Baden-Württemberg: the Michelin-starred restaurants in Baiersbronn and a dinner at the Schlossberg

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The Baden-Württemberg and specifically Baiersbronn is an ideal destination for tourists who are passionate about food and wine: in general, Germany has an incredible number of Michelin-starred restaurants, but it is the Baiersbronn that plays the lion’s share, with 8 stars spread over a very small territory. In this guide, you will find information about Michelin starred in the Baiersbronn with a special review of Schlossberg, the 2-star restaurant located inside the Romantik Sackmann Hotel. Find our complete food and wine guide at the Baiersbronn by clicking here.

Michelin-starred Restaurants in Baiersbronn

There are 74 starred restaurants in Baden-Württemberg for a total of 85 Michelin stars, with the town of Baiersbronn which with 8 stars is the city with the biggest amount of starred restaurants in Germany

The “Schwarzwaldstube” by Harald Wohlfahrt and “Restaurant Bareiss” hold 3 Michelin stars, followed by “Schlossberg” which has 2 stars: for everyone, the idea of enhancing the products of the region, of paying tribute to the Land and keeping the tradition alive. It is no coincidence that the three restaurants work hand in hand to ensure that, each in its own way, the values of sharing and territoriality are also disseminated among tourists who in this piece of Germany come to discover the food, perhaps combining it with of paths in nature.

Eating at the Schlossberg by Jörg Sackmann

Jörg Sackmann, head chef at the Schlossberg, has been holding Michelin stars for years and today he is joined by his son Nico who, in addition to cooking, also has the daily task of collecting Black Forest wild herbs for use in dishes. A real mission is that of the Sackmann family that runs the hotel of the same name and puts the territory and tradition first of all. Jörg, which in Germany is a known and appreciated personality, is always present in the kitchen and every year organizes cooking classes that allow participants to learn to cook using wild herbs and products easily found also in a vegetable garden at home.

Jörg Sackmann head chef Schlossberg

A dinner at the Schlossberg is not only a pleasure for the palate but also an incredible experience from the human point of view: if you are thinking that the starred restaurants are all formal and “difficult”, the Schlossberg will make you change your mind. Waiters and young waitresses, with a smile on their lips and an informal attitude, a welcoming environment where no particular outfit is required and where it is not necessary to lower your voice: the focus is on food, not on the environment where food is served, and it is food that is the main character of the table. I do not add anything, I let the pictures speak:

Schlossberg Baiersbronn
Schlossberg Baiersbronn
Schlossberg Baiersbronn
Schlossberg Baiersbronn
Schlossberg Baiersbronn
Schlossberg Baiersbronn
Schlossberg Baiersbronn
Schlossberg Baiersbronn

Schlossberg… not just a restaurant

The starred restaurant Schlossberg is located inside the Hotel Sackmann, run by the Sackmann family for decades. From breakfast to dinner, starred restaurant apart, the food and wine offer are always of the highest quality and guests can taste the best of the seasonal and local food. At breakfast you can taste homemade jams with the fruits of the Black Forest, just to add typicality to typicality. And the whole hotel is characterized by the respect and the enhancement of the surrounding environment: just think of the beauty center that recalls the colors and scents of the Black Forest and also offers treatments based on local products. In short, an all-around offer that goes beyond the restaurants and the food.


Did I convince you? If not, this is the last bit:

If you’re looking for a foodie destination, Baiersbronn is the perfect place and the Hotel Sackmann with its restaurant Schlossberg are just the ice on top of the cake!

[This Guide is the result of a trip project with Baden-Württemberg. All the pictures have been taken, as usual, by Giuseppe].

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