8 Best Stainless Steel Travel Water Bottles to Buy in 2024

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Reusable and portable stainless steel water bottles are becoming increasingly necessary for people, whether they’re travelling or just going to work, to the gym, for a walk or, why not? staying at home. The industry is reacting to this, and nowadays, it is easy to find and buy a water bottle.

The biggest problem is that all the companies claim to have created THE perfect water bottle, and this confuses users. When humans have too many choices, it goes without saying that they will choose without paying too much attention and only picking the most famous or the most eye-catchy object at their disposal.

As avid users, we have spent hours finding the best water bottles to use daily and when travelling. The result is a round-up of the best products, tested and tried by us and praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

We’ve only chosen the 8 best in several materials and styles for a reason above: the biggest the choice, the hardest it becomes to pick one product.

If you are in a hurry, this is our top pick!

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Simple Modern 22 Ounce Summit Water Bottle
This water bottle from Simple Modern is one of the most loved: it has a sleek design; it’s easy to carry around and completely ergonomic. It features double-walled insulation, which means your beverage will stay hot or cold for hours. It also comes with two lids: an essential insulated stainless steel lid and a leak-proof, BPA-free flip lid. Available in different sizes.
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Why should we use stainless steel water bottles?

Aside from being trendy, reusable water bottles are a savior for the environment but also for our pocket: in fact; you only need to invest once and use them for a very long time. You may argue that you need to have good water available, and to get that, you may make some adjustments, but the truth is that we are talking about minor changes, not significant construction works.

A water filter pitcher or a water filter system for your faucet, just to name a few: an investment that will allow you to save and be good with the environment.

Single-use plastic bottles are hazardous to our Planet. Creating those involves a heavily polluting production process, and the final product takes hundreds of years to break down naturally in the environment. By using a water bottle, we can reduce plastic’s impact on our lives and our World.

Single-use plastic bottles are not only causing harm to the planet but also bad for your health: in fact, they are mostly made with PET. This material can release chemicals into the water inside these bottles, especially if left under the sun.

This leads to the next point: with a reusable bottle, you can control what you drink: while there are ways to know if the water coming from your faucet is contaminated, there are no ways to know if bottled water has been infected. Once again, how often have you seen plastic bottles with water left under the sun? Well, that water has been exposed to contamination, but the final user will never know this and drink something unhealthy and dangerous.

How to choose the best travel bottle?

With so many types of water bottles, deciding what criteria to use is essential to select the best water bottle. On top of everything, you first need to determine what you’ll be using it for because this will shape the final choice.

Once you’ve identified its purpose, you’ll need to find the right size bottle: do you need one to carry around? One to travel? Or do you want a multipurpose water bottle that you can use any time you want?

The same goes for the shape: depending on its use, a bottle can be more or less slender to fit your hand or a side pocket on your backpack.

One of the most important decisions when choosing a water bottle is the material: plastic is widely used for water bottles, but it’s not the best solution for the reasons above. Go for stainless steel: it provides better insulation, it can keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, and in general, is more safe and hygienic. Take into consideration that stainless steel is more substantial, but this should not be a deterrent. If you decide to go for a plastic bottle, make sure you choose one that is free from BPA, BPS, and phthalates (we’ve recommended one in our selection below).

Last but not least, choose if you want a bottle with a nozzle or with a standard cap: nozzles will allow you to drink while doing other things (e.g., running or hiking), while a lid will require you to stop what you’re doing to avoid spilling your liquid.

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reusable steel stainless thermo water bottle

Which are the best 8 stainless steel bottles in 2024?

Now that you’ve narrowed down your criteria, it’s time to check out what are the best water bottles you can buy in 2024 and that will last forever.

1. Simple Modern 22 Ounce Summit Water Bottle

This water bottle from Simple Modern is one of the most loved: its sleek design, easy to carry around, and completely ergonomic. It features double-walled insulation, which means your beverage will stay hot or cold for hours. It also comes with two lids: an essential insulated stainless steel lid and a leak-proof, BPA-free flip lid. Available in different sizes.

  • Reviews: 20.000+ people have left an enthusiastic review on Amazon.
  • Price: $18.99

2. Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle

This water bottle from Iron Flask is a classic: it can keep your drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. It has three lids for perfect use in every situation: a carabiner straw lid with two straws, a flip-top, and a stainless steel lid! Available in different sizes (side note: only the 14 oz, 18 oz, & 22 oz Iron Flask fits in cup holders).

  • Reviews: 9000 people have left an enthusiastic review on Amazon.
  • Price: $23.95

3. HYDRO CELL Stainless Steel Water Bottle

HYDRO CELL is one of the most famous brands when it comes to water bottles. This is their bestseller, and it comes with two lids, a normal one, and a cap with a straw. Cold liquids stay cold for 24 hours, and hot liquids stay piping hot for up to 8 hours. Available in different sizes and multiple colours.

  • Reviews: 9000 people have left an enthusiastic review on Amazon.
  • Price: $23.99

4. Contigo AUTOSEAL® Chill Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Water Bottle is perfect for people looking for a slim bottle. It perfectly fits the external pockets of a regular backpack, and it doesn’t weigh too much. It features a one-hand operated AUTOSEAL® button that seals the lid between sips to eliminate spills and leaks. Available in multiple colours.

  • Reviews: 9000+ people have left an enthusiastic review on Amazon.
  • Price: $21.99

5. Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle

Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle is a classic, and it’s been on the market for the past 30 years. It’s light, completely free from BPA, BPS, and phthalates and (virtually) indestructible. This bottle is leak-proof, easy to clean, and dishwasher-safe on the top rack. Available in multiple colours.

  • Reviews: 13000+ people have left an enthusiastic review on Amazon.
  • Price: $21.99

6. POP Design Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

If you’re looking for a stylish water bottle, this one from POP is the one you need to buy. The bottle features a double layer vacuum insulation that will keep liquids cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. It is leak-proof, do not condensate, and do not freeze on the outside. One of the most exciting features is the use of the proprietary eco-friendly coating that prevents scratches and scuffs and enables a secure, comfortable grip that feels great in your hand. Available in three colours and different sizes.

  • Reviews: 4000+ people have left an enthusiastic review on Amazon.
  • Price: $13.48

7. Thermoflask Double Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle

The ThermoFlask can keep liquids ice-cold for 24 hrs and hot for up to 12 hrs with its double-wall and vacuum insulation. It has a slim design, so it’s perfect to use when browsing around. It comes with two lids; a leak-proof Chug lid and a straw lid for sipping. Available in multiple colours and sizes.

  • Reviews: 5000+ people have left an enthusiastic review on Amazon.
  • Price: $22.49

8. Takeya Actives Water Bottle with Spout Lid

The Takeya water bottle features an insulated spout lid that lets you sip, chug, or pour your refreshment without removing the entire cover. The stainless-steel pin in the handle makes this lid nearly durable and allows the comfortable wide grip to have a smooth swing action. The double-wall vacuum insulation keeps drinks hot for up to 12 hrs and cold for up to 24 hrs. Available in multiple colours and sizes.

  • Reviews: 5000+ people have left an enthusiastic review on Amazon.
  • Price: $22.39

Which brand of water bottle is the best?

Determining the “best” water bottle brand depends on what specific features or qualities you prioritise. Here’s a comparison of some of the brands we have mentioned:

  1. Simple Modern: Simple Modern water bottles are known for their stylish designs and array of colours. They are also vacuum insulated and made from stainless steel, which makes them durable and efficient at maintaining the temperature of your beverage. Simple Modern also offers a variety of sizes and shapes to fit different needs.
  2. Iron Flask: Iron Flask offers water bottles that are similarly durable and insulated but are particularly noted for their robustness, making them an excellent choice for outdoor adventures. They offer multiple lid types, including a straw lid, flip lid, and stainless steel lid, adding to their versatility.
  3. HYDRO CELL: HYDRO CELL water bottles are praised for their solid construction and excellent insulation. They come with two lids (a sport straw lid and a stainless steel lid) and are known for being reliable and leak-proof. If you’re looking for a water bottle that’s practical and dependable, HYDRO CELL could be a good choice.
  4. Thermoflask: Thermoflask water bottles are known for their excellent insulation, able to keep liquids cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours. They come with two different lids (a chug lid and a straw lid) and are made from stainless steel for durability.

Overall, all four brands offer durable water bottles that provide good insulation. Your choice should depend on your specific needs and preferences in terms of design, lid types, price point, and any brand-specific features that particularly appeal to you. It’s also worth noting that personal experience and reviews can vary, so it’s always a good idea to research and read reviews before making your final decision.

What is the healthiest water bottle to drink from?

When considering the healthiest water bottle to drink, it’s important to consider the material the bottle is made from. Here’s a quick rundown of common materials and their health implications:

  1. Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is a safe option as it doesn’t contain chemicals like BPA or phthalates. It’s also durable and resistant to rust and oxidation.
  2. Glass: Glass is another safe option; it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, is dishwasher safe, and doesn’t hold onto tastes or smells. However, glass bottles can be heavier and more fragile than other types.
  3. BPA-Free Plastic: Many plastic water bottles are now BPA-free but may contain other potentially harmful chemicals. While lightweight and durable, they can sometimes retain odours and tastes.
  4. Copper: Some people prefer copper water bottles due to their claimed health benefits. However, these benefits are not widely accepted by the medical community and consuming too much copper can have adverse health effects.

Of the brands we’ve mentioned — Simple Modern, Iron Flask, HYDRO CELL, and Thermoflask — all offer stainless steel bottles, which is a healthy choice due to the absence of harmful chemicals.

Remember, regardless of the material, keeping your water bottle clean is essential to prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. Regular washing with warm soapy water is typically sufficient.

How long can you keep water in a stainless steel bottle?

Water can be stored in a clean stainless steel bottle for a long time. Theoretically, water held in a stainless steel bottle could be safe to drink indefinitely. However, consuming or replacing the water every few days is generally recommended.

While stainless steel is resistant to bacteria, the water can become contaminated if it isn’t stored correctly or if the bottle isn’t clean.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. Clean the Bottle Regularly: You should wash your bottle after every use to prevent bacterial growth, especially if you’ve been drinking something other than water.
  2. Keep It Cool and Dry: If you’re storing the bottle for an extended period, do so in a cool, dry place. Heat and humidity can encourage bacterial growth.
  3. Don’t Share Your Bottle: Sharing a water bottle can introduce bacteria and other germs into the water.
  4. Use Clean Water: Always ensure the water you’re filling the bottle with is clean and safe to drink.

Remember that while water may not spoil, it can taste flat after a while due to lack of oxygen. If your water has been sitting in a bottle for a long time and you need clarification on its quality, it’s always best to err on caution and replace it.

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