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10 tips for cooking the pasta perfectly

When it comes to pasta, everyone has a method to cook it perfectly but the reality is that pasta requires attention and concentration and the limit between a good pasta dish and a bad one is also related to the way the pasta is cooked. So, how to cook pasta perfectly?

There are a lot of theories on how to cook pasta in a perfect way but there is also a perfect and Italian way for doing it and from which you can’t escape if you really want to master the art of pasta. Never forget that using great ingredients allow you to stick to your cooking rules while using bad ones can seriously affect the quality of your cooking and also your skills.

Tips for cooking your pasta in the perfect way

1. Unless your pasta is of a bad quality, never add any oil to the water. The result of oil in the pasta water is a mess and your pasta will also slick away from your sauce
2. Pasta water has to be salted the minute it starts to boil to work properly. If you add it before the boiling point it will loose its propriety, if you add too later after the boiling point it won’t have time to add flavor to the pasta. The exact dose is 7 grams of salt per 100 grams of pasta.
3. Don’t wash your pasta after having cooked it unless you want to make the starch go away and the pasta loose its appeal and its flavor
4. Pay attention to the cooking instructions on the package but make sure to taste your pasta to avoid it being overcooked or undercooked.

5. Fresh pasta cooks quickly compared to the dried one and some kinds if pasta like ravioli or gnocchi are cooked when they start floating on the surface.
6. The pasta should be thrown at once when the water reaches the full boiling point so it will cook evenly.
7. Never use a small amount of water for cooking your pasta. The general rule says that 1 liter of water allows to cook no more than 100 grams of pasta.
8. Use a large pot and, if you’ve to cook long pasta (like spaghetti for example) just use a cylindrical one.
9. Once having added pasta, stir it often to avoid your pasta from clumping.
10. Drain you pasta saving a few scoops of its water in case your sauce is too tick.

Last but not least…

Do not forget to season your pasta as soon as it is drained so that the sauce will stick for good and the pasta will be really tasty and enjoyable.

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Veruska is a food and wine travel journalist awarded as Best Food Travel Journalist. Sommelier, in addition to cooking and traveling, she is often called upon to tell his experience during events and seminars.
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