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Planning a trip to Ireland is not difficult at all but the destination in the summer is in so much demand that unless you plan everything in advance you are likely to spend much more time searching than you should. This article is not about itineraries and things to see in Ireland but it’s all about organizational stuff to give you all the information you need to organize your trip to Ireland without any stress. You can also find other resources and useful articles on Ireland here.

If you need to organize your trip to Ireland and you are looking for logistical support directly from Ireland, get in touch with usContact us via email to tell us about your trip to Ireland and ask us everything you need.

Where is Ireland located?

Ireland is located in the Northwest of the west coast of Europe, it is an island and it is divided into two parts: the South and the North. The capital of the Republic of Ireland, the South, is Dublin; the capital of Northern Ireland, ruled from England, is Belfast. I will not bore you with the history of Ireland but I think a good trip may not be such unless it is accompanied by the knowledge of what you are going to see, and why a country is organized in a certain way. For this, you should read this book for a jump on Ireland’s recent history.

What’s the best time to visit Ireland?

Ireland is usually not considered a happy country from the climate perspective: the rain is always on the horizon and, although it almost never swings but is rather persistent, it can be bothersome. Surely the best time to visit Ireland is from June to mid-August but already in July, the weather can often get worse. No need to add that this is also the busiest time of the year also because of the longest days.

What do I need to visit Ireland?

  • Passport or ID card;
  • Driving license (a road trip is a must-do in Ireland);
  • Credit card is required for the rental car;
  • European health card for first aid (if you’re from Europe!) and a travel insurance (especially if you’re not European);
  • A list of medications that you can not take and foods to which you are allergic [of course translated into English]

What currency is used in Ireland?

In the Republic of Ireland, the euro is used while in the North it’s the English pound; remember this because you need to have pounds if you decide to visit the North.

How should I dress to visit Ireland?

Ireland is a rural country and, with the exception of Dublin, I think you’ll spend much of your time between the sea, mountains, and hills. Comfortable clothing, hiking boots, and possibly waterproof sneakers, a raincoat against the rain, hat and scarf, gloves if desired. The classic advice “dress in layers” in Ireland is more than valid and useful: the weather changes quickly and you need to be prepared. There is no need to bring an umbrella because the wind could break your tool five minutes after opening it.

This is Ireland, or most of it, by the way:

Renting a car in Ireland

Ireland is the perfect place for an on the road trip by car also because many areas are accessible only if you have a car. There are many car rentals in Ireland but in summer they’re all busy and very often the prices are also super high: I would advise Hertz and Thrifty because they offer great services and even if the prices are not low at all you are sure to always get some help even in the most difficult situations. Remember: to rent a car in Ireland you must be 21 years old, have a valid driver’s license, and have a credit card (not a Debit Card!) And also that each machine is subject to an inspection when you return so if it is too dirty you’ll have to pay an extra charge. A GPS is not a bad idea because often the roads are absolutely a nightmare.

Read our guide on how to rent a car in Ireland.

Planning a trip to Ireland by bus

There are plenty of companies that organize bus tours in Ireland, starting from Dublin or moving from one destination to another by bus; Kavanagh connects virtually all of Ireland as well as Bus Eireann. It goes without saying that a bus tour could be much more expensive in terms of time and do not allow to reach places that you can instead easily reach autonomously if you have a car.

Best places to stay in Ireland

Ireland is famous for the quality of its Bed & Breakfast that are validated by a special National Association and in many cases the B&B offers high standards with an excellent quality/price ratio. I recommend the site Bed and Breakfast Ireland, among the best known and recognized. If you are looking for hotels or apartments, my choice is always Booking, where you can also book without paying anything until arrival and where you can also delete within a reasonable time.

Which airlines serve Ireland?

This question is particularly hard because you can fly to Ireland with many many airlines, according to where you’re flying from. You can come directly to Dublin, Belfast, or Shannon or have a stopover in the middle of Europe: I recommend Skyscanner where to look for the best combinations of flights for Ireland and the best prices.

How do I choose my itinerary in Ireland?

It all depends on how many days you have but my advice is always to start from Dublin and finish back, circularly, in Dublin. The are several possible routes, including:

Without forgetting the most niche routes:

  • Start Wars itinerary
  • Game of Thrones itinerary

How much does a trip to Ireland cost?

Ireland is not an affordable place even if you go outside of Dublin your expenses will lower a lot. One of the biggest voices when it comes to expenses is definitely the price of housing, and, of course, the food. On average, limiting just in the right way (I’m not considering sleeping in a hostel or cooking your own meals) you can spend (room and food) about 150 euro a day per couple (excluding car and attractions).

I need a travel guide: can you recommend one?

I think the better one is the Lonely Planet but my advice is to read a lot online, ask for information from local people like me and, most of all, give space to some freedom. So grab your GPS, a map, your travel guide, and all the advice you can find everywhere and then decide yourself what to do, changing plans at your own convenience.

The electrical outlets in Ireland

In Ireland, the energy is delivered in a different way than in other places and the and North and South differ further:

  • Republic of Ireland: 220V AC
  • Northern Ireland: 240V AC

That’s why you need three-pin square-headed plug adapters, especially if you decide to sleep in the bed and breakfast. You may also need a converter depending on the appliance you are going to use.

What about Irish food?

The Irish cuisine is made up of a few products, all very good: potato, meat, dairy products, and beer.

Breakfast is one of the main meals and to experience the most of Ireland I recommend an Irish breakfast made of sausage, bacon, and so forth. Lunch is usually light with a toast and a soup or a sandwich as the evening abounds with stews, steaks, and fish. In the middle of your day, you can not miss a stop at the pub for a pint of order. If you are looking for the golden rules for a Guinness made as it should be, have a read here.

Spezzatino con patate

Who would you recommend a trip to Ireland?

Ireland is a beautiful place and if you like nature, this Island will remain in your heart forever. If you’re more a city-type, probably Ireland will satisfy you just partially. I recommend Ireland to people interested in experience the beauty of nature, the friendliness of a population, and a culture you won’t find anywhere else.

Travel to Ireland: a few resources for you

If you’re planning to book a giveaway to Ireland, these are a few resources we recommend:

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If you want to plan your trip to Ireland, these are the travel guides we recommend:

Get in touch with us for customized tours, travel tips, itineraries, and everything you need for your trip to Ireland: no one better than those who live on-site can advise you and make you experience Ireland like a real local.

[This post contains affiliate links, which means that we may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.]

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