Rome Nightlife: 7 places to go for an aperitivo

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Historically, Milan is the place to go for an aperitivo but in the last few years Rome has started to develop a new idea of aperitivo and today it’s not hard to find a good choice of places where you can have a proper one. Aperitivo means something that will open your appetite before dinner but in Rome it can easily become more than just a nibble. I’ve decided to make a list with some of the best places for an aperitivo in Rome: some of them are well known by tourists, others are not and surely this list is incomplete but these are definitely the places to try at least once if you’re in Rome.

Among the things to do in Rome, experiencing the aperitivo is definitely one of the unmissable.

Some of the places to go in Rome for a proper aperitivo:

Freni e Frizioni

Freni e Frizioni is one of the most famous places where to go for an aperitivo in Rome. Located in the middle of Trastevere, it draws a crowd of Romans but also tourists. The aperitivo is quite big and the cocktails are well made and tasty. Despite the location, the prices are average. During summer you can sit outside while in the winter the bar, even if the space is small, works until late at night.

Latteria Vineria

In a side street of Via del Corso, the Latteria Vineria is the ideal place for those looking for a classy drink without too many tourists. The terrace is the highlight of this bar/restaurant that serves classic cocktails but also a little more detailed drinks accompanied by appetizers.

Pastificio Cerere

In the San Lorenzo’s area, near the Sapienza University, the Pastificio Cerere is one of the newest trends in Rome. Originally it was a pastry shop but nowadays it’s a restaurant and a bar where the aperitivo is considered a serious thing. You can have a glass of wine or a cocktail and a taste of different homemade snacks and roman-style “tapas”. Prices are not cheap but the place is worth a visit.

Pescheria Consoli

If you’re looking for something different, Pescheria Consoli is the right place. It’s a real fish market where you can eat and have a fish-based aperitivo standing near the counter. Usually people tend to accompany the fish with a glass of white wine but if you want, be brave and ask for a cocktail!

2 Periodico

Located in the well known district of Monti, 2 Periodico is a cool place where you can go, sip a glass of wine or also a tea and enjoy the quiet atmosphere. This vintage bar does not address the crowd nor tourists, but it is definitely the place to discover to fall in love with one of the most beautiful places in Rome, the Monti area.

aperitive rome


Tr3ntatr3 is a very local place in the Testaccio area where you can have a classical aperitivo or a stronger version called “apericena” which means you’ll probably won’t need to have dinner.

Doppio Zeroo

Unmissable and very local, well known for its cocktails and a very rich buffet, with some of the best fried and baked goods.

This is a personal selection, there are way places in Rome for an aperitivo but these are some of the places to visit for sure.

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