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When it comes to Italian food, the tiramisù recipe is probably one of the first ones coming into people’s minds (together with carbonara pasta!). Well, for us, the tiramisù dessert is the best, and being Italians, we know exactly how to make it. So stick around for our original tiramisù recipe from Italy: we won’t just give you the method, but we will provide you a lot of useful bits of advice on how to make a perfect tiramisù, the variations, and everything you need to know.

The original Italian tiramisu recipe is straightforward and quick to make: in fact, in 30 minutes, you will get a creamy and delicious dessert, to be sliced or eat directly by the spoonful.

Here is the original tiramisu recipe made with ladyfingers, mascarpone cream, and coffee. Keep reading because you’ll also get useful tips for a perfect dessert, some variations to try, and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Ingredients for for a 20-22 cm pan

    For the base

    • Savoiardi (ladyfingers) biscuits
    • A bowl of espresso coffee
    • Unsweetened cocoa powder

    For the cream

    • 500 grams of mascarpone cheese
    • 3 eggs
    • 5 tablespoon of sugar


    1. Whisk the egg whites until stiff, then, once ready, add the sugar and egg yolks and beat to incorporate.
    2. Add the mascarpone too and whip until creamy and soft.
    3. Soak the biscuits in the coffee without wetting them too much and place them in a baking tin following the contours.
    4. Cover with a layer of cream, level, and continue in this way, alternating cream, and soaked ladyfingers until you reach the top of the tin.
    5. Cover with a final layer of cream and sprinkle the surface with cocoa powder. Put the tiramisu in the fridge for a few hours or overnight so that it will get compact. Serve cold.


    Preparation time: 30 minutes

    Cooking time: 0 minutes

    Total time: 30 minutes

    tiramisu ricetta

    Tiramisu Video Tutorial

    What are the ingredients of an original tiramisù?

    The recipe for this classic Italian dessert requires only five ingredients: eggs, mascarpone cheese, biscuits, sugar, and espresso. Everything else is extra, but if you miss even one of these ingredients, you won’t be able to prepare the recipe we gave to you.

    How to make mascarpone cream for the tiramisù?

    The secret to obtaining a velvety mascarpone cream relates to how the egg whites are whipped and how the other ingredients are incorporated. The egg whites should be whisked so firmly that when the egg yolks and mascarpone are added, they do not lose their lightness.

    To whisk the egg whites until stiff, we recommend setting the mixer at a medium-low speed at the beginning and increasing as the egg whites begin to turn white and shiny as they are transparent. Following the described steps and correctly incorporating the other ingredients, you will get a delicious and very soft cream.

    crema al mascarpone

    Is it safe to make this dessert with raw eggs?

    The original recipe requires the use of raw eggs and, let’s face it; this is one of the peculiarities of this Italian dessert. Potentially there are always risks if you use raw eggs that can be avoided by using fresh and possibly organic eggs!

    If, in spite of everything, you are afraid of risking, pasteurize the eggs: prepare a syrup of water and sugar and pour it on the egg whites while you are mounting them to “cook” them without really cooking them.

    Remember that in this way, the cream of your tiramisu with pasteurized eggs could be more liquid and sweeter than that prepared using the classic method.

    Is it possible to prepare an eggless tiramisu?

    Yup! It is possible to replace the egg custard with fresh cream, following the same recipe.

    You need to buy unsweetened fresh cream to whip, and whip it as much as possible, taking care not to turn it into butter: once it is ready, spread it over the biscuits soaked in coffee, level it well and in this way stuff the whole cake.

    The cream will lighten the sweet in terms of flavor, highlighting the coffee. You can flavor the whipped cream with vanilla and, why not, even with a minimum of alcohol considering that the taste may change with the passing of days.

    Can You Prepare A Tiramisu Without Mascarpone?

    The peculiarity of this all-Italian recipe is the mascarpone cheese that allows you to prepare a cream with a recognizable taste.

    If you don’t want to use it, you can make tiramisu without mascarpone using some spreadable cheese: the procedure is the same, but the result is very different.

    The mascarpone is a very fat cheese, and the fat allows you to obtain a soft and velvety tiramisu cream, with a little pronounced taste. The spreadable cheese is less fat and has a more peculiar taste, so you’ll get a light tiramisu with a noticeably different flavor than the classic but equally enjoyable.

    Using ricotta, you will get a tiramisu with delicate and fresh ricotta.

    tiramisù monoporzione

    What are the best tiramisu cookies?

    The classic and original recipe of this Italian dessert calls for the use of ladyfingers (savoiardi).

    Over time many other variants have been designed, and today it is not strange to find the tiramisu with amaretto biscuits and also the Oreo tiramisù.

    Tiramisu with pandoro is the most popular Christmas variant: instead of cookies, pandoro is used to make dessert sweeter but even softer.

    What variants of tiramisu can I prepare?

    Potentially the original tiramisu recipe can be modified by creating many variations, also based on your tastes.

    A now-classic variant is strawberry tiramisu, where strawberry juice replaces coffee, or even tiramisu cheesecake, with a biscuit base and cold cream.

    Try the limoncello tiramisu. It is made by wetting the biscuits in limoncello, then following the same recipe for the mascarpone cream, and sprinkling the surface with lemon zest.

    Finally, for the lovers of the genre, we recommend the Baileys tiramisu. The cream is flavored with Baileys, which is also added between one layer and another for a stunning result.

    Can I Prepare A Vegan Tiramisu?

    Of course! If you follow a vegan diet, you should not deprive yourself of a tasty dessert. To prepare it, you won’t even have to make so many variations on the traditional recipe.

    Vegetable cream and coconut milk are your main allies: with these, you can prepare your cream, whipping cream, and adding a little coconut milk to flavor it. Clearly, for a 100% vegan tiramisu, the biscuits must also be vegan.

    tiramisù fatto in casa

    For how long this cake will last?

    You can keep the dessert in the fridge, in a container with a lid, for up to 2 days. If you wish, you can also freeze and eat within a month, remembering to defrost it in the refrigerator the previous evening.

    What are the tricks to know?

    As with all traditional recipes, some secrets will allow you to succeed and prepare a delicious spoon dessert:

    • Eggs and mascarpone must always be used at room temperature. If they are too cold, they cannot mix well with the rest of the ingredients;
    • Coffee should never be sweetened and should be left to cool before using it;
    • If you decide to dust the final layer with cocoa, remember to use only bitter cocoa;
    • Don’t be in a hurry: the tiramisu must be kept for at least 2 hours in the refrigerator before being served. Still better to wait a whole night.

    The Origins Of Tiramisu

    At least three Italian regions pretend to be the birthplaces of the tiramisu: Piedmont, Friuli Venezia Giulia, and Tuscany.

    The official version claims that this cake was born in Tuscany, in Siena, on the occasion of the visit of the Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo de Medici in the seventeenth century.

    At that time, the decision taken was to prepare an impressive cake but at the same time, made with readily available ingredients and above all, easy to prepare.

    Since then, the dessert, which used to be called “duke’s soup,” entered our culture, and, according to legends, it seems that the nobility called it with the name we know today, attributing to it some aphrodisiac properties.

    According to the Piedmontese, tiramisu was instead invented by a Turinese pastry chef in honor of Camillo Benso.

    According to the Venetians, to invent the dessert would have been the pastry chef of the restaurant “el Toulà” in Treviso, which was located near a closed house and served to bring up those who used the services of the same.

    Tiramisù al cucchiaio

    A creamy consistency, an incredible taste: tiramisu is the perfect dessert to bring to the table for all seasons and all situations.

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