Hotels in Iceland: choosing Icelandair for a great experience

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Hotels in Iceland can be one of the highest spending items of your trip in the country of ice and fire and you have to schedule everything in advance to avoid spending too much. Despite careful planning, you may still find yourself sleeping in questionable places (especially if away from the most touristic circuits) or paying too much for the services offered. Here are some solutions that are not necessarily cheap but surely reliable to avoid you pay too much or spend little but without having any service.

Hotels in Iceland: why Icelandair

Icelandair, a hotel chain linked to the same air carrier, can be the perfect solution for your Iceland trip. One of the key elements of Icelandair is the location: in fact, there are hotels in all the most strategic places, close to the most interesting attractions.

All Icelandair hotels have the same type of services: more or less spacious rooms, breakfast included and dinner on the premises to avoid getting too far. Icelandair also offers wi-fi and in all the bathrooms you can find L’Occitaine beauty products and this makes them even more appealing if possible.

The modern and no frills design is the stylistic figure of all Icelandair Hotels in Iceland that are characterized by extreme simplicity without losing anything in terms of services and cleanliness.

During our trip to Iceland, we stayed at the following Icelandair Hotels:

  • Reykjavík Marina
  • Icelandair Hotel Fludir nel Golden Circle
  • Icelandair Hotel Klaustur vicino Vik.

and all have more than one common spot including the presence of wood carvings by Adalheidur S. Eysteinsdottir. Breakfast is included and, even if not included in the price, you can also have dinner or lunch to avoid getting around.

On average, one night at an Icelandair Hotel starts at 160 Euros for a basic double room and the rate changes according to room type, period and of course additional services included; the Icelandair Group is famous for its offers that allow you to stay at really competitive prices in all 8 hotels spread across Iceland by booking in advance and choosing one of the proposed offers. More information and offers are available by clicking here.

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[All photos are copyrighted by Giuseppe Milo. The trip to Iceland has been part of a journalistic and photographic project realized with the support of InspiredbyIceland, Europcar Iceland, Icelandair Hotels, all tour operators who gave us unique emotions thanks to their tours and restaurants that gave us the chance to test how amazing the Icelandic cuisine is and report about it.]

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Article written by Veruska Anconitano aka La Cuochina Sopraffina
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