11 Best Pizzerias In Naples Chosen By Locals In 2024

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Are you planning a trip to Naples and on a quest to discover the true essence of authentic pizza? Look no further! As you may know, one of us, Giuseppe, is a local of Naples and has a local knowledge of Naples’s vibrant culture. For this reason, I’m here to guide you through the city’s streets, the undisputed birthplace of pizza from a local perspective. This isn’t just another culinary tour; it’s a journey into the heart of Neapolitan life, where pizza is more than a dish—it’s a celebration of tradition and community.

In Naples, the art of pizza-making is a story passed down through generations, a craft that embodies the spirit of our city. From the lively vendors dotting every corner to the cozy, family-run trattorias, each place has its unique story. The aroma of freshly baked dough, the richness of the tomato sauce, and the creamy melt of mozzarella are sensory experiences and a part of our daily life.

This article is your insider’s guide to the best pizza experiences in Naples. We’re taking you beyond the well-trodden path of tourist hotspots to those hidden gems cherished by locals, places that might not be on the typical traveler’s radar.

Be aware that in Naples, you can find a pizzeria at every corner, so this list cannot and doesn’t want to be exhaustive: it’s just our tribute to the authentic Neapolitan pizza, featuring establishments that we think offer the best pizza in Naples. So, join me on this culinary adventure and discover the best pizza places in Naples, where each slice is a testament to our rich tradition and exceptional taste.

Pizzeria Starita

Pizzeria Starita
Starita holds a special place in our hearts as our favorite pizzeria in Naples. It’s not just the exceptional pizza that delights us but also the warm, welcoming atmosphere and the charming character of the place itself. This combination creates an unforgettable dining experience that keeps us coming back.

Pizzeria Starita is located in the heart of Naples, specifically in the Materdei neighborhood, known for its authentic Neapolitan culture and cuisine. The ambiance of the pizzeria is a harmonious blend of rustic charm and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. With its cozy seating and bustling environment, the interior offers an authentic Neapolitan dining experience that resonates with locals and tourists alike.

A distinctive feature of the pizzeria is its unique table numbering system, which draws inspiration from the Smorfia Napoletana and the traditional Italian game of Tombola. Each table is marked with a round wooden plate, displaying a number that echoes those used in Tombola, seamlessly blending a piece of Italian tradition into the dining experience.

Pizzeria Starita holds a special place in the history of Naples’ pizza culture. It has been serving pizzas for over a century, with a reputation that has grown through generations. The pizzeria has also gained fame for its appearance in the classic Italian film “L’Oro di Napoli,” where Sophia Loren famously made pizza.

Pizzeria Starita, our favorite, occupies a cherished spot in our hearts. The pizzas here, especially the ‘Bianca con Cotto e Funghi,’ ‘Salsiccia e Friarielli,’ and the classic ‘Margherita,’ are not just meals but culinary masterpieces. Additionally, the ‘Angioletti Fritti‘ – a delightful fried dough treat served with either Nutella or pistachio sauce – is an irresistible indulgence. The initial appetizers, particularly the ‘Crocchè‘ (potato croquettes) and ‘Frittatina’ (a type of fried pasta cake), are exemplary starters that prepare the palate for the pizza to come.

While the prices at Pizzeria Starita are slightly higher than some other spots in Naples, their pizza’s exceptional quality and taste make it absolutely worth the extra cost. Be prepared for longer queues during peak months and weekends; the usual practice is to leave your name and patiently wait for your turn to be called, a small trade-off for such a renowned dining experience.

Pizzeria Starita is located at Via Materdei, 27/28, 80136 Napoli, Italia

Pizzeria Di Matteo

Di Matteo

Pizzeria Di Matteo is located on Via dei Tribunali, a street well-known for its rich culinary offerings and vibrant atmosphere. This central location places Di Matteo in the heart of Naples, making it easily accessible and a popular destination for both locals and tourists seeking authentic Neapolitan pizza. The ambiance of Di Matteo is quintessentially Neapolitan, characterized by a lively and unpretentious atmosphere. The pizzeria’s simple, no-frills decor allows the focus to remain on the culinary experience, drawing in a diverse crowd of pizza enthusiasts.

Di Matteo is renowned for its classic Pizza Margherita, a dish that has been loved and perfected for decades. This iconic pizza, with its harmonious blend of tomato, mozzarella, basil, and olive oil, is a testament to the pizzeria’s commitment to traditional flavors. In addition to the Margherita, Di Matteo offers a variety of other specialties, such as pizza fritta, each prepared with the same dedication to quality and taste.

The pizzeria has a rich history and has been a staple in the Naples pizza scene for many years, making it a significant culinary landmark. Its location in the historic center of Naples adds to its allure, placing it right amid the city’s vibrant life.

One of the most appealing aspects of Di Matteo is the balance it strikes between affordability and quality. Despite the low prices, there is no compromise on the quality of the pizzas, which are consistently excellent. This combination of affordability and high-quality offerings makes Di Matteo a favorite among both locals and tourists.

Given its reputation and central location, Di Matteo often experiences long queues, especially during peak and weekend months. The popularity of the pizzeria means that there’s usually a wait, but the exceptional pizza that awaits is well worth the time. Be prepared for a bit of a wait, especially during busy times, as part of the authentic Naples pizza experience.

Pizzeria Di Matteo is located at Via dei Tribunali, 94, 80138 Napoli, Italia

Pizzeria Ciro Pellone

Pizzeria Ciro Pellone
Pizzeria Ciro Pellone offers a unique opportunity to experience authentic Neapolitan pizza away from the typical tourist paths in an area deeply rooted in the local community.

Pizzeria Ciro Pellone is located in the Fuorigrotta area of Naples, a bit far from the city center. This location contributes to its authentic, non-touristy vibe, offering a genuine slice of local Neapolitan life. The ambiance of Ciro Pellone is warm and inviting, focusing on providing a comfortable and genuine dining experience that reflects the neighborhood’s character.

The pizzeria has been celebrated for its Pizza Margherita for decades. This classic pizza, with its perfect balance of tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil, and olive oil, is a testament to Ciro Pellone’s dedication to traditional Neapolitan pizza-making. Alongside the Margherita, the menu offers a variety of other specialties, from more pizza to fried treats, all showcasing the flavors of Naples.

While Ciro Pellone may not boast the same historical prominence as some central Naples pizzerias, its commitment to traditional pizza-making techniques and its location in a less tourist-centric neighborhood make it a unique and cherished establishment among locals.

Ciro Pellone stands out for its combination of low prices and high-quality pizzas. The value for money here is exceptional, with the pizzeria offering top-notch pizzas at very reasonable prices, making it a favored spot for those seeking both quality and affordability.

Situated away from the city center in Fuorigrotta, Ciro Pellone offers a more relaxed and authentic atmosphere. However, its proximity to the local football stadium means it can get jam-packed around football matches. During these times, expect longer queues as fans gather to enjoy great pizza before or after the game. This surge in popularity during match days is a testament to the pizzeria’s reputation, and the high regard locals hold.

Pizzeria Ciro Pellone is located at Via Mario Gigante, 94/96, 80126 Napoli, Italia

Pizzeria Concettina Ai Tre Santi

Concettina ai Tre Santi

Pizzeria Concettina Ai Tre Santi is located in the Rione Sanità neighborhood of Naples and is rich in history and culture. The ambiance of the pizzeria is a blend of traditional charm and contemporary flair, reflecting the vibrant spirit of its surroundings. The setting is lively and welcoming, offering a unique dining experience that captures the essence of modern Neapolitan life.

Concettina Ai Tre Santi is renowned for its innovative approach to pizza. While not strictly traditional, their pizzas creatively explore flavors and textures. Signature specialties include a range of unique and imaginative toppings, each carefully crafted to create a harmonious and delicious experience. The quality of the ingredients is exceptional, contributing to the distinct taste profiles of their pizzas.

The pizzeria has made a name for itself by pushing the boundaries of traditional Neapolitan pizza, earning recognition and acclaim for its culinary innovations.

The fried treats at Concettina Ai Tre Santi are a particular delight. Though small and not ideal for sharing, they pack a flavorful punch. The pizzas are notable for their size and the extraordinary lightness of the crust (cornicione), which is almost ethereal in its texture. This lightness makes the pizza feel deceptively airy, allowing the flavors of the toppings to shine through.

The prices at Concettina Ai Tre Santi are higher than those of many other pizzerias in Naples, reflecting the high quality of the ingredients and the innovative nature of their pizzas. The pizzeria’s commitment to excellence has been recognized with a Michelin star, a testament to its outstanding culinary achievements.

Local Tip
The desserts at Concettina are delightful, but for an exceptional finale to your culinary journey, a visit to Pasticceria Poppella is highly recommended. Just a short stroll from Concettina, Poppella is famed for its “fiocco di neve,” a delicious pastry ball filled with cream, offering a perfect sweet treat to round off your experience.

Pizzeria Concettina Ai Tre Santi offers a unique culinary experience, combining the traditional with the contemporary in a way that respects Neapolitan traditions and is boldly innovative. The combination of high-quality ingredients, creative pizzas, and Michelin star recognition makes it a must-visit for those seeking a modern twist on the classic Neapolitan pizza.

Pizzeria Concettina Ai Tre Santi is located at Via Arena della Sanità, 7 Bis, 80137 Napoli, Italy.

Pizzeria Sorbillo Via Dei Tribunali


While Pizzeria Sorbillo boasts multiple locations, we highly recommend visiting the original one on Via dei Tribunali. This iconic spot offers exceptional pizza and a deep dive into the authentic atmosphere of Naples’ rich pizza heritage.

The Sorbillo family has a long-standing history in the world of Neapolitan pizza, making their pizzeria a significant culinary landmark in Naples. The tradition and expertise passed down through generations are evident in every pizza they serve, making Sorbillo a true embodiment of Neapolitan pizza culture.

Sorbillo is celebrated for its traditional Neapolitan pizzas, known for their delicious flavors and high-quality ingredients. Each pizza on the menu is named after a member of the Sorbillo family, adding a personal touch to their offerings. A standout specialty is the ‘Pizza Fritta,’ a fried pizza that follows the recipe of Esterina, a niece of the founder. This dish is a nod to the family’s deep-rooted pizza-making history and is a must-try for visitors.

One of the most appealing aspects of Pizzeria Sorbillo is its affordability. Despite the high quality of the pizzas, the prices remain very low, offering great value. The pizzeria tends to have long queues, especially given its popularity and prime location on Via dei Tribunali. However, the dining space inside is quite large, which helps to accommodate guests relatively quickly.

The combination of delicious, affordable pizzas, a wealthy family history, and the unique naming makes it a standout destination for anyone seeking to experience the best pizza in Naples, Italy.

Pizzeria Sorbillo is located at Via dei Tribunali, 32, 80138 Napoli, Italia

Antica Pizzeria Prigiobbo

Pizzeria Prigiobbo
Pizzeria Prigiobbo offers a slice of Naples as its residents live it. It’s a place where the charm lies in its simplicity and adherence to tradition, making it a must-visit for anyone wanting to experience the best pizza in Naples in one of the city’s less touristy pizzerias.

Pizzeria Prigiobbo is located inside the Quartieri Spagnoli, a vibrant and historic area of Naples known for its lively streets and authentic local culture. The ambiance of Prigiobbo reflects the unpretentious and spirited nature of its neighborhood. It’s a place where the simple pleasures of good food and company take center stage, offering a genuine Neapolitan experience away from the more tourist-centric locales.

Pizzeria Prigiobbo has served the local community for many years, making it a less touristy option in the Naples city center. Its long-standing presence and commitment to traditional pizza-making have made it a beloved institution in the Quartieri Spagnoli. The pizzeria’s dedication to maintaining the authenticity of Neapolitan pizza has earned it a special place in the hearts of locals.

Prigiobbo is celebrated for its traditional Neapolitan pizzas, a testament to the art of pizza making. The focus here is on basic yet perfectly executed pizzas that honor the traditional recipes and ingredients. The menu might not boast fancy or innovative toppings, but each pizza is crafted to deliver an authentic taste of Naples. The quality of the pizzas, made with first-class ingredients, speaks for itself.

The prices at Pizzeria Prigiobbo are notably low, making it an excellent choice for those seeking high-quality pizza without a hefty price tag. The focus here is not on extravagance but on delivering superb pizzas that stay true to the traditional Neapolitan style.

Pizzeria Prigiobbo is located at Via Portacarrese a Montecalvario, 96, 80134 Napoli, Italia

Pizzeria Attanasio

Pizzeria Attanasio

Pizzeria Attanasio is located on the renowned Via dei Tribunali in Naples, a street almost synonymous with the city’s rich pizza culture. The ambiance of Attanasio combines the traditional charm of Naples with a welcoming, lively atmosphere.

While Attanasio honors traditional Neapolitan pizza, they aren’t afraid to explore creative culinary combinations. Their pizzas balance classic and innovative offerings like the richly flavored mortadella and pistachio pizza and seasonal specialties such as pizzas topped with zucchini flowers. Aside from their pizzas, a must-try is the panuozzo, a delicious sandwich made with pizza dough, showcasing the versatility of their baking skills.

The prices at Pizzeria Attanasio are average, offering good value for the quality and creativity of the pizzas. The service is known for being quick and efficient, catering to the fast-paced environment of the area while ensuring a pleasant dining experience.

Pizzeria Attanasio offers a delightful blend of traditional and modern pizza-making. Its location in the heart of Naples’ pizza scene, combined with its inventive approach to pizza and the classic panuozzo, makes it a compelling stop for anyone looking to explore the breadth of Neapolitan pizza.

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Margherita or something more adventurous, Attanasio provides a taste experience rooted in tradition and excitingly contemporary.

Pizzeria Attanasio is located at Via dei Tribunali, 379, 80134 Napoli, Italia

Pizzeria Imperatore

Pizzeria Imperatore

Pizzeria Imperatore is situated in the Duomo area of Naples. The ambiance of the pizzeria is a refined blend of traditional Neapolitan charm and a more polished, contemporary feel. This mix makes it an attractive spot for tourists and locals, offering a comfortable and upscale dining experience while retaining Naples’s authentic spirit.

Imperatore is known for its traditional Neapolitan pizzas, crafted with first-class ingredients and a commitment to quality. The prices are average, providing good value for the high pizza standard. A standout specialty is the ‘Trio di Montanare,’ featuring three small pieces of fried dough, each topped with different, flavorful ingredients. Another unique offering is the ‘Cappello di San Gennaro,’ a pizza with a distinctive shape that resembles the hat of Saint Gennaro, a nod to the local culture and history.

While Pizzeria Imperatore may not have the long historical lineage of some other establishments in Naples, its location in the Duomo area and its dedication to traditional pizza-making techniques make it a significant player in the city’s pizza scene. The pizzeria has created a name by offering a refined dining experience without losing the essence of what makes Neapolitan pizza unique.

The pizzas at Imperatore are known for their firm dough and well-done crust (cornicione), which is elastic and adds a delightful texture to each bite. The balance between the firmness of the dough and the quality of the toppings makes their pizzas a memorable experience.

Pizzeria Imperatore offers a more refined take on the classic Neapolitan pizzeria, making it an excellent choice for those looking for first-class pizza in a slightly more upscale setting. Its combination of traditional pizza-making, innovative specialties like the ‘Cappello di San Gennaro,’ and a comfortable, tourist-friendly atmosphere make it a must-visit for anyone exploring the rich pizza culture of Naples.

Pizzeria Imperatore is located at Via Duomo, 218, 80138 Napoli, Italia

Pizzeria Da Michele

Pizzeria Da Michele

Pizzeria Da Michele is located in the Duomo area of Naples and is rich in history and cultural significance. The ambiance of Da Michele is quintessentially Neapolitan, characterized by a bustling, no-frills atmosphere that focuses squarely on the pizza. The setting is simple and unadorned, creating an authentic and down-to-earth dining experience about the food.

Da Michele is renowned for its adherence to traditional Neapolitan pizza-making methods. The menu is notably limited, offering only four types of pizza, but this simplicity is part of its charm. The typical Margherita pizza here is fantastic and incredibly affordable, making it a favorite among locals and tourists. Focusing on a few classic pizzas ensures each is made with the utmost care and expertise.

Pizzeria Da Michele has a storied history in Naples, establishing itself as a landmark in the city’s pizza landscape. Its reputation for serving some of the best traditional pizzas in Naples has made it a must-visit destination for pizza enthusiasts worldwide, attracted by the spot where Julia Roberts famously ate pizza in the 2010 film adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert’s novel Eat, Pray, Love. That’s why waiting times can exceed 2 hours.

The prices at Da Michele are meager, especially considering the quality of the pizzas. This affordability, combined with the exceptional taste, contributes to the pizzeria’s enduring popularity. However, be prepared for a wait; the pizzeria operates on a ticket system where guests take a number and wait for it to be called. This often results in long queues, especially during peak hours, but the wait is a small price to pay for some of the best pizzas in Naples.

Pizzeria Da Michele offers a truly authentic Neapolitan pizza experience. Its combination of traditional, high-quality pizzas, a no-nonsense atmosphere, and low prices make it an iconic spot in Naples. The menu’s simplicity and the conventional pizza-making approach set Da Michele apart, making it an institution in the city’s rich culinary tapestry.

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele is located at Via Cesare Sersale, 1, 80139 Napoli, Italy.

Pizzeria La Figlia del Presidente

La figlia del presidente

Pizzeria La Figlia del Presidente is in the heart of the city’s historic pizza district. The ambiance of the pizzeria is authentically Neapolitan and lively, reflecting the vibrant energy of its surroundings. The setting is unpretentious and focused on the culinary experience, offering a genuine taste of Naples.

La Figlia del Presidente is celebrated for its traditional Neapolitan pizzas, known for their exquisite taste and quality. The prices are cheaper, making it an excellent value for authentic Neapolitan pizza. Among their specialties, the frittatine stands out, particularly alla Nerano (with zucchini and cheese) and maccheroni, sausage, and crispy friarielli, known for their crunchy exterior and perfectly cooked interior. The pizza fritta is notably huge and a must-try, while their Margherita is acclaimed as one of the best in Naples.

At La Figlia del Presidente, the focus is on delivering high-quality, traditional pizzas at affordable prices. The pizzeria’s commitment to using fresh, top-notch ingredients is evident in every dish they serve. The atmosphere is typically Neapolitan – lively, friendly, and unassuming, making it an ideal spot for those looking to immerse themselves in the local pizza experience.

Pizzeria La Figlia del Presidente offers a delightful experience in a vibrant and authentic setting for anyone seeking traditional Neapolitan pizza. Its combination of delicious pizzas, particularly the renowned Margherita and unique frittatine, along with its location in one of Naples’ most famous pizza streets, makes it a must-visit destination for pizza lovers.

Pizzeria La Figlia del Presidente is located at Via del Grande Archivio, 24, 80138 Napoli, Italia

Pizzeria 50 Kalò

Pizzeria 50 Kalò
Despite garnering numerous international accolades, including being named the best Italian Pizzeria in London and securing first place in the 50 Top Pizza awards, 50 Kalò has maintained its commitment to quality and affordability in Naples. The love and dedication for Neapolitan pizza are evident in every inch of their offerings, unaffected by their global recognition.

Pizzeria 50 Kalò is located in the Mergellina area of Naples, a picturesque and lively part of the city known for its beautiful waterfront and bustling streets. The ambiance of 50 Kalò is modern and welcoming, offering a contemporary twist on the traditional Neapolitan pizzeria. The setting is stylish yet comfortable, making it a popular destination for locals and visitors.

50 Kalò is renowned for its authentic Neapolitan pizzas, which are exceptional in every variation. The pizzas are large, with a dough that is incredibly light and melts in your mouth. The toppings are expertly balanced, creating an explosion of flavor with each bite. In addition to their pizzas, the fried starters are a highlight, showcasing the same high quality and delicious taste.

While 50 Kalò may not have the lengthy historical background of some traditional Neapolitan pizzerias, it has quickly made a name for itself with its high-quality pizzas and modern approach. The pizzeria has become a standout in the Naples pizza scene, known for its dedication to the craft of pizza making.

The prices at 50 Kalò are on the medium to expensive side, reflecting the premium quality of the pizzas and the overall dining experience. Despite this, the prices are considered very fair for the level of quality provided. The service is fast and friendly, with a large team working efficiently to ensure every guest’s pleasant and smooth dining experience.

Pizzeria 50 Kalò offers a sublime pizza experience, combining traditional Neapolitan techniques with a modern and sophisticated approach. The quality of the pizzas, from the light and flavorful dough to the perfectly balanced toppings, along with the efficient and cordial service, makes it a must-visit for anyone looking for an exceptional pizza experience in Naples.

Pizzeria 50 Kalò is located at Piazza Sannazaro, 201/c, 80121 Napoli, Italia

The Essence of Neapolitan Pizza

At the heart of Neapolitan pizza lies a combination of simple, high-quality ingredients and a traditional cooking method honed over centuries. What sets this iconic dish apart is its distinctive thin crust, which balloons around the edges yet remains soft, chewy, and slightly charred from the intense heat of a wood-fired oven. The toppings are a testament to the Italian ethos of ‘less is more’: San Marzano tomatoes, grown in the volcanic plains to the south of Mount Vesuvius, provide a sweet yet tangy sauce; creamy, melt-in-your-mouth buffalo mozzarella; fresh basil; and a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil complete this masterpiece.

The history of pizza in Naples is as rich and layered as the dish itself. Dating back to the 18th century, pizza was initially a food for the poor, a simple and affordable way to feed the family. However, its irresistible appeal soon transcended social classes. The legend of the Margherita pizza, created in 1889 and named after Queen Margherita of Savoy, with its toppings of tomato, mozzarella, and basil representing the colors of the Italian flag, is a testament to its enduring legacy.

The Neapolitan ‘Pizzaiuolo’ craft is honored as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, underscoring the importance of authentic Neapolitan pizza adhering to precise standards and rules to preserve its cultural significance. These standards include using specific types of ingredients, a particular method of dough preparation, and cooking the pizza in a wood-fired oven at a blistering 485 degrees Celsius (905 degrees Fahrenheit) for no more than 90 seconds.

This meticulous attention to tradition and quality makes Neapolitan pizza a timeless culinary treasure, a dish that continues to captivate food lovers around the globe.

What to Look for in The Best Pizza in Naples

Several qualities distinguish a truly great pizza from the rest when seeking out an authentic Neapolitan pizza in Naples. Understanding these characteristics will enhance your appreciation of this culinary art form and help you identify the best pizza in Naples.

  1. The Crust: The foundation of any Neapolitan pizza is its crust. It should be thin in the middle, allowing the flavors of the toppings to shine, yet puffy and slightly charred around the edges due to the high heat of the wood-fired oven. The crust must strike a perfect balance between soft and chewy, with a slight crispness. It’s made from a specific type of high-protein wheat flour, water, salt, and yeast and is hand-kneaded but never rolled with a pin or prepared by a machine.
  2. The Sauce: Authentic Neapolitan pizza sauce is made from San Marzano tomatoes, grown in the volcanic soil of Mount Vesuvius. These tomatoes are prized for their sweet flavor, low acidity, and rich texture. The sauce should be simple, seasoned only with a touch of salt, and perhaps some fresh basil, allowing the natural flavors of the tomatoes to stand out.
  3. The Cheese: Traditional Neapolitan pizzas use either fresh mozzarella di bufala, made from the milk of water buffalo raised in the marshlands of Campania, or Fior di Latte, a cow’s milk mozzarella. The cheese should dot the pizza in sizable chunks, melting into the sauce without overwhelming the other ingredients.
  4. The Toppings: Neapolitan pizzas are typically light on toppings to maintain a balance of flavors and to ensure the crust cooks appropriately. Classic toppings include fresh basil, a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil, and perhaps a sprinkle of sea salt and garlic. The key is the quality and freshness of the ingredients rather than the quantity.
  5. Cooking Method: Authentic Neapolitan pizza is cooked in a wood-fired oven at temperatures around 800-900°F (430-485°C) for about 60-90 seconds. This quick, high-heat cooking process is crucial to achieving the perfect crust and lightly charred edges.
  6. Appearance and Texture: The final pizza should have a slightly irregular, oval shape, a testament to its handcrafted nature. The crust should exhibit leopard spotting from the char and have a slight give under pressure. The center will be soft and moist, making the pizza foldable.
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Taste The Best Pizza In Naples And Be Happy

As we conclude our gastronomic tour of Naples, the undisputed capital of pizza, it’s clear that this city offers an unparalleled pizza experience. From the traditional and world-renowned Margheritas at Da Michele and Sorbillo to the innovative and contemporary creations at 50 Kalò, each pizzeria we’ve suggested brings its unique flavor to the Neapolitan pizza culture. The authenticity and dedication to the craft are evident in places like Pizzeria Prigiobbo and La Figlia del Presidente, where traditional recipes are revered, and in the refined and bustling ambiance of Pizzeria Imperatore.

Naples is not just a city; it’s a living, breathing museum of culinary excellence, where every pizzeria has a story to tell and a flavor to share. Whether you’re indulging in the light, melt-in-your-mouth dough at 50 Kalò, savoring the classic simplicity of a Margherita at Da Michele, or exploring the less-trodden paths to hidden gems like Pizzeria Prigiobbo, each experience is a testament to the city’s love affair with pizza.

We encourage you to embark on this delicious journey through Naples. Explore the narrow streets, soak in the vibrant atmosphere, and let your taste buds lead. Each pizzeria mentioned here is not just a place to eat; it’s a destination to experience the heart and soul of Naples. So, pack your appetite and a sense of adventure and dive into the best pizza experiences Naples, Italy, offers. Buon appetite!

Disclaimer: None of the establishments mentioned in this list have paid for their inclusion. Our recommendations are based purely on personal experience and genuine appreciation. We have personally visited and paid for the pizzas at each location to ensure an authentic and unbiased perspective. Our goal is to share our love for Neapolitan pizza and guide you to some of the best culinary experiences in Naples.
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