22 Last-Minute Halloween Party Food Ideas and Recipes

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Are you looking for easy and last minute Halloween party food ideas? Look no further! We’ve selected the easiest and best Halloween food ideas ranging from spookily simple to creative. Your guests won’t resist and you’ll have so much fun in the kitchen,.

Traditionally, when we think “Halloween” we have only one image in mind: a pile of store-bought candies, a few spooky decorations, and just a few apples.

Well, the thing is that if you’re throwing or attending a themed Halloween party, you need to outbid yourself and at the same have fun: that’s why the Halloween Party Food Ideas and Recipes we’ve selected will be your savage!

What type of food people wanna eat on Halloween?

Aside from delicious food, there are two different Halloween eaters: people into creepy foods and people into cute foods. Sometimes the two categories overlap when we think of Halloween food ideas, because let’s face it: just to name one, spider cupcakes can be creepy but if well executed they’re also cute!

Do I really have to go crazy with my Halloween food ideas?

No, you don’t have to loose your mind over Halloween Party Food Ideas and Recipes but you may think smart. Imagine you’ve a bunch of ingredients at home, simple and common ones, and work your magic: peppers can be carved to become spooky, sausages can be covered in ketchup or tomato sauce to become creepy, and so on. You can go crazy but you can also play with your imagination when it comes to Halloween Party Food Ideas and Recipes.

Carving the perfect pumpkin for Halloween is essential and if you had a personal touch to your dinner party, you will surely have a big success!

Watch: How to Carve an Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween Party Food Ideas and Recipes

Halloween Cookies

Halloween cookies are one of the easiest things to prepare and they are the best way to bring a little party to our home without exaggerating. Check our own recipe here.

Halloween Cookies

Caramel Apple S’mores

If you wanna play the “cute” card, these Caramel Apple S’mores are perfect for Halloween. A classical recipe that you can reproduce by using red apples, in order to get a bloody look and feel.

Spooky Hummus

Is hummus boring? Well, try this recipe for a spiderweb hummus and you’ll change your mind.

Carved Peppers

Carve some red pepper like pumpkins, give them a classic Jack-O-Lantern look and stuff with whatever you want: sheperd’s pie, mashed potatoes, quinoa, rice… you can basically use everything!

Halloween Soup

Wanna bring healthy recipes to your Halloween Party? Prepare a pumpkin soup, add two rice balls, stick two olives in the rice and your monster soup is ready to be served.

Deviled Eggs

Everyone loves deviled eggs, imagine to customise them for your Halloween dinner party and you can easily figure out how amazing they will look. Check the recipe here.

Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

A classic Rice Krispie Treat shaped for Halloween: marshmallows, some candies, food colouring and that’s it, your Halloween Rice Krispie Treats are ready to be served.

Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Hot Dog Mummies

Nothing beats hot dogs, and these Hot Dog Mummies are perfect for Halloween: wrap sausages in pastry, bake and add ketchup for a “crime scene” effect. Kids will love it, adults will adore it!

Halloween Candy Apples

No need to be scared! These apples are perfect for Halloween and they’re delicious: dip them in coloured golden syrup and they will be the stars of your Halloween party.

candy apples

Banana Ghosts

We love this idea: freeze some bananas, cover them in white chocolate, stick mini chocolate chips and your spooky Banana Ghosts are ready to be eaten.

Halloween Cake

Such an easy and (almost) guilt-free Halloween Cake: two layers of sponge made with almond flour. One layer is flavoured with a homemade pumpkin spiced puree, the other with homemade raw licorice extract. Between the sponges, 2 layers of stabilized mascarpone cream filling, one with pumpkin puree and one plain. All covered in 70% Dark Chocolate, no sugar added!

Tangerine Pumpkins

If this is not genius, we don’t know how to define these tangerine pumpkins: just a few tangerines and place a piece of celery in the middle.

Halloween Pretzels

Dip some pretzels in candy melts and food colouring and have fun giving them the perfect Halloween shape.

Spooktacular Layered Chia Seeds Pudding

One layer of chia seeds soaked in oat milk infused in licorice, one layer of chia seeds soaked in oat milk infused in pumpkin and spiced with cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves + banana nice cream on top made from a couple frozen bananas blended together! All sprinkled with sugar-free funfetti and served with a whole licorice bar. Healthy, delicious… and spooky!

chia seeds pudding

Pretzel Witch Broom Stick Treats

Wanna treat your guests with a simple and effective treat? Try these Pretzel Witch Broom Stick Treats: just assemble your pretzel sticks into a bag, stick a fun Halloween pencil in and tie it with a ribbon. Easy and so so cute!

Mummy Pizza

Prepare your pizza dough the Italian way then follow this recipe to make the perfect mummy pizzas for Halloween.

Spooky Pumpkin Ice Cream

Prepare a pumpkin ice cream and play with it by using an ice cream cone. Such a fun and interesting idea!

Ice Cream Halloween

Trick or Treat Mini Cakes

What a crazy and amazing idea! Bake your mini cakes and fill them with candies.

Frankenstein Pops

Use marshmallows, food colouring, some pretzels, sugar paste and chocolate to create these Frankenstein pops.

Halloween Punch

Just some orange juice and a few other ingredients for this easy Halloween punch, licorice spider included.

Candy Corn Popcorn

Candy corn is a traditional Halloween staple and this one is both sweet and crunchy. Such an incredible and unmissable Halloween treat!

Halloween No-Bake Ghost Cake Pops

Cookies, white chocolate and a few more ingredients for these Halloween No-Bake Ghost Cake Pops, easy to make and without stick.

Harry Potter’s Butterbeer

Harry Potter fans will go crazy with this easy butterbeer recipe: definitely a well needed drink for a magical Halloween.

One of our favorite things is creating fun Halloween party food ideas and recipes and we hope that the above ideas will inspire you for your dinner party.

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