USA and Canada Travel Guides, Road Trips and Itineraries

America is a continent loved by all those who love to travel and that sooner or later everyone decides to visit. A continent so vast that a travel guide is not enough to tell it all and not even a single trip is enough to explore it all: for this reason we compiled a series of USA and Canada Travel Guides with road trips and itineraries that will allow you to explore America in a long and wide way, stopping both in the most iconic and less famous areas.

From nature to the big cities with skyscrapers, passing through history: there really is something for everyone when it comes to America and the possibilities are truly endless.

Planning a trip in the USA and Canada can be very difficult precisely because of the size of the country: it is good to organise everything in time, find the best flights at the cheapest prices, book hotels and accommodations and arrange travel.

Our USA and Canada Travel Guides are mostly designed for those who love to travel independently, for those who love road trips and search for flight deals plus hotels to visit specific areas or locations. For each area and city a special mention to the food to be tasted absolutely.

If you want to travel to USA and Canada, you will find so many ideas here: just sit back, relax and start planning!

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