, according to Italians?”. Yes, we are Italians, we know a thing or two about pizza, and we want to share with you the places we go to when we don’t want to make our traditional Italian pizza at home.

We recommend you read this guide from top to bottom but if you’re in a rush, use the Table of Contents to navigate through the different sections of this guide to the best authentic Italian pizza in Dublin.

Can you have a proper Italian pizza in Dublin?

Yes, nowadays you can. There has been a boom in recent years. Many new pizza places have opened, and many claim they make the best Italian pizza ever, but in reality, very few people make pizza as we do in Italy. Few use Italian ingredients and the Italian method of making pizza. So, at the risk of sounding annoying and posh, make sure you know the place you’re going to eat your pizza in Dublin and make sure it’s Italian.

Of course, with so many pizza places, your choice is (almost) infinite. Still, you must know that you probably will not eat an authentic Italian pizza in Dublin if you don’t go to an Italian place where the pizzaiolo (aka the pizza maker) is also Italian.

Also, don’t trust Dublin’s “Neapolitan-inspired” pizza places because they don’t live up to their expectations. Again, you can go by understanding you’re not eating Italian pizza. Punto.

Can you tell me more about Italian pizza?

You may already know that there’s not just one way to make Italian pizza because every single region has its recipe. You need to remember a few things: pizza is peculiar to Southern Italy, specifically Rome and Naples, with Naples being officially the capital of pizza.

There are only two recognised types of Italian pizza: the one from Rome and the one from Naples, with the first being thin and crunchy and the second being soft and chewy.

Focaccia is focaccia, so it’s not pizza: it’s a fantastic product, but it’s not considered pizza in Italy, so it’s out of the equation.

The Best Italian Pizza in Dublin Where to Eat Like an Italian

These are the best Italian pizza places in Dublin, according to an Italian from Rome and an Italian from Naples, both living in Dublin. We may know a thing or two about pizza, and we have our tastes and opinion on what style is the best. Still, these places live up to our expectations, treat us well, and make us feel at home (although we would never pay 15 euros for a Margherita pizza that in Italy costs us 5 euros, this is another story).

1. Layla’s

Layla’s is a relatively new spot for pizza in Dublin, far from the city centre. This is the best place to eat Italian pizza in Dublin at the time of writing. The pizza is cooked in a wood-fired oven, and one of the most hazardous and amazing pizzas is the one with mortadella and pistachios. Better go during the week to avoid the crowd. Booking necessary.

Address: Layla’s, The Devlin Hotel (Rooftop), 117-119 Ranelagh, Dublin 6.

2. Forno 500

Forno 500, located in Dame Street, is the only pizzeria in Dublin officially certified by the AVPN – The True Neapolitan Pizza Association. The reason is simple: the pizza is terrific, the dough is the one you can find in Naples, and the ingredients are Italian and come from Italy. Indeed there’s a bit of contamination on the menu, but honestly, the pizza is what we expect when I’m in Naples. We don’t even miss home anymore when it comes to pizza because the guys at Forno ‘500, so far, have conquered us.

Address: Forno 500, 74 Dame St, Dublin

3. Cirillo’s


Cirillo’s is centrally located on Baggot Street, and here you can eat a Neapolitan-style pizza. Despite the limited space, having a pizza at Cirillo’s is just a joy: the Salsiccia & Friarielli (Mozzarella, Italian sausage & friarielli, broccoli from Naples) is impressive. Side note: some of the pizzas are everything but Italian; those pizzas Italians won’t ever eat. But the list also includes traditional pizzas, and here is where Cirillo shines.

Address: Cirillo’s 140 Baggot Street Lower, Dublin

4. Wallace Taverna

Located in the heart of the Italian Quarter, Wallace is an excellent place if you’re looking for an authentic Italian pizza while in the city centre. Ingredients are from the best companies in Italy (the use of the Petra flour is remarkable, and it’s easily recognizable, if you know what I mean). The pizza base is on the thin side compared to the previous ones, but it’s delicious, and the toppings are just put off this world.

Address: Wallace Taverna, 24 Ormond Quay Lower, Dublin

Why your list doesn’t include places that every other website includes?

Because we are not “every other website”, we are Italians, and we know what an Italian pizza is. We’ve tested the “Italian” pizza at the other places almost everyone recommends. We know that there are other places you may expect in this list, but none of them is up to our Italian standards. Whether it is the dough or the condiments, or even the fact they offer side sauces for your pizza (Whaaaaattt?), at the moment, there are no other places that we can honestly recommend where to eat a real Italian pizza in Dublin.

Homemade pizza

Are you fussy about judging Italian pizza?

A lot, and we don’t deny or hide it. It’s our responsibility to tell people what authentic Italian places where to eat and avoid sending them to places that are not Italian at all. Then, it’s up to you to follow or not follow our advice… at your risk if you choose not to!

[This post is an “always in progress”. I’ll add new places if I try, and I think they can be recommended. None of these places has paid or given me a free pizza for my review here]

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