Pappa al pomodoro recipe with BFree gluten free Bread

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pappa al pomodoro glutenfree

“The pappa al pomodoro is a classic and traditional Italian recipe, specifically from Tuscany that as such, it is susceptible to a lot of changes not only according to the area where it is made but also, and above all, on the basis of who prepares it. Like all classic and traditional Italian recipes, the origin can be uncertain and the realization is variable so each family claims to have the recipe par excellence.

The pappa can can be prepared all year long, but it is in the summer that it does best because the main ingredient is tomatoes, so in the summer you can use seasonal, red and juicy ones.

In this case, I have adapted the classic tomato and bread soup in a gluten-free version using BFree’s Bread; obviously, if you are not in Ireland but you want to follow this recipe, you can replace the bread I’ve used, using the traditional stale Italian bread. If you’re not on a gluten free diet, just use normal bread.

To make the pappa al pomodoro, follow the recipe below and read all my tips on how to make a perfectly balanced Italian Tomato and Bread Soup.

Pappa al pomodoro: ingredients for 4 people

About 300 grams of bread (stale, toasted or fresh)
500 grams of ripe red tomatoes
1 clove of garlic
1 liter of water
extra virgin olive oil

Pappa al pomodoro: recipe

  1. Cut the bread and place it in a non-stick pot possibly with high edges;
  2. Carve tomatoes, boil them in boiling water then peel them, remove the seeds, cut into pieces and add to the bread.
  3. Add salt, garlic, basil (not cut) and cover the bread with water;
  4. Cook on a low flame and stir it often. While stirring, break the bread so it will mash good;
  5. Let it cook until the bread has been dissolved;
  6. Season with extra virgin olive oil and add some fresh basil leaves before serving.

Preparation time: 40 minutes

Gluten Free Pappa al pomodoro: step by step

pappa pomodoro ingredients
Step 1: Make sure you use first quality ingredients. Gluten free bread by @BFree Ireland
Pappa pomodoro step 2
Step 2: Carve tomatoes, boil them in boiling water then peel them
pappa pomodoro step 3
Step 3: Place all the ingredients in a non-stick pot
italian pappa pomodoro
Italian pappa pomodoro: the final result

Tips for preparing your very Italian tomato and bread soup

  • In Tuscany, the pappa al pomodoro is made using stale bread because the recipe was created to use the peasant leftovers, but you can use fresh bread which also allows the decrease of the cooking times without losing flavor;
  • It is possible to use vegetable or meat broth instead of water for a tomato dish even more tasty;
  • The tomato really makes the difference here: a good fresh and red tomato contributes to the intense, but at the same time sweet, flavor of the final dish, which cannot be achieved with tomato paste or canned tomatoes;
  • Although no variations are allowed, for an even more Mediterranean touch you can add roasted peppers, smashed and added directly into the pot;
  • You can eat the tomato juice hot or even cold, if the weather allows it;
  • Even if you are tempted, do not add cheese to your soup because the end result will be disastrous;
  • Do not soak the bread apart but put it in the pan together with tomato and water / broth;
  • Only use extra virgin olive oil that benefits the whole body and brain, also contributing to the flavor of the final dish;
  • Do not add any other spice: just fresh basil, nothing else.
  • Do not sautee the vegetables, use only raw vegetables so that the properties of the individual ingredients will be maximized.

[This post was brought to you by BFreeFoods Ireland. The recipe is completely my own based on my culinary skills and experience with Italian food. All pictures are copyright of Giuseppe Milo]

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