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How many times have you thought about going to Iceland but flights were too expensive, you didn’t have much time and you didn’t know where to start from? Let me be honest: there are a few alternatives when it comes to flights to Iceland but in this article I’m going to show you one (so far, the best ones for me and not just because I’ve partnered with them but because I’ve been flying WOW for quite a long time from Dublin to Iceland) you probably already know and which offers great deals when it comes to connect the US to Europe and, in particular, to Iceland. I’m talking WOW Air, the pink/purple company, that defines itself as “a happy low-fare, long-haul, airline based in Iceland”: I mean, the motto says everything, does it?
I’ve been flying with WOW Air to go to Iceland for quite a long time and in this guide I’ll show you two things: how to spot the best flight on the WOW Air site, why you should choose WOW Air if you want to visit Iceland (but most of all: HOW TO VISIT ICELAND THANKS TO WOW AIR!) with my overall review of the flight and the service.

How to spot a flight to Iceland with Wow Air

WOW air offers low-cost flights to and from Iceland and some of USA’s, Canada’s and Europe’s greatest cites. When I say low cost, I literally mean low cost. If you’re lucky, or also smart, you can really travel for a few quids.

First thing first: go to wowair.com and select your country so that the system will show you exactly the location of your departure and all the offers you can take advantage of. Being based in Dublin, for me it’s wowair.ie so as soon as I enter the homepage, I caneasily spot which are the offers at the moment and I can decide if I want to book a flight based on the suggestions presented to me by the airline or I want to customize my search. Honestly, if you’re flexible with dates you should really take advantage of the suggestions given to you by WOW Air ’cause they’re usually the best offers you can find on the website for your chosen destination. Look at the screenshot down below to understand what I’m talking about:

Of course, you can also simply search for your flight using the classic method: add your location of departure, your location of arrival, the dates and see what’s the price.

One of the simplest ways to avail of the offers and special promotions is to sign up to the WOW newsletter, called the WOW club: you’ll receive exclusive offers and special promotions to plan your trip. If you live close to one of the cities from where WOW operates, I highly suggest you sign up for the Club to be informed on the best deals.

Once you’ve chosen your flight, you can decide which offer you want to book by choosing one fare between these:

  • WOW basic: includes flight ticket and 1 personal item up to a maximum of 42x32x25cm (10kg)
  • WOW plus: includes flight ticket, 1 personal item up to a maximum of 42x32x25cm (10kg), 1 carry-on bag up to a maximum of 56x45x25cm (12kg), 1 checked bag and the standard seat selection
  • WOW comfy: includes flight ticket, 1 personal item up to a maximum of 42x32x25cm (10kg), 1 carry-on bag up to a maximum of 56x45x25cm (12kg), 1 checked bag, cancellation protection and seat reservation [XL (seat pitch: 32″ – 33″) or XXL (seat pitch: 35″+)].
  • WOW biz: includes flight ticket, 1 personal item up to a maximum of 42x32x25cm (10kg), 1 carry-on bag up to a maximum of 56x45x25cm (12kg), 1 checked bag, cancellation protection, seat reservation, Fast Track Security at KEF airport in Iceland, Priority boarding (all airports), In-flight meal.

For each of these tickets, you can add additional services based on your needs. My recommendation? If you’re flying Dublin to Reykjavik or on a short trip, definitely go for at least WOW Plus so that you can carry on with you more stuff. If you’re on a long-haul flight, then go for WOW comfy, no doubt at all.

WOW Stop Over

One of the things you can do thanks to WOW Air, is to avail of the so-called WOW Stop Over which is also the reason why I think this airline is the best when it comes to Iceland. You can basically book your trip to the USA or your trip to Europe (see the list of the destinations) and since you will always have to have a few hours in Iceland, add a few days in this beautiful country instead of just using it as a transit airport.

The idea behind the WOW Stop Over is simple: get two destinations instead of one and enjoy a stay in one the most exciting countries in the world on your way across the Atlantic. You don’t pay anything more ’cause it’s just one ticket and you can take two holidays instead of just one without paying for two different tickets and also without having to plan two different holidays. I mean, pretty straightforward, isn’t it? You can decide how long your stopover will be so that you can visit Iceland according to your time and also to your needs.

Spoiler alert: you can visit some of the most famous areas in Iceland in just 2-3 days by renting a car or booking a tour (WOW also offers the chance to book tours in Iceland, so that you’re covered and don’t have to do anything by yourself) ’cause once you’ve landed you only have to drive half an hour and you will feel as if you landed on another planet (have a look at THIS page for more info and inspo).

WOW Air flights to Iceland: my overall impressions

WOW Air is a low-cost carrier and this means the usual things: food and drink aren’t included in the price (and other services as well) so you’re more than welcome to pack your stuff and bring them on board especially if you’re on a transatlantic journey. You can also purchase food and drinks and the offer changes in relation to the route you’re in: from Dublin to Reykjavik, given the length of the trip you cannot expect a full meal while on longest route, such as Los Angeles to Reykjavik, you’ve much more choice.
In terms of food, we’ve always had a sandwich and it’s always been pretty good: don’t know if it’s because we usually fly in the morning, but it is usually fresh and it seems to be made just a few hours before. And coffee, of course, which is of a good quality considering the fact in Iceland there’s a huge culture on coffee and this reflects on the choice of WOW as well.
Kudos to WOW for providing electrical outlets underneath the seats: basically a savage if you want to work, watch a movie or play a game while flying. Not all the planes are equipped with Wi-Fi.
Despite these are truly no-frills flights, WOW planes are clean, comfortable, and super cool (as soon as you board, I’m sure you’ll notice cheeky phrases printed throughout the plane); the staff is always attentive and their dresses make up for your day!
Last time we also had an amazing experience with the XXL seats ’cause our plane was coming straight from the US and you know what? Even on a 2 hours flight to Dublin, these can literally make a huge difference (I slept pretty much all the time, no kidding).

My XXL Seat: I could have had a guest with me!

Overall, I cannot stress this enough: flying these days is becoming more and more affordable so you have to choose one carrier over another based not only on the fares but also on the opportunity you can get to do more. WOW Air allows people not only to decide how much to spend on a flight but also to plan a double vacation for the price of one! If you’re traveling to or from Europe, the stopover in Iceland can become your second holiday and won’t cost you a thing in terms of tickets!
This is a perk itself, together with the fact you can depart/arrive from many cities in the US and many cities in Europe as well.
And do not forget: every now and then, WOW has a sales for tickets from the US to Europe and from Europe to the US. Sometimes the offers are limited, sometimes you need to use a discount code to book your flight(s) and avail of the discount. So, your flight to Iceland or to somewhere else can get cheaper and cheaper and cheaper.

Do I recommend flying WOW? I believe you already know the answer: yes, thousands of times yes. Play smart and book your trip allowing yourself to be flexible, take advantage of the stopover thing and, most of all, book in advance (and possible during sales’ periods); put a smile on your face ’cause I’m 100% sure you’ll love all the quirkiness of WOW Air… and if you’ll spend a few days in Iceland, you’ll love the place and the people. Just like me, literally so obsessed by Iceland I could fly there pretty much every single month.

[This post has been sponsored by WowAir, partner of this blog. Views expressed are my own and not influenced by the partnership with the carrier. Pics are copyright of Giuseppe Milo]

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