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Why you should consider drinking Nespresso coffee (and why I’m not trying to convince you)

Being Italian, I certainly am addicted to coffee: I love mine black, not too strong, tasty and, most of all, hot ’cause a good coffee has to be served at the right temperature, otherwise, it’s not good. I’m not an expert myself (I wish, to be honest) but I grew up with a sole idea in my mind: coffee is life, coffee is a social glue, coffee IS Italy.

I do love traditional Italian coffee but when I moved abroad years ago, I’ve chosen a different way of making my coffee at home: by using Nespresso.

Don’t get me wrong: I love a good and real Italian coffee made with the Moka (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read here) but I do love when I have it in Italy, my birthplace, made with love by my family and friends. And when I go out, I love having a traditionally brewed coffee, ’cause coffee is a pleasure and having the time to appreciate the good one is important.

But in my daily life at home, I’ve switched to Nespresso system years ago for different reasons:

  • It’s a no-brainer: I only have to switch on my machine, wait for a few minutes till it heats up and… boom, I can have an espresso;
  • It’s affordable: in Italy, coffee powder is really cheap and convenient for obvious reasons. Outside of Italy, coffee powder is expensive and it’s usually not meant to be used with a Moka machine. Basically buying coffee for an Italian Moka is expensive if I wanna buy the coffee I always drink in Italy;
  • Pods come in different flavors and almost every flavor has a decaf version and can be used to make an espresso, an Americano or a double espresso.

I don’t consider myself a stylish person but Nespresso machines are also cool and fit in every kitchen and home so basically you can buy a cheap one or an expensive one… and both of them will fit into your living room or kitchen without taking too much space. Just as an example, look at Creatista or at Pixie: they surely are different, but they surely fit everywhere, no matter what’s the main decor of your house!

Sustainability and Nespresso

One of the things coming to people’s minds when talking about Nespresso is: how sustainable using single-serve capsules is? Straight to the point: even if you eventually don’t like them, I think Nespresso is doing a great job with its recycling scheme.

What’s the Nespresso recycling scheme and how does it work?

Easy peasy: you buy your capsules, use them and then recycle by using the special bag Nespresso provides to you. You can recycle your used capsules in at least 2 different ways:

1. Arrange a collection
When you place your next coffee order online, you can arrange for your recycling bag to be collected by the courier.
2. Drop off at Nespresso boutique
Fill your recycling bags and take it to your nearest Nespresso boutique.

In Ireland, we can also return our used capsules via Parcel Motel and this service is available also in other countries (such as Australia, where they can be sent to a postal office).

Does recycling your Nespresso pods is really useful for the Planet?

I believe every action we take to help the Planet, even if small, it’s a good starting point. So yes, I think the Nespresso recycling scheme is useful for the Planet even if, of course, we always need to take into consideration that production, distribution, and collection of coffee pods create waste.

Waste, on the other side, is created by everything we use in our daily life otherwise we would live in a perfect world.

If you’re asking if I do love Nespresso more than Italian espresso or freshly roasted and brewed coffee, the answer is NO. But I do love the idea of having a quick ad nice cup of coffee at home or in the office and not to worry about the temperature of the water, how I fill my Moka, for how long the coffee machine has to stay switched on.

And, given the fact the coffee powder for the Moka is too expensive abroad and very often not easy to find or not of a good quality, I also love the idea of spending the right amount of money (or the right amount for me, at least) for having what I think it is a good coffee.

Do I feel I’m harming the planet by using Nespresso? Let me ask: do you think you’re harming the Planet when you use your shampoo, or you wear clothes from certain brands, or you use a car or eat your cookies?

Finally, do I suggest you switch to Nespresso in your daily routine? No, but I did and I’m happy because from a sentimental point of view, Nespresso identifies my life abroad, an espresso made with a Moka identifies my life and my beloved ones in my home country. And this, for me, it’s enough to justify the switch. Well, this and the fact that also George Clooney prefers pod coffee…

Something more for you: Nespresso has partnered with Caran d’Ache to produce a limited edition ballpoint pen made from recycled aluminum coffee capsules. The classic 849 pen by Caran d’Ache is made in recycled aluminum, presented in the satin midnight blue of Darkhan, one of the most popular coffees from Nespresso’s range. The 849 Nespresso-Caran d’Ache will go on sale 26 May 2018 at Caran d’Ache Stores globally and online: it’s a highly collectible piece of stationery if I was you I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to buy one.

[Pics by Giuseppe, the ballpoint pen by Caran d’Ache is a gift from Nespresso Uk and Ireland]

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