Homemade frozen yogurt recipe: ready in 5 minutes and no ice cream maker

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frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt does not mean losing a lot of time in the kitchen and losing time mixing the ice cream continually to prevent lumps; you literally just have to have 5 minutes to prepare a yummy frozen yogurt with this easy and economical recipe and without an ice cream machine.

In fact, you can prepare this frozen yogurt using the number and type of ingredients you prefer because the starting base is always the same, plain yogurt, which is then enriched and shredded with fruit to give birth to a really unique frozen yogurt.

In this specific case, we will make a banana and chocolate yogurt frozen that can be served both as a snack or after dinner, and even as a summer meal when it is too hot but you want to eat something delicious, great and nutritious.

Read the recipe below and then you will find all the

Tips to prepare your frozen yogurt at home without ice cream machine, variants included.

Homemade frozen yogurt: ingredients for 4 servings

280 grams of bananas
2 tablespoons of honey
80 grams of Greek yogurt (or normal one)
40 grams of bitter cocoa powder

Homemade frozen yogurt: recipe

  1. Cut the banana into washers and put them in a blender. Add honey, cocoa and yogurt.
  2. Blend for good until you get a soft cream.
  3. Place the mixture in ice cream molds or in a plastic bowl suitable for the freezer (or divide the mixture into equal parts, between molds and bowls).
  4. Place in a freezer for at least one full night then take it out of the freezer 5 minutes before eating and serve the homemade frozen yogurt in individual cups or directly on the steak.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

frozen yogurt senza gelatiera

How to make a delicious homemade frozen yogurt without ice cream maker

  • The peculiarity of this frozen yogurt is that it does not contain refined sugars but only natural, honey and of course the sweetener present naturally in the fruit; honey, which can be replaced with agave, also serves to make the ice cream more creamy so that it can be eaten with a spoon;
  • I use Greek yogurt because it is more compact and better to be processed and it is also richer in protein so this means it can also be consumed as a main meal;
  • You can use both normal white yogurt and any kind of fruit yogurt for an even more summery flavor, however, that, unlike Greek yogurt, normal yogurt tends to be less creamy;
  • It is possible to use frozen fruit to reduce the resting time in the freezer but be careful that some types of fruit once frozen release high quantities of water that may have an impact on the final result;
  • There is no limit to the imagination: you can add spreadable chocolate, peanut butter, dried fruit, fruit of all kinds. Just give space to fantasy and be led by your personal taste;
  • The chosen sweetener can vary in quantity based on the result you want but white sugar but regular sugar should never be used because frozen yogurt becomes less creamy;
  • The same frozen yogurt can be prepared with natural and lactose-free yogurt but the result may be different, since lactose free products lack in milk proteins that allow yogurt to compact well;
  • Once prepared, you can store the frozen yogurt directly in the freezer and store it within and not more than one month after the preparation date.

Frozen yogurt: video recipe

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