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Who doesn’t like traveling? Leave for incredible destinations, treating yourself to a weekend away from home, booking a flight, finding the best holiday home: travel gives us emotions, that’s why in this section of the magazine we have included many travel ideas on Beautiful Places to Travel.

Our travel guides are designed for independent travellers, interested in unique experiences and adventures, road trip enthusiasts, and they include a lot of travel information also incorporating hotel reviews to help the reader choose carefully and with awareness.

It is quite easy to find good travel guides and for this reason on this site you won’t find hundreds of thousands of guides but those that we consider the best, related to the adventures in the world that we have experienced, the road trips in Europe and in the world that we recommend to those who love the freedom to drive and visit locations based on their own pace and needs.

We are passionate food travellers and food is the component that is always present in all our travel guides: even when we review and advice on flights and hotels er always take into account the food and wine, precisely because eating on the go is one of the pleasures of life.

The travel guides of the best beautiful places in the world are written by us but we also accept external contributors interested in showing their travel ideas: they are passionate travellers like us, trustworthy and who love road trips and adventures.

We wish you a good journey with our travel guides and ideas: lose yourself among our articles and pictures, and start planning the best journey ever!

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