AirBnB Trips: experiences like a local not just a tourist

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Traveling like a local. This is the new world trend that means exactly what you read: do not be a classic tourist with a map in your hand but in addition to visiting tourist spots when traveling, try to experience a place like a local. There are a lot of companies, more or less large and well-known, who have chosen to offer these kind of possibilities to tourists and among them I’ve decided to tell you my experience with AirBnb Trips, the platform closely linked to the idea of “like Local “and” sharing economy” of the same site, AirBnb.

Traveling like a local with AirBnb Trips

Trips is a platform embedded in the AirBnb site, the same from which you can book accommodations when you are traveling, and allows you to book experiences out of the ordinary to visit a place differently than usual. People who have decided to offer tours and organize experiences are not necessarily experts in the chosen industry but also (and I would add: above all) ordinary people who make their passion for a particular subject available by offering special tours, unusual experiences and even mini classes; they can also be hosts who rent their homes and decide to provide their guests with a 360° experience.
Here’s an example: in Dublin you can book a image lazy photo tour of the city, in Rome you can join an aperitif on a private terrace and in Los Angeles you can be part of a hunting tour of the best places to see street art.
Put yourself in the shoes of a foreigner who comes to your place and wants to get in full in your culture: what better way to do it through the help of a local person?
And now put yourself in your shoes as a traveler: would you like to discover a city by organizing a tour on a two-storey bus or wear your sneakers and walk the street on foot, listening to the stories that only a local person can tell you about?

How does AirBnb Trips work for travelers?

Trips is easy: just go to and select Experiences then enter the city of interest, the dates and the number of people. Once the search is started, just select the experience you want to book, choose the date and follow the next steps to book your experience. It is payable upon booking and if you cancel less than 30 days before the event starts you will not be entitled to a refund unless you have a substitute for the same experience; you can cancel an experience within the first 24 hours of booking. At the end of the experience, you can put your assessment to help others understand what the experience is, and before experience you can contact your host if you have questions or doubts. All the experiences are in English!

How can you add an Experience in AirBnb Trips?

Do you want to design an experience with AirBnb to provide your passion and knowledge with others? First you need to know that Trips is not available all over the World but only in some cities so you can start start creating your own experience and to propose it so you can launch as soon as your city will be covered. Remember that the experiences are all checked and verified and therefore it is not said that all move to the final stage; in addition, the selection is carried out on the already active experiences which, as reviewed by the participants, are subjected to a continuous evaluation process.

My experience with AirBnb Trips

I have tried AirBnb Trips in San Francisco in May 2017: the city offers a lot of opportunities but in my case the choice has fallen on an experience called Craft Cocktail Session to learn how to prepare a typical Frisco cocktail and try to carve as many secrets as possible from my host. I could have chosen different experiences but the idea of trying to prepare a cocktail intrigued me and above all I was intrigued to do it in a particular location: The Dorian is in fact an old factory transformed today into a very special place that keeps typical details of the industrial architecture of the past. It’s located in the Marina area,  halfway between Fisherman’s Wharf and North Beach and I also wanted to explore why it’s one of the nerve centers of social life in San Francisco among locals .
What I liked the most is definitely the family atmosphere and fun that has been created and the fact that besides having fun, I’ve also learned something by taking away more than a recipe for home-made cocktails and a real booklet with instructions for preparing perfect cocktails.

In terms of Food and Drinks, there are plenty of bookable experiences in the cities where Trips is available and there are some really special ones where part of the proceeds are donated to local charities.
It is not said that all the experiences are as satisfactory as the one I did but you can leave reviews and read the reviews of those who booked before you so as to understand if the experience is worth it or not.

The limits of AirBnb Trips

  • Trips is currently available only in some cities but I’m sure it will soon be available on a broader range;
  • Surely this is a niche product in a sense that a traveler who does not use AirBnb does not even think about experiencing Trips;
  • Everywhere in the World the experiences are carried on in English so this means you’ve either to be a good English speaker if you want to create your own experience or eitner a good English listener if you want to take part to one of them;
  • The presence of enthusiasts but not necessarily professionals can be a deterrent for those who love classic tours and certified guides.

[This review is part of a project with AirBnb Italia which has provided me with the Experience and the apartment in San Francisco to discover and promote Trips together with MasterConsulting and Visit San Francisco. The final evaluation about the product is personal and does not reflect in any way my partnership with the brand]

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Article written by Veruska Anconitano aka La Cuochina Sopraffina
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