Urchin at Cliff Townhouse Dublin, drink and food in the heart of the city

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Dublin has a huge reputation for being one of the best cities in Europe and the entire World when it comes to have fun with its pubs and an unmissable nightlife. And all of this is completely true but there’s a part which is always missed: most of the the pubs and places are dark, the music is loud and there’s not even a chance you can get a seat and have a chat with your friends. But there’s a new place in Dublin and it really changes the perception of having fun or also, like the Irish say, “have a craic”: it’s called the Urchin and it’s located on the lower level of the already famous Cliff Townhouse at No.22 Stephen’s Green.

The design of the Urchin is just brilliant: bright with white walls and minimalist furnishings and fabrics perfectly paired with strong graphic patterns. It seems you’re not in Dublin but in Spain or perhaps in Italy (you get why I’m so excited, don’t you?), sipping your cocktail poolside while chatting with your friends, listening to never invasive music and eating spectacular food which it can be classified as some sort of high-end tapas.

Food changes every day and it’s created by the Cliff House Hotel Michelin-star Executive Chef Martijn Kajuiter and Cliff Townhouse Head Chef Sean Smith; then it’s ordered through a token system and all dishes are priced at €6 and €12.

Signature dishes cooked to order will include Sea Urchin and Irish Wagyu with a Beef Tea Fondue but the influences from Spain and Italy cannot be underestimated and you cannot leave without having tasted the Bellota ham and the soppressata presented respectively on crispy bread and fluffy bun.

Great plus for the food lovers is the kitchen area which has been designed as an open space so that guests can follow the dynamics of food preparation and cooking.

Urchin is open from 12 noon until late night on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and from 4pm till late Monday through Wednesday; no reservations needed and I’m sure this will be a winning one in Dublin both on cold winter evenings and on bright summer evenings and nights when the patio will host people with cocktails, food and also ice cream

Urchin, Cliff Townhouse
22 Stephen’s Green
Dublin 2, Ireland
Ph: +35316383939

[Pics by Giuseppe Milo. Thanks to Urchin & Cliff Townhouse for the invite to the opening night. The opinions expressed in this article are solely mine]

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Article written by Veruska Anconitano aka La Cuochina Sopraffina


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