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Eating in Malta is not really a problem because wherever you go you can find a café, a bakery, a restaurant and your hunger can be appeased in various ways thanks to a really amazing and really good cuisine where it is not hard to find Sicilian and Arabic influences. But if you are in Valletta you could have some problems to choose because there are so many restaurants, bistros, places to stop that finding the right one can be difficult.

For this reason I want to recommend a few places you should visit plus a series of places where tourists are not always the majority.

And while you are waiting for lunch or dinner do not miss the Cathedral of St. John where there are a couple of original paintings by Caravaggio and a walk through the narrow side streets of the town where you will find a world of peace, relaxation and houses with the doors opened…

coniglio alla maltese

Guzé Bistro, 22 Triq il-Fran, Valletta

A real bistro set in an old Valletta house, Guzé might seem pretentious but in reality it is one of the most interesting place in the Maltese food ambience. The cuisine blends flavors of Malta with Mediterranean ones offering specific combinations and hearty dishes such as the classic rabbit wrapped in bacon. Do not miss the desserts and let them give you advices about wines, possibly choosing only those of Malta and Gozo that will really surprise you. A dinner is around 45 Euros per person including wine; reservation required, closed Sunday and Monday, gluten-free options available.

la mere valletta antipasto

La Mère Restaurant, 174 Triq il-Merkanti, Valletta

A cozy restaurant that will make you forget the chaos, especially if you go for a lunch at the weekend. The cuisine has the flavor of the Middle East but there are also Maltese courses, revisited and enriched with oriental spices. Attentive service is available and able to drive even the most skeptical in the choice of the combination of the plate. Gluten-free and vegetarian options available, closed on Sunday.

palazzo preca valletta

Palazzo Preca, 54 Triq id-Dejqa, Valletta

Palazzo Preca will bring you in the 17th century with its painted ceilings and impressive architecture. The cuisine is Mediterranean and dishes come mainly from the sea. Between tradition and innovation, the cabinet of the cakes in Palazzo Preca is likely to make your head spin! Gluten-free and vegetarian options available, great coffee. Closed Sunday dinner and Monday all day.


Trabuxu Wine Bar, 1 triq id-Dejqa, Valletta

The “corkscrew” of Valletta offers the opportunity to enjoy great wines from all around the world in a super relaxed and informal ambient combining it with little but good food, specially chosen by the staff to meet the needs of all. A big hit is the plate of appetizers accompanied by Maltese bread. Closed Sunday and Monday but also in August. For a full dinner try the Trabuxu Bistro where the food is the leading actor.

cordina valletta

Caffè Cordina, 244 Republic St, Valletta

One of the oldest coffee shops in Malta, Cordina is still one of the most popular spot where to stop from breakfast to the aperitif before dinner. The property, originally from Tuscany, has decided to maintain the cornerstones of food and for this reason you can find origjnal Maltese appetizers such as pastizzi or the almond paste or cakes with dates. The tables outside are the best during the summer days, but the beauty of the interior of Cordina cannot go unnoticed as well as its espresso coffee! Many options for all tastes, prices average.

pesce fresco malta

Other places in La Valletta:

– La Sfoglia, 67, 68, Merchants Street: fresh fish and excellent value for money. Finding a place can be difficult and you may end up eating attached to other tables but the experience is still enjoyable.

– Nenu the Artisan Baker, St Dominic Street: this place is housed in a former bakery near the port, it has been renovated and it is now among the best in Valletta, specialized in typical and abundant food. Booking is advised.

angelica valletta

– Angelica, 134 Archbishop Street: a place in the center of Valletta which is characterized by the staff wearing the Maltese traditional costumes and the typical Maltese rabbit marinated in champagne. Prices a bit high, experience not to be missed.

– The Bridge Bar, East street: a bar where you can drink and teases something but, above all, a place to socialize while sitting on the steps outside leaning against the pillows. Stormed, it is ideal in summer evenings or in autumn when staying indoors is not accepted!

dolce maltese

Useful tips to eat in Valletta

Unlike many other cities, in Valletta you can eat very well in the city center and even when you’re close to the tourist attractions for a simple reason: in Malta you can eat well everywhere and since the island is very small even the locals frequent the places frequented by tourists so if a restaurant/club is beginning to have a bad reputation among the locals immediately it will close although the area is full of tourists. Do not be fooled by the presence of so many Italian restaurants: Malta really seems to be Sicily or South Italy and the food in the italian restaurants is very good and, above all, Italian.

[All photos have been taken by Giuseppe Milo which is the sole owner of all of them. You can see more pictures taken in Malta clicking here]

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