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How to pour a perfect pint of Guinness and serve it the Irish way

How to pour a pint of Guinness respecting both the beer and the customers? is it possible to pour a pint of Guinness outside of Ireland and serve it like in Ireland? Is it true that pouring a Guinness must follow strict rules? Yep, everything is true and here in Dublin and Ireland? In Dublin and in Ireland, pouring and serving a proper Guinness requires training and patience both in respect of the Guinness itself, considered a national heritage, and of the person who is drinking.

How to pour a Guinness and serve it the Irish way

No matter where it’s brewed or served, every single pint of Guinness can be a real experience as every brewer in every brewery is meticulously trained to brew beer the Guinness way. Throughout every stage of the brewing process, the strive for perfection is constant. The two-part pour (and six steps method) ensures the barman produces a consistent pint of Guinness every time with the perfect taste and visual presentation.

The Glass

  • Select a cool, clean, dry pint tulip glass;
  • The glass should ideally be correctly branded;
  • Always handle the glass by the base.

The Glass

The angle

  • Hold the glass at a 45° to the tap just below the spout.

The Angle

The Pour

  • Pull the tap handle fully forward and allow the Guinness to flow down the side of the glass;
  • Slowly straighten the glass as it fills;
  • Shut off the tap when the Guinness is approx. 15-20mm (1⁄2” – 3⁄4”) from the top.
  • Never put the tap spout into the Guinness.

The Pour

The Settle

  • Place the glass in clear view of the customer on the settling tray;
  • Allow the Guinness surge to settle. This takes approx. 2 minutes.

The Settle

The Top Up

  • Hold the glass straight under the tap spout;
  • Push the tap handle backwards and fill the glass so that the head is just proud of the rim.

The Top Up

The Presentation

  • Present the perfect pint to the customer with a steady hand and no overspill.
  • The wording “Guinness”, the brand, should always face the customer.

The Presentation

How to drink a pint of Guinness

Guinness is not a beer you sip at the beginning; you need to break through the foam to experience the perfect taste and that’s why there are a few rules to be followed:

  • Hold your arm with your elbow out so your forearm is horizontal with the glass;
  • Then, take a gulp big enough to break through the foam and get a taste of the beer below.

Few things you probably didn’t know about Guinness:

  • In 759 Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000-year lease on the St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin, still in use today;

Arthur Guinness’s lease

  • A pint of Guinness only contains 198 calories;
  • Guinness is made with barley malt, hops, yeast and water and, although it is called “black”, it really is not black but has a distinctive, ruby red colour;
  • Ireland, despite appearances, is not the largest consumer of Guinness. Africa holds the record with more than 30% of total world consumption;
  • The Guinness Storehouse is the most visited attraction of Ireland and of Europe. Even today, in addition to the space reserved for tourists, here is where the beer is produced and then distributed around the world. Learn more about the Guinness Storehouse;
  • Inside the St. James Gate Brewery, the Open Gate Brewery has been opened (but we’ll talk about that!);
  • Guinness is the most pulled beer during St. Patrick’s and inside the Storehouse many events are held. Learn more about St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin;
  • It is said that the better Guinness is the one you drink close to the factory where it is produced. That’s why, according to many, the Guinness drank in the Gravity Bar just inside the Storehouse is the best ever as well as in pubs in the same area, the Liberties. The farther you go, the more the Guinness, according to legend, changes;
  • It is not true that the recipe for Guinness changes according to the country for which it is prepared. The recipe is always the same, all over the world.

Are you dreaming of a pint of Guinness? Then have a look at my video filmed into the Connoisseur Bar in the Guinness Storehouse:

Click on the image below and download the infographic on how to pour a pint of Guinness following the official rules:

Are you heading to Dublin and do you need more information on things to do, where to eat and drink and tour you can organize? Write me an email or follow me on Instagram and Facebook and do not be afraid to ask for more information or a customized consultation!

[Thanks Guinness Ireland for having allowed me to be a tourist in my city and having given me the opportunity to look behind the scenes of this fascinating world. There is more to tell and there will be more. All the photos and content are copyright; names and trademarks are registered and copyright of Guinness Ireland and can not be freely reproduced]

Article written by Veruska Anconitano aka La Cuochina Sopraffina. If you want more information please contact us.

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