The best chip shops (friggitorie) in Naples

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Naples is well known everywhere, for its food. Even if the most of the buzz is around the famous Neapolitan pizza, the street food plays a big part the foodie culture of Naples and it’s not hard to find, both in the city centre and in the suburbs, small places where to eat “fried stuff”. They’re called “friggitorie”, similar to the chippers you can find in Ireland or UK but specialized in amazing local products capable of withstanding the trends of the moment and the passage of time. Here a few of the most important friggitorie in Naples where “important” means famous and/or historical and where you can have a taste of the best street food from Naples. I’m sure you’re now ready to visit Naples and the Campania region.

Antica friggitoria Spaccanapoli

Famous for ages, Spaccanapoli is well known for its “cuoppo”, a bag full of fried snacks such as pizza, rice balls and fried vegetables. You can choose among different types of products, from the classical one to the fishy one. Cheap and a must.
Antica friggitoria Spaccanapoli – via Benedetto Croce 42

Friggitoria Vomero

This is one of the historical chip shops in Naples and it’s famous for its potato croquettes and its fried pizza. Always open, it’s a must for the ones who want to have a proper comfort food without spending a fortune.
Friggitoria Vomero – via Domenico Cimarosa 44


Di Matteo

Di Matteo is one of the most famous pizza places in Naples but in the same time it’s also known as “friggitoria”. Its fried pizza is amazing, rich and comfortable. No wonder why the queue outside is always huge! Read about Di Matteo’s pizza here.
Di Matteo – via dei Tribunali 94

Concettina ai Tre Santi

Founded as a pizza place, Concettina now has an area completely devoted to fried food, to be eaten on site or at home (or while walking!). Fried pizza, fried vegetables and stuffed dough are the best dishes you can find here.
Concettina ai Tre Santi – via Arena alla Sanità 7bis


Il Cuoppo

Founded by two brothers, this franchising has became one of the most important in Naples. The idea is to give people simple and traditional fried food, also cheap and easy to be eaten while walking. The format has been so successfull that they’re expanding outside Naples and outside Italy as well.
Il Cuoppo – Different locations, in Naples and outside

Antica Pizza Fritta Da Zia Esterina

Gino Sorbillo is a super star in Naples where he has a few pizza places and a few friggitorie. Esterina serves fried pizza with different fillings and the quality is absolutely amazing.
Antica Pizza Fritta da Zia Esterina, Piazza Trieste e Trento 53

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