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9 natural remedies to get rid of bad smells in your fridge

Sometimes our refrigerator starts smelling even if we only left fish or meat parked in it for a few days. If you ask me what are the things that annoy me the most in the kitchen I definitely say it’s the bad odors in the fridge ; but how to defeat them?

If we cannot avoid them because sometimes they just happen, we can try to pat to make our fridge become new without using any chemical remedies. Here is some natural remedies to remove smell and odor from the refrigerator and clean it.

Baking soda

This remedy is always valid and also cheap: just take a glass, fill it with baking soda and place it in a corner of the refrigerator. The powder will absorb odors, slowly purifying the whole area.


It performs exactly as the bicarbonate but since vinegar has a very peculiar smel it should be used in a much smaller percentage. For a medium sized fridge just half a glass to obtain the desired effect.


Just cut the lemon into slices and place in a bowl in the fridge. The absorbency of the lemon will do away with the bad smells but the lemon has to be changed at least once a week.


Peeling a potato and putting it in the fridge to get the effect of eliminating all odors from the refrigerator with a premise: the potato acts as absorbent therefore it should be changed every 2-3 days and kept in the fridge until the smell goes away.


Just take a lemon or an orange, cut it in half and put in a good number of cloves. At that point the citrus goes placed in a refrigerator until it starts to dry out.


Exactly like potatoes, oatmeal absorbs odors if stored in the refrigerator in a aluminum or ceramic bowl.

Coffee Beans

The smell is eliminated in a few days even using coffee beans scattered on the various shelves of the refrigerator.

Active Carbon

Take activated carbon, place it in a bowl and put it on the top shelf of the refrigerator. If you can you should arrange coal on each shelf for a faster effect.

Vanilla extract

Soak a cotton ball in vanilla extract, place it in a small bowl and let the vanilla beginning to give off its odor killing all the others.

But, how to prevent odors from forming in the fridge?

This is a question of one million Euros but certainly we can try to have enough of precautions to avert disasters. It is not always possible, but when you can:
* Store food in airtight containers;
* Always check meat and vegetables to make sure that they will not hurt;
* Once a month clean seals to prevent bacteria creeping and creating bad smell.

How to clean the fridge?

Never use any chemicals but instead use a solution of water and baking soda or vinegar and water; in the first case the proportion is 50-50 while in the second case 60% must be water and 40% vinegar. If you love strong perfumes you can use natural vanilla extract or almond diluted in warm water in proportion of 40% of water and 60% of vanilla/almond.

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