3 days in Stockholm: things to do and see

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I’ve been in Stockholm in the middle of the winter when the days were short and the streets smelled of Christmas. I dreamed of Stockholm for years and at the end, suddenly, it came without much planning and I had the lucky to explore one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in Europe.

To me the most beautiful thing in Stockholm is turn it on foot with a rough itinerary and without being influenced too much because its streets, both large and small, are really fascinating; if you want to be better organized and save money on transportation (as long as you will use them!) and museum tickets you can buy the Stockholm Card in denominations of 24, 48 or 72 hours.

In some pictures, taken by Giuseppe, my recommendations on what to see and do in Stockholm in three days; I think this is the amount of time you need to enjoy the city in all its shades (but not enough but if you want to move around).

Parlamento Stoccolma

gamla stan cattedrale

Gamla Stan

The old city is a network of narrow streets lined with shops and restaurants where you can also see the most important government buildings. Surely touristic and somehow spoiled by the presence of too many souvenir shops, Gamla Stan is still one of the most beautiful parts of Stockholm if only for the chance to arrive, from here, to the area of the Promenade with its bridges. The main square in Gamla Stan, Stortorget, overlooks Västerlånggatan and Österlånggatan, the two lanes class tourist, but if you divert slightly from the classic route you’ll find yourself immersed in an unreal atmosphere made of buildings in 1300 and old shops as they used to be.

fotografiska stoccolma


A proper paradise for those who love photography, Fotografiska is the museum dedicated to contemporary photography that is located in the district of Södermalm overlooking the Stockholm skyline. The museum is divided into different areas and every year at least four exhibitions are held. The restaurant / cafe on the top floor offers traditional Swedish cuisine at very affordable rates and the view of the city is really out of breath!

t centralen


Have you ever thought that the subway could be turned into a real and free museum? It happens in Stockholm where the 110 Km of Tunnelbana are embellished with graffiti, neon and various interior decoration. Do not miss the blue line and especially the T-Centralen with its frescoed walls and colored blue.

Old Town Stoccolma

Museo Skansen

The largest open-air museum in Stockholm includes a natural park with lots of animals and craft shops. I would not put it among the first things to do and see but if you have time go over there especially if you have children.



Located on the opposite side from Gamla Stan, Skeppholmen is a real small island connected to the city by the Skeppsholmsbron. On this island you can find the Moderna Museet, the Arkitekturmuseet and Östasiatiska Museet but also a beautiful walk along the sea which allows you to enjoy the skyline of Stockholm at sunset or at night. The Vasa Museum, housed inside a wrecked ship of the 16th century, could be suitable for you if you love the genre (I have skipped, just to say!)

Piazza Sergels

Sergels Torg

Located in the new and commercial area, Sergels Torg is one of the most important place in Stockholm and also the best known to those who want to go shopping; the monument at the center of the square is an obelisk of glass that lights up at night. Chaotic and confusing, this square is unmissable especially if you’re staying in the new area of Stockholm and you want to go shopping in Biblioteksgatan.

battello stoccolma

Boat sightseeing

If the weather is good I recommend to spend half a day to one of the many boat trips to explore the areas around Stockholm or simply reach the many islands that make up the city by ferry to enjoy a breathtaking view and the view of the city in a different way. The boats depart daily from the city center.

natale stoccolma

mercatino stoccolma

mercatino natale

I mercatini di Natale

During Christmas time, Stockholm smells of ginger, cinnamon, outdoor fires to keep warm and mulled wine. Christmas lights make Stockholm even more beautiful, chocolate flows freely and people pulls smiles that have everything except the circumstance. It ‘also one of the most chaotic periods of the year but if you organize your trip in a smart way you will not be disappointed. Try the Julbord, the Christmas buffet with all the dishes. To see more photos of the Christmas markets in Stockholm click here .

pane gastrologik

Eating out in a Stockholm

Eating out in Stockholm is not difficult but it can be expensive; the city offers so many alternatives to suit all tastes and you can decide to plan or just going around and find something. But I’ll tell you what and where to eat in Stockholm in another post as the city deserves its reputation!

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