St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin: photos and videos

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St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin is a bit of a chaos. There are people everywhere, there are tourists in places where you don’t expect to find them and also in those where you expect them; every year you think they are less but instead they’re more and more.

If you decide to follow the parade the day has to start very early because despite the parade starts at 12pm you can easily spend hours to find a good spot and maybe even if you’ve found one you want to change your mind last minute and. Finding the beauty in a day so colorful as this is easy; we have found it from early morning to night every year since we’re living in Dublin and this is the story I want to tell you about St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin.

You have to start the day with a hearty breakfast because it can be really hard to find food until the end of the parade, and even beyond, because every year millions of people fly to Dublin from all around the world.


Just down the street people smile and are happy and they already know that it will be a special day


irlandesi felici

But the kids are the ones that make a difference because them, with their curious and interested eyes, make the day of St. Patrick in Dublin really special and unique:

bimba irlandese

bambini irlandesi

A biscuit is always a good thing to have in your purse… especially if it’s irish (and green!)

biscotti verdi

And then the parade began, the streets, the windows and the balconies are filled. Loud music, screams, smiles: all this is St. Patrick’s Day and you will really smell the irish culture everywhere!


gente allegra




And when the parade ends some people feel lost and some start to celebrate …

got lost



lamb fillet



Having fun…

musica irlandese

… until the following year when, once again, Dublin will turn green for a tradition to preserve and pass on!

mansion house

And there are the ones who film everything, more or less successfully, to make you see what it’s St. Patrick’s in Dublin: its people, its colors, its atmosphere and the smiles of the ones who, year after year, continue to make the word “Irish” distinctive all over the world!

[All the photos are copyright of Giuseppe (except the biscuits’ one which is mine as you can easily say!). You can see more photos from the parade visiting Giuseppe’s Flickr account e his page on Facebook. I made the video… can you say that? :)]

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