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Chocolate covered pretzels: easy and quick recipe

Chocolate covered pretzels, also called Schokoladenpretzel, a delicious and special snack to make during the Christmas and holiday season, but not only. Very easy to make at home, they are typical of the United States where you can also buy pre-packed and, although it may not seem true, they are really good.

It is necessary to use medium-sized hard pretzels l because the little ones are difficult to soak and the ones too big too. The dark chocolate has to be at least 70% and the reason is simple: once soaked in chocolate, the pretzels will be covered with colored sugary flakes that will make them sweet but not too much, creating the necessary contrast between salt, bitter chocolate, and precisely sugar.

In this case, I used colored sugars but the cover can also be made with chopped nuts, candies, caramel and any other sweet ingredient.

For an even more delicious result, you can melt some chocolate bars (like Mars, Snickers and similar) and soak the pretzels. You can also soak the entire pretzel in chocolate if you prefer a delicious and very chocolaty cake.

I recommend that you use a wire rack to dry your pretzels and prevent them from sticking; you can also line a baking sheet with baking paper or aluminum one but the risk is that once ready, the pretzels will break because of the adhesion of the chocolate to the paper.

The chocolate pretzels are kept very well for weeks but only if stored in hermetic containers large enough and in the refrigerator; the chocolate may melt slightly so the pretzels could stick. If this happens, detach them with your hands, being careful not to break them.

The extra idea? Use them to decorate the Christmas tree along with dried oranges and biscuits: the temptation to eat them while you’re hanging them is so much but the end result, if you do not yield, is fabulous!

Ingredients for 30 chocolate covered pretzels

  • 200 grams of 70% dark chocolate
  • 30 hard pretzels
  • Sprinkles / Candies / Sweet sauces


  1. Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie or in the microwave (for 30 seconds).
  2. Soak half of each pretzel in the melted chocolate.
  3. Arrange the pretzels on a wire rack and sprinkle with sugared almonds, sugar or anything else.
  4. Transfer the wire rack to the fridge to cool the chocolate.
  5. Serve the pretzels when the chocolate is completely dry.

Preparation time: 10 minutes + cooling down


[Foto di Giuseppe]

Article written by Veruska Anconitano aka La Cuochina Sopraffina. If you want more information please contact us.

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