Main Dish Recipes: Easy Main Dish Recipes & Ideas

What does main dish recipes mean? It means all those dishes that, when brought to the table, are enough as an appetiser, first and second and that they feed because they are substantial and full of many good and genuine ingredients.

The main dish recipes we offer in this section have all been tried and tried again and range from the simplest and most well-known to the relatively more complex and less famous ones.

The purpose of these main dishes is to satisfy the palate of those who eat them without those who prepare them lose too much time in the kitchen or are afraid of failure; all the recipes have in fact been designed for those who do not want to spend much money both economically and temporally.

From traditional recipes to the most innovative ones, everyone likes our main dishes, they are simple to prepare, inexpensive and even recyclable: if they last, nothing is thrown away!

A long list of easy main dish recipes & ideas to prepare at home and satisfy everyone!

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