The Best Places Where to Stay in the Lofoten Islands, Norway

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Visiting the Lofoten Islands in Norway is a dream: the archipelago is such a unique place that it’s really worth the money and the time spent to travel here. If you’re planning a visit to the Lofoten Islands and you’re about to make a decision about where to stay in the Lofoten Islands, you surely have plenty of options.

From rorbuers (old fisherman cabins converted into apartments), hotels, hostels, and also campsites, you will be spoiled with choice at a point that picking up a place may feel overwhelming.

So, where to stay in the Lofoten Islands? Here are a few recommendations based on your traveling style and budget.

Where to Stay in the Lofoten Islands

There are a couple of things you need to consider when choosing where to stay in the Lofoten Islands. 

It’s a big archipelago, and it takes a few hours to drive from one side to the other: it is absolutely feasible, but we recommend you take your time to drive, stop, explore, drive again, hike, eat, and basically enjoy the place.

The second thing you may need to consider is accessibility: the most significant towns are Svolvaer and Leknes and have a great selection of dining places and things to do. The smallest towns are definitely more charming and picturesque, but the dining choices are limited, and you need to sacrifice and eventually pay more to get food.

We did go for both options: Svolvaer and also a couple of small towns. From a food perspective, we didn’t even consider staying or dining in Leknes because the choice of restaurants is reduced, and the overall food is not that appealing by merely looking at Google Maps or Tripadvisor.

Lofoten Where to Stay

Anker Brygge – Svolvaer

Anker Brygge could be your first approach to the Lofoten Islands, and you’ll be amazed by how amazing this place is. It offers rooms in traditional Norwegian fisherman’s cottages, all with free WiFi and sea or quay views. Breakfast is nothing exceptional, but the coffee is good. 

Top tip: book a dinner at Kjøkkenet, the on-site restaurant and go for the “grandma’s menu” to taste the traditional food from the Lofoten Islands, mostly based on stockfish and cod. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s a fantastic place to dine, and it’s completely worth it. For a quick and less expensive lunch/dinner, go to Bacalao where you can taste local and international food.

Price range: 1,500 to 3,000 NOK per night ($160 – $320 / 145€ – 290€). Check rates and availability on

Where to Stay Lofoten

Lofoten Rorbuhotell – Sørvågen

Located literally 5 minutes-drive from Reine and 10 minutes from Hamnøy, the two main attractions in the Lofoten Islands, Lofoten Rorbuhotell is quintessentially Norwegian. The old fishermen’s houses have been converted into private apartments, all equipped with a kitchen, a bathroom, and a patio. The main building, where the reception and the restaurant are located, is approximately 1 Km on foot from the rorbuers and you can drive or walk. 

Top tip: book a dinner at Maren Anna, a warm and cozy local restaurant specialized in local fresh products, mostly fish. Drive to the small village of Å and have a cinnamon bun at the worldwide renewed The Bakery, operating since 1844 in a typical Trønder and Nordland house (open only in summer!)

Price range: 1,300 to 6,000 NOK per night ($140 – $650 / 125€ – 580€). Check rates and availability on

Hattvika Hotel

Hattvika Lodge – Ballstad

Hattvika is probably the place we loved the most during our stay in the Lofoten Islands. It’s far from the most touristy areas, and it’s just cozy, intimate, and luxurious. Basically, Heaven on earth for people looking for a relaxing and stylish place. You can go for the biggest apartment to share with friends and family or for the smallest one; dormitories are available for big groups (mid-June to mid-August). We had the biggest and most luxurious apartment, also equipped with a private sauna! The Lodge doesn’t have a restaurant on site yet (it will be open on Summer 2021). Still, it offers an exceptional experience to its guests: the opportunity to visit the only Cod Liver Taste Depot in the World. Kristian, the owner of Hattvika, will give you plenty of advice on things to do and see, and he will also be available to organize daily trips and hikes.

Top tip: try the food at Himmel & Havn, located opposite to Hattvika Lodge and the cakes at 8373 Cafe, 5 minutes from the Lodge.

Price range: 1,900 to 10,000 NOK per night ($205 – $1080 / 183€ – 970€). Check rates and availability on

Lofoten Islands Hotel

Our Final Recommendations on Where to Sleep in the Lofoten Islands

If we did it again (and we will!), we would stay in Hattvika Lodge: the view is fantastic, the place is quiet and relaxing, and in complete honesty, you can reach every single area of the Lofoten Islands with just a couple of hours driving. 

But if your plan is to road tripping through the Lofoten Islands, and you want to maximize your experience, you can easily book the three places we recommended in this guide. It just makes sense to spend a day in Svolvaer and then journey down to Sørvågen to visit Reine and Hamnøy before heading “center-north” to Ballstad for a few days to visit the area and eventually visit again something you’ve missed.

Make sure you rent a car in the Lofoten Islands and visit the archipelago at your own pace: it will surely be a holiday you won’t forget!

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