The classical niçoise salad recipe

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The niçoise is one of the best known and loved salad: born in the French city of Nice, the niçoise is one of the best Mediterranean and summer salads ever, rich in ingredients and substance.

That’s why the niçoise salad is served, on the French coast, as an appetizer or as a meal and it’s goodness depend on the ingredients that are used because if they are fresh and of a good quality they really give life to a salad that has nothing to do with the salads we usually get in a restaurant or in a bar.

The secret for a good niçoise salad is the use of an undefined number of crispy and fresh seasonal vegetables and the use of tuna and anchovies preserved in jars with a good oil.

Niçoise salad: ingredients for 4 generous servings

4 eggs
1 small red onion
200 grams of cherry tomatoes
18 black pitted olives
1 cucumber
400 grams of tuna in olive oil
4 anchovies

Niçoise salad: recipe

  1. Prepare the 4 hard-boiled eggs and, once ready, cool under cold water and peel them, then cut them into 4 slices.
  2. Arrange the salad on the bottom of a big plate or a big bowl then add the olives, the chopped onion, the tomatoes split in half, the cucumber previously washed and diced; on top place the tuna, the chopped eggs and anchovies.
  3. Season with oil, salt and pepper to taste and serve with bread or croutons.

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Insalata nizzarda

Insalata Nicoise

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