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15+ Best and Easy Turkey Recipes

The time for everything turkey is coming, and honestly, I couldn’t be more excited! Turkey is one of those foods that can be eaten and enjoyed in so many different ways.

Have you ever bought a frozen turkey and just stood there smiling knowing that you’re about to make some amazing recipes that will taste great fresh, frozen or even as leftovers? If you’ve ever had that thought, you aren’t alone. Next time you head to the store, keep your eyes peeled for discounted frozen turkeys because there are so many amazing turkey recipes that you can make using it!

The great thing about cooking with turkey? You can find some sort of recipe to fit every season. So many people tend to get stuck in a cooking rut when it comes to certain foods and meats. Don’t be like those people!

Open your mind to the options for recipes that surround you, and you’ll find that no matter what, you can always create something with anything that you have.

Turkey is no longer just for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Now, with the abundance of everything available on the Internet, you can find summer recipes and fall recipes that use turkey as well. Plus, if you cook with ham a lot, most recipes that use ham can just be substituted out to use turkey instead!

Treat your taste buds to turkey all year long with the best turkey recipes listed above. You’ll love the taste, the flavor, and the ease of these recipes that you can cook and serve over and over again. And the best part? They are all so unique from one another that you could have them in a meal-planning rotation and never get tired of them, either!


Just in case you needed a bit of a brain boost for some turkey recipes to get your think tank started, here are some amazing ones that are easy and simple to make!

Best Turkey Recipes to Gobble up that Turkey

  1. Mini Buffalo Turkey Pizzas – If you’ve ever wanted to combine a bit of spice with your turkey, these pizza’s are the perfect place to start!
  2. Cranberry, Cheese, and Turkey Fillo Rolls – Light, crispy and delicious, you’ll fall in love with this turkey recipe each and every time.
  3. Cheesy Turkey Noodle Casserole – So simple to make and your kiddos will give it two thumbs up as well!
  4. Turkey Pot Pie – No one can deny the deliciousness of a pot pie. No one.
  5. Crispy Turkey Nachos – A fun twist for a Super Bowl food option!
  6. Kale and Butternut Squash Turkey Soup – Healthy and delicious? Yes, please!
  7. Turkey Spinach Lasagna Rolls – Packed full of great taste, this dinner option will be a crowd pleaser for sure!
  8. Turkey Bacon Avocado Sandwich – It’s a fun option to replace the standard and typical BLT.
  9. Light Cranberry Turkey Quesadilla – Think of it like Thanksgiving flavors, all rolled up into one tasty bite.
  10. Low Carb Lettuce Wraps with Turkey & Roasted Peppers – Anything low carb is always a winning combo!
  11. Turkey Noodle Vegetable Soup – Hearty and delicious, you’ll enjoy spoonful after spoonful of this tasty soup.
  12. Chinese Five Spice Turkey Tacos – This spice takes this dish from good, to great!
  13. Chopped Turkey Salad – A nice refreshing lunch option to treat your taste buds.
  14. Turkey Brie Appetizer – Every good meal needs to start out with a great appetizer, right?
  15. Upside Down Mini Biscuit Pot Pies – Adorable and oh so edible, you’ll fall in love with these tasty treats!

Get ready to start cooking with turkey and liking it, because these recipes will have you hooked from the very first bite! Share with your family and friends as well because it’s always fun to connect over great food and amazing recipes!

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