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The Best Christmas Table Decorations on Amazon in 2022

The holiday season is fast approaching, indicating the end of the year. We are all looking forward to celebrating Christmas. We will want to make it even more magical this year as we take extra trouble to decorate our houses, yards, and tables with Christmas decorations. That’s why in this buying guide you’ll find a lot of inspiration and the Best Christmas Table Decorations on Amazon in 2022.

We look forward to welcoming family and friends by adding a festive touch to our homes. By hanging a beautiful Christmas wreath on the front door, decorating a tree with our favorite Christmas ornaments, let’s make our surroundings look welcoming. At the same time, we celebrate with family and close friends.

Many of us are looking forward to saying goodbye to what was, for many, a difficult year. So, let’s celebrate Christmas and the holidays with everything we have.

While we plan our lunch or dinner menus, let’s make sure our Christmas table decorations enhance the great food we plan to share with our family and friends. The festive season is not the same without us making a special effort to decorate our houses to celebrate Christmas’s spirit.

These Christmas decorations and Christmas ornaments come in many different colors and designs to complement any Christmas theme, whether modern, traditional, rustic, minimal, or colorful.

Table of Contents

10 Great Ideas for Your Christmas Table

We’ve chosen ten of the essential Christmas table decorations we believe you should have on your Christmas table this year. They are all designed to give you a uniform feel and provide you with a look of quality and brightness.

We aim to create an immediate table impact for you and your visitors, which will immediately bring joy and compliment the excitement all of us feel when we get together for our Christmas dinner. The expressions are reflected in the combinations of each place setting. The table centerpiece, glasses, and candle accessories will light up the atmosphere at the table.

We hope you enjoy our selection.

1. Jollylife 32Ct-Christmas Table Decorations, Santa Hat shaped Silverware Holders

These cute Santa hats are handmade out of unbelievably soft cloth and feel great to the touch. Place your silverware in them when you set your table this Christmas. The package includes 32 pieces.

What we love about these Christmas Table Decorations

  • A fun addition to a casual family table setting. Will appeal to children of all ages.
  • Great paired with a plaid rustic tablecloth or runner.
  • Easy to use. Just put the fork, knife, or spoon in, and your silverware decoration is done.
  • Great product reviews, called ‘super cute’ and ‘inexpensive’ with more than one user impressed at how many there are in the pack (32 pcs).

2. PartyTalk- Christmas Table Decorations, Red Black Plaid Table Runner

This reversible plaid burlap table runner is a great addition to your Christmas table decorations. It is a premium quality product made of soft-touch cotton fabric, easy-care, and will bring rustic warmth to your Christmas dining table.

What we love about this Christmas table decoration

  • It is available in 3 colorways so that it will suit any holiday table.
  • A reversible, versatile runner can be used on your gift table, coffee table, console, or Christmas table.
  • Can be placed over a table cloth or directly onto your wooden table.
  • Great value for money.

3. Newbridge Elegance Plaid-Poinsettia Red Christmas Tablecloth

This elegant tablecloth in Poinsettia Red is perfect for your Christmas dinner table. No iron and soil-resistant, it comes in different sizes to fit up to 8-10-seater table. Matching napkins sold separately.

What we love about this Christmas tablecloth

  • Comes in different colors and sizes.
  • An elegant basic tablecloth to offset any decoration style.
  • Looks fabulous and classy with your Christmas decorations of any color.
  • Easy to wash, no iron, and spills are easy to wipe off.

4. Nearly Natural 4659 Hydrangea Holiday- Table Centerpiece Candelabrum, Red/Green

A perfect festive centerpiece for your Christmas dinner table in red and green. Made of natural-looking holly leaves, evergreen twigs, berries, and pinecones. Has three glass hurricane candle holders.

What we love about this Christmas centerpiece

  • Large enough to be a wow-factor on your Christmas dining room table.
  • Put your guests into the Christmas spirit with this eye-catching centerpiece.
  • You can remove the candle holders and replace them with votives for a different look or use different colored candles to match your Christmas decorations theme.

5. Pfaltzgraff Christmas Day Dinnerware Set, Service For 8, White

This porcelain dinnerware set consists of a 24-piece service for 8, and it is microwave and dishwasher safe. This dinnerware will serve your family for years to come.

What we love about this Christmas dinnerware

  • Brings that warm feeling of family gathering around the Christmas tree to the dinner table with its Christmassy design.
  • This classy design will enhance many Christmas decorations themes, whether they are the classic red, green, and white, or rustic, or modern, and will look fabulous on your Christmas dinner table for many years. 

6. MyGift Etched Glass Colored Christmas Wine Glasses, Set of 4

Set of 4 wine glass drinkware perfect for your Christmas table. These elegant, vintage-inspired, colored wine glasses are perfect for the Festive season.

What we love about these Christmas wine glasses

  • They evoke the Christmas spirit in their vibrant red, silver, gold and green colors etched with an elegant swirl motif.
  • They would make an amazing Christmas gift for your hostess.
  • Their classic design will enhance your Christmas table decorations and will impress your friends and family at all your Christmas parties.

7. Granrosi Gold Mercury Votive Candle Holder Set of 25 


These glass tealight candle holders have a speckled gold finish to add a sparkle to your modern or traditional Christmas table decorations. They come in a set of 25 pcs and are perfect for use in groups.

What we love about these Christmas table decorations

When lit, these votive candle holders give an elegant glow.
They come safely packaged in foam to protect against breaking in transit.
Can be used with tealight candles or with LED lights, as well as votive candles, so are versatile in any setting.

8. BETTERLINE 6 Plaid Tartan Napkins

These plaid tartan napkins are perfect for your Christmas décor. Adds a warm country feel to your table, especially when paired with these good quality gold deer napkin rings.

What we love about these Christmas Table Decorations
Gives each place setting at the table a true Christmas feel.
Beautiful napkin holders that add style to your table and are substantial enough to keep the napkin in place.

9. VINCIGANT 2PCS Silver Crystal Candle Holders Set 

These spectacular crystal modern candle holders come in a pack of 2 and can be used as a centerpiece on your Christmas table. Use a flameless electronic candle or a tea light, and add some flowers to complement your color scheme.

What we love about these Christmas Table Decorations

  • Achieve an elegant candle arrangement using these tall candle holders.
  • Dress up your dining table for your Christmas parties using silver candle holders and a pretty flower garland for a striking combination.

10. 12 Pack Christmas Headbands

What would a Christmas party be without these fun headbands? They are decorated with felt, are great quality, and will be used year after year.

What we love about these headbands

  • These comfortable, hand-made headbands are cute and will add festive goodwill to your party.
  • All members of your family from Grandpops to the youngest child will be happy to wear one.
  • Would make an ideal Christmas gift for your hostess as they are always fun to take to a party.

Christmas Decorations: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make sure my Christmas table decorations look perfect?

Choose a theme for your Christmas décor and carry this theme throughout your house by using Christmas decorations in similar colors. You may wish to use traditional colors like red, green, and white, or a more neutral palette using earthy colors, or a glamorous glitzy theme with lots of gold. Once you have planned your menu, pick out your dinnerware and glassware. Choose your centerpiece carefully as this will be the focus of your Christmas table decorations. Choose your tablecloth and add matching napkins, votives, flowers, candles and set your table in advance.

2. Why are red and green the colors used at Christmas?

These have been the traditional colors for ages. Some say its symbolic, the red celebrating the everlasting life of our maker, Jesus Christ, and the green symbolizing the evergreen trees of winter. Picture jolly Santa in his red robe, and the green holly at your doorway. This Christmas how about adding a touch of gold, and some sprinkling of snowflakes to add the extra touch to the joy of the occasion.

3. How do I decorate my Christmas table on a budget?

These are just a few ideas for you:

  • Make a centerpiece using pinecones and greenery.
  • Place candles in bottles or mason jars.
  • Use Christmas wrapping paper to make decorations.
  • Find an interesting shaped stick or branch and use that for your tree instead of purchasing a Christmas tree.

4. Should I get a runner for my Christmas table

A runner is a great idea. It creates the continuity you need down the length of the whole table and can be used after Christmas if you have a party. Look for one that’s reversible, as this gives you extra flexibility. For the price it’s a really great addition to your Christmas table. 

5. When is the right time to put up my Christmas decorations?

As a rule, any time before Halloween is too early. Many people start putting up their Christmas decorations during the weekend of Thanksgiving. Traditionally, the Christmas tree only went up the day before Christmas, but any time in December is considered acceptable.

6. Which Christmas tree is best? Artificial or Natural?

For many people who celebrate Christmas, a real tree is part of their family traditions and the ritual of going out as a family and choosing a tree is a favorite childhood memory. They will then carry on this tradition with their own children. A real tree is purchased from a local supplier and this is a way of supporting local businesses.

An artificial tree is a no-fuss alternative and can be re-used again next Christmas. You can also buy one that fits your specifications exactly.

As far as which one is the kinder to the environment, the natural tree is, as it is bio-degradable and sustainable, while an artificial tree is constructed of plastic and metal, and is more likely to end up in a landfill.

7. Where did the tradition of using a Christmas tree come from?

The evergreen fir tree or traditional Christmas tree has been used to celebrate winter festivals by pagans and Christians, for thousands of years. Branches from fir trees were used by pagans to decorate their homes during the winter solstice. Christians use it as a symbol of everlasting life with God.

8. What sort of decorations do I use at Christmas?

Traditional indoor decorations include nativity scenes, bells, Santa Claus and his reindeer, garlands, candy canes, angels, stockings, snow globes, lights, and all sorts of Christmas ornaments including some fun ones for Christmas 2022.

Outside Christmas decorations for your yard include elaborate lighting, statues, and more lights. You can use lights to decorate your front porch, letterbox, and hang a wreath on your front door to add an extra welcoming touch.

9. How many Christmas decorations and ornaments do I need for my tree?

Work on an average of 10 ornaments per foot of a tree, so if your tree is 7ft tall, you will need 70 Christmas ornaments. Use more for a fuller look. By the way, the most popular Christmas ornament for a tree is an angel used as a tree topper.

10. How do I create an extra Christmassy look in my house?

Here you have a few ideas:

  • Light up your house inside and out with fairy lights.
  • Put up a large tree and decorate it.
  • Wrap gifts and place them under the tree.
  • Create a village scene or a nativity scene and decorate with artificial snow.
  • Hang a large decorative wreath on your front door.
  • Bring out your Christmas themed pillows and throws.
  • Put out your favorite Christmas ornaments.
  • Hang Christmas stockings from your heart ready for Santa’s visit.
  • Use scented candles to make your house smell like pine needles.
  • Play your favorite Christmas music.
  • Have some friends around for hot chocolate or indulge in something stronger.
  • Enjoy the holiday season.

11. Where is the best place for my Christmas tree?

Check for the natural pathways in your home which are where people walk to move between rooms, for example from the kitchen to the living room. These are the spaces to avoid so place your tree as far away from these as you can, depending on the layout of your apartment/house.

12. What is the easiest way to hang lights on a tree?

The first step is to make sure you have enough lights. Holiday decorators recommend 100-150 mini lights per foot of tree. Keep the lights plugged in while you drape them to give you an idea of how the tree will look when it is lit.

Work from the top of the tree to the bottom, weaving them through the branches, working in triangular sections.
For more information on hanging Christmas tree lights, take a look at Elle Décor. Follow the same procedure when hanging lights on an artificial tree, but it is a little easier than hanging lights on a natural tree, as an artificial tree’s branches are uniform.

13. Which types of Christmas lights should I look for?

There are three popular types of lights and they are available in different lengths, some are battery operated and some plug in.

  • Icicle lights have the main string with additional light-covered strings hanging from it. These are popular for outdoor Christmas and holiday decorating but can also be hung from your tree.
  • Mini string lights or fairy lights are the most popular lights for use on Christmas trees. They create that twinkling effect, come in a variety of colors, and are easy to handle.
  • Large bulb lights are better for a moderate to low light effect. They can be used on your Christmas tree and are also suitable for outside décor. Some have plastic globes which make them shatterproof.

14. When should I take my Christmas decorations down?

Traditionally the day to take your Christmas decorations down is the Twelfth Night which is January 5th. But many people choose to take them down before returning to work, so whatever suits you best.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means that we may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

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