Gozo, Malta: the best places to eat and drink

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Malta is one of the not so new emerging destinations for holidays: it’s in Europe, close to most of the cities (Italy first), easy to reach and also cheap, still. It’s the ideal destination for people looking for a great sea, a great food and a relaxing atmosphere. Food and wine in Malta play a huge role in the tourism industry (read more about it here) but also Gozo, the second island of the Maltese archipelago, has to say a big thank you to its food, one of the main attractions together with the beautiful nature.

Let me guide you through some of the best restaurants and places where to eat in Gozo with a special and unmissable experience at the end.

5 of the best restaurants in Gozo


Mediterranean fusion cuisine in a truly beautiful location, Marsalforn, where chef and owner Joseph Spiteri uses the best of local products adapted to Mediterranean cuisine. Unmissable: the hazelnuts mousse made with gozitan milk.

coniglio maltese

Café Jubilee

In Victoria town, Jubilee is one of the most popular places ever for its simple and friendly atmosphere, genuine, local and cheap food and a really unmissable location. Do not miss the pies, specialty of the house.

The Boathouse

High level restaurant owned by thefamous Joseph Attard that attracts locals and tourists all year round. The location, the atmosphere and impeccable food make the Boathouse a must visit when in Gozo. Do not miss the gozitan fish soup.

boathouse gozo

Ta’ Karolina

Traditional Gozitan and Maltese food, a relaxed atmosphere and average prices make Ta ‘Karolina one of the historic sites of Gozo. The fish and the gozitan rabbit are to be tasted absolutely. Curiosity: the restaurant has been named after Karolina Cauchi, an activist nun who fought to get Gozo recognized as a parish.

ta karolina


Run by Joseph Spiteri, offers Maltese and Mediterranean cuisine only using the best local, seasonal and fresh ingredients. Fish and soups are the dishes to be tasted at Kartell, also worth visiting just for its superb location right on the sea.

kartell gozo

Best ftira in Gozo

The ftira is the typical pizza from Gozo and, even if similar to Italian pizza, the main difference is done by the toppings and the fillings. These are the 2 best places where to eat a proper ftira in Gozo, recognized almost from everyone:


No frills at Maxokk where you can have a proper and real ftira in a simple place. You can also order a pizza but ftira reigns for obvious reasons.

Ftira ripiena

Filled Ftira (Pic by Maxokk)

Ftira alle patate

Ftira with potatoes (Pic by Maxokk)

Mekren’s Bakery

Another place where to eat the authentic ftira in Gozo and also in this case it’s family-run business which means tradition at its best. Do not miss the ftira with capers, tomatoes, onions and basil.

La ftira di Mekren's Bakery

Mekren’s Bakery ftira (Pic by Mekren)

The must do experience: George Borg

Gozitan cuisine at its highest levels, made with genuine and local ingredients and traditional recipe: this is what you get if you are lucky enough to meet chef George Borg, one of the greatest culinary experts in Gozo and a true ambassador of his country. George runs a catering company and his cooking style is so simple yet rewarding I prefer to leave the images and the video speak for it.

Pasta alla Ġbejna

Pasta filled with Ġbejna cheese by chef George Borg

Pesce al pomodoro

Lampuki fish with tomato by chef George Borg

dessert alla Ġbejna

Ġbejna cheese dessert by chef George Borg

Chef George Borg

Chef George Borg

[Pic taken by Giuseppe Milo in Gozo on October 2015]

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