Dalla Costa: high quality Italian dried pasta

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Dalla Costa Alimentare, a family-run pasta factory in the province of Treviso, is one of the Italian excellence that is involved in spreading the concept of Made in Italy all over the world and they do it using what is probably the most representative product of our country: pasta. Some time ago I was invited to have a look at the factory in Castelminio di Resana, Northern Italy, to tell you something more about their products and their business philosophy.

Dalla Costa has been in business for over 25 years, and exports to 51 countries worldwide with an export share of 70%; a market share that the owners of the pasta factory want to keep and where possible to increase, precisely in relation to the fact that even outside our borders pasta starts to be seen as a true moment of haute cuisine.

The peculiarity of the company? A special attention to the selection of raw materials, together with an attraction for the geometry of the product that led Dalla Costa to reinvent the structure of the shapes and create original pastas for which today has over 80 formats, proposed on the market to meet the different needs of all consumers and help spread the concept of quality in the sector.

Low temperature drying and bronze drawing are the fundamental elements of Dalla Costa products that process their pasta at very low temperatures and for a long time to ensure that the product maintains all its characteristics. The dried pasta in this way is rough to the touch and suitable for holding any kind of sauce.

In production, the classic durum wheat semolina pasta, proposed in different formats, but also special pasta with added spices and dehydrated vegetables without adding dyes and additives. Among these are durum wheat semolina fusilli with 30% red lentils or green lentils, macaroni with three cereals (whole durum wheat, barley and rye), corn fusilli, and so on.

In order to offer the market that changes and that always requires better products, the company has an internal Research & Development department and is engaged in continuous experimentation, in search of the best combinations of ingredients to obtain desirable products and aimed also at more niche as in the case of numerous Gluten Free products.

In total (to date, December 2018) there are 87 pasta shapes produced with the use of 21 processed semolina and flours and 19 different aromatizations; wide offer on gluten-free for those who are celiac or gluten intolerant that includes 8 products: Fusilli 100% Organic Chickpeas, Penne 100% Organic Peas, Strozzapreti 100% Organic Red Lentils, Macaroni 100% Rice, Penne 100% Integral Rice , Fusilli 100% Corn, Kids Pasta Brown rice farm and finally Kids Sport Pasta with red lentils.

In order to reach a varied audience, Dalla Costa has been the only company in Italy to have the license to produce some of the most famous characters in the Disney world for 12 years. In addition, companies can contact the company to create customized pasta shapes and tastes (so-called private labels).

For special occasions, Dalla Costa produces specific pasta shapes: hearts for Valentine’s Day, Christmas forms for the Holidays, travel-inspired shapes, and so on. The idea is to bring to the table a pasta that is not only great to eat but also beautiful and fun to discover, so as to allow both those who cook, and those who eat to have fun in one of the most beautiful ways: tasting the food.

To guarantee compliance with all the rules and the desire to establish itself as one of the leaders in the field of alternative products, the company has obtained the following certifications:

  • BRC (British Retail Consortium) Certification
  • IFS (International Food Standard) Certification
  • Certification of the Organic Production Method of Dalla Costa.
  • Certification for the production of organic baby food, according to the Italian Directive 2006/125 / EC
  • Kosher certification.

All Dalla Costa products are sold Worldwide online.

[The article has been produced in collaboration with Dalla Costa Alimentare. Personal opinions only. Pictures by Giuseppe Milo].

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Article written by Veruska Anconitano aka La Cuochina Sopraffina


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