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Eating vegan seems to be an unstoppable trend worldwide and Dublin is not exempted. New restaurants and places open every now and then and the old spots have started to offer vegan food to meet everyone’s expectations. Do you want to eat vegan while you’re in Dublin or you just want to experiment, like I sometimes do? Then the followings are a few vegetarian spots in Dublin where you can have not just a salad and some nuts but proper meals, most of the time also gluten and dairy free.


One of the hottest vegetarian place in Dublin, Veginity is apparently a food truck located in trendy area of Camden but in reality it is a proper vegetarian restaurant. The menu changes every week and everything is vegan and in most cases raw.

Sova Food Vegan Butcher

It started with a pop up restaurant inside the Yoga Hub but now Sova is one of the most loved vegan restaurant in Dublin. It’s BYOB and you need to book a table but their seitan steak with pepper sauce, thyme potato gratin, watercress salad, roasted cherry tomatoes is a must.



Inside Yoga Hub, Happy Food open every day to provide people with gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan food from breakfast to dinner. The burritos and the wraps are simply to die for, even if you eat meat like me.


This institution in Dublin city centre continues to attract people interested in eating vegan and vegetarian since years now. Usually you can choose between 5-7 main dishes, 5-6 creative salads and 2 soups: portions are massive, sometimes too much and prices are good. During the week end there are so many people you will risk to wait hour before a table will be available.


A take away place where you can only have salads. They cater for vegan as well with their special Vegan Body Builder with organic tofu, brown rice, broccoli & mixed peppers.


Special mention to Antoinette’s Bakery, the first and only gluten and dairy free but also vegan bakery in Dublin: the donuts are amazing so as their cakes and the cookies.

[Disclaimer: None of the businesses quoted in this article have paid me for writing about them]

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