Where to eat in Amalfi Coast: 5 restaurants to try

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The Amalfi Coast is one of the best part of Italy with its colors, its smells and its people. It’s not a mistery that it attracts a vaste amount of tourists every year, no matter the season, and what all of them want is, of course, enjoying the great atmosphere and the amazing food. This means eating without being entrapped into touristic places. That’s why I’ve chosen a few places in the Amalfi Coast where you can have a proper lunch or dinner, or even a supper just to stay light, like a local and, why not, with the locals. Remember: this is not a chart of the best but a few suggestions for you based on my knowledge of that area which I use to attend frequently.

Da Maria – Amalfi

Located in the famous square of Amalfi, this delightful restaurant-pizzeria, despite tourists from all over the world, it is also attended by locals. The pizza is the classic Neapolitan one with some excellent dressings, the fish is always fresh and if you let the staff suggest you what to eat you can always have the best. The type of cuisine offered is simple and homely in an informal and funny atmosphere. Try the fried appetizers. Average prices.
Da Maria, Via Lorenzo D’Amalfi, 14, 84011 Amalfi

da gemma

Da Gemma – Amalfi

In front of Da Maria, looking upwards, you will see a balcony that overlooks the Duomo of Amalfi. That ‘s where you need to go if you want to enjoy the best cuisine of the Amalfi revisited in an original way thanks to the expert hands of Chef Salvatore Milano. Try the fish soup and the genovese sauce, possibly sitting on the terrace watching the world passing by.
Da Gemma, Via Fra Gerardo Sasso, 11, 84011 Amalfi

Le Bontà del Capo – Conca dei Marini

Located in the small village of Conca dei Marini, Le Bontà del Capo is an hidden gem in a superb location overlooking the sea. You can have an amazing oven cooked pizza and some typical dishes from Campania and the Amalfi Coast. The food, the courtesy of the staff, the location and the very reasonable prices make Le Bontà del Capo a place where to go for eating well, paying a little and spending a nice romantic evening.
Le Bontà del Capo. Via Primo Maggio, 14, 84010 Conca dei Marini, Italy

chez black

Chez Black – Positano

If you are in Positano and you want to spend a few euro more than just a sandwich and a beer you definitely need to visit this place. Very good food, tasty dishes, good pizzas, amazing atmosphere and, even more, you will be sitting on the seafront with an amazing view! And if you’re lucky in Chez Black you can also spot some International celebrities! The prices are high but, in my opinion, this restaurant is worth a try.
Chez Black,  Via del Brigantino, 19, Positano, Italy

La Taverna del Leone – Positano

On the road to Positano, La Taverna del Leone offers an excellent cuisine and an impeccable service. The lack of the famous landscape is compensate by the excellent food. The menu changes several times a year even though the most famous dishes never change. The refinement of the dishes and the choices of high quality food are the strong point of this place.
La Taverna del Leone, Laurito 43, Positano, Italy


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