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The easiest way to peel garlic and avoid the smell on your hands

What’s the easiest way to peel garlic and avoid the smell on your hands? Simple answer: just don’t touch it! And to avoid touching it, the best way is to follow the method below, easy and quick.

Why do the garlic smell so badly??

Contrary to popular belief, the garlic itself has no odor and in fact when we use it in a pan without breaking it we barely smell odor or stench. The stench comes out when the garlic is broken, or even just hacked, because we break its main compound, the alliin which will take out other sulfur-based components that are responsible for the smell of garlic, both in cooking and on the hands and on the body.

The easiest way to peel garlic and avoid the smell on your hands

You just need to use a bowl and a jar and follow these instructions:

  1. Place the whole garlic on a hard floor and crush it with a bowl in order to break its outer skins slightly;
  2. Put the garlic in a jar, close and shake well until the garlic is not clean and deprived of it shell.

Don’t you believe it works? Watch this video in which I demonstrate that this method works and that can you clean a garlic without even touching it

Obviously if you have to cut or chop the garlic you can not help but touch it and then, unless you are like me and use of kitchen gloves the smell you will remain on the hands.

How to remove garlic smell from hands

There are some natural remedies that can eliminate the smell of garlic from our hands; here are the most common, which work at 100%:

  • White vinegar, alone or together with a little olive oil;
  • Baking soda in a little water;
  • Lemon, pure or in a little hot water;
  • Coarse salt combined with a little water;
  • The steel soap which eliminates odors.

A great solution is to use small appliances to cut, chop and squeeze the garlic; in this way not only you’ll peel the garlic without touching it but you will also cut, crush and chop it without getting your hands dirty and without having to run to cover the strong smell.

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